And There Was Cops, But Not Robbers

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So this a writting assingments about a short part of my life...

Submitted: June 08, 2010

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Submitted: June 08, 2010



Carney Layne
English 1B
Autobiographical incident
A beating rain and a charging wind blew, as the skies turned dark gray The massive clouds hovered over us so large and intensely it looked as if they were holding the heavens in the sky, which was like any other day there would be here in Portland Oregon during a winter day, while the normal hustle bustle of the streets roared all through the day, and tree hugger bumper stickers on every passing car. Of course this would sound like it would be the starting of a bad day, and indeed it would have been unless we were going to “John’s Shop” which is actually “Accurate Window and Door”, were there are tools, scraps of wood, and just about anything you could think of! We would do the same things over and over, but it never got boring, I suppose it was just one of those places if you know what I mean. But fortunately, and unfortunately, this day was surprisingly unlike any other we had had there before…
I can’t even recall the reason for our being there, but it really didn’t matter to us, me, my brother Chase, and my good friend Joseph. Going there was always a good time waiting to happen. So we stepped in, and instantly the sweet aroma of Cedar woods filled the fresh air. We hurried into the back were the shop was and began to investigate the area for scrap wood and fallen nails to make some wooden guns. 
To our disappointment, our Dad had a place to be, but thankfully Joseph’s Dad was still here, but he had an errand to run. “What could we do?” We defiantly couldn’t stay here alone! Well, maybe we could. 
“Can’t we just stay here alone Dad?” Joseph asked.
“Well I don’t know, is that alright with you Carney (my dad)?” John wondered
“It’s fine as long as they don’t do anything stupid.” Answered my dad.
“Well alright.” Said John
“Yes!” We said in agreement as we slammed our elbows down in the air.
“Just don’t touch the tools, okay?” John demanded
Of course we were perfectly fine with that seeing as how we had already put together our wooden guns. After they left, we thought it would just be great to play army in the fully windowed show room. So we rolled under window displays, and jumped over tables! It was great! Until suddenly through our fun we heard the shop door’s beeper go off like an uninvited guest rings your doorbell during a party. 
“What was that?” Asked Chase
“I don’t know.” Answered Joseph
We looked at each other and at the same time bolted down the stairs to the offices. The taste of fear filled my mouth and my chest began to fill heavy with anxiety. We peered at the security camera monitor and saw at least four cop cars lined up outside. A large police officer walked through the shop doors, we stared at each other with open mouths, and big eyes.
“We’re in trouble.” I thought.
Then another officer appeared seemingly from no where, and one stopped to inspect my jacket resting on the back of a chair, and Joseph’s bayonet gun. Franticly, Joseph dialed his father’s phone number, we swallowed deeply as if something was stuck in our throats. 
“Dad there are like six cops here” Joseph told his Dad right as he picked up.
Of course I couldn’t hear all the conversation, mine and my brother’s eyes were glued to the security screen as the static pulled our hair, we watched with complete anticipation as we thought our lives were soon to be over.
I don’t know what kept us from telling them we were down here, but what ever it was, it sure did keep us quite until finally one of the cops yelled for us.
“This the police, is any body here?”
“There asking if we’re here!” Joseph said in a whisper.
“Okay.” He agreed and yelled “We’re down here!” Joseph said.
The cops on the screen heads raised and put a hand on their holster, they walked over to the stairs, my heart felt as if it where going to bust through my chest. 
One big cop lumbered down the stairs, we stood right there and Joseph quickly asked if he wanted to talk to his Dad.
Thankfully, this cop was a nice cop, and told us it was all-good and that he had got a call with some girl walking down the street saying.
“Oh my gosh! There are kids with guns, inside a store! It’s closed! And there not supposed to be there!”
And continued on about how we shouldn’t ever be afraid to call the cops, even if we weren’t sure what was going down.

So, what did we learn in this event? One perhaps we shouldn’t be afraid of calling the cops or that we should yell for the cops when they can’t find you and they’re looking for you. But what I think might be most important is that it’s probably not a good idea to run around a closed store, built pretty much all out of windows, in the middle of a busy city, while your 13 years old with your other 11 year old friends with some toy guns were every one can see you…just maybe.

 [CML1]All of the blue track changes are from me, Carney. I don’t know what’s up with my computer but it’s saying everything I do is from Josiah.
 [GM2]All the description you added was great! You sure did that wonderfully
 [GM3]Great story!! Kept me entertained all the way through. That’s really funny actually haha

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