Duct Tape: Holding Our Culture Together

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So bassically, this is another home work assingment, and was sick and tired of trying to write persuasive essays that really move you, so, I just said "what the heck!" and went with something about duct tape! Try to enjoy!

Submitted: June 10, 2010

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Submitted: June 10, 2010




Duct Tape: Holding Our Culture Together
At one time, a wise man G. Weilacher stated “One only need two tools in life: WD 40 to make things go, and Duct Tape, to make them stop.” And what wise he was! But how well have, and how are we taking advantage of such a handy a resource? Not enough my friends—not enough. According to Chris Isidore , CNN journalist, nearly one million dollars worth of Duct Tape is sold to American consumers yearly. Although it sounds like a lot, when you compare it to the 350 million plus population of the US, one million dollars worth of it is not enough. I believe that every single roll of duct tape manufactured should find itself in every tool box, Junk drawer, work bench, and who so ever looks and finds their house in complete without duct tape should reconsider what they have in their house. Not only because of its convenience, but also for its cheap price and strength, medical uses, quick fixes and uses, life saving capabilities, and has even found itself as a popular fashion statement.
First, because it is so affordable and strong, this gives the best reason for every one to have at least one roll of duct tape in their house. For a good brand, it will cost from about 5 dollars for one roll—about how much one might spend on a large drink at Starbucks, and compared to a drink how much more of a greater value is a roll of useful duct tape? I think we can answer that one with out statistics. But what is cheap with out quality? Nothing really, because if you think about it, why buy something even if it’s cheap if it doesn’t perform? Luckily Duct tape is something. A test undergone by the people at PopularMechanics.com; it was between Duct tape, and Gorilla tape’s sturdiness, stickiness, and water resistance. Although Gorilla tape won to duct tape on every one, it didn’t loose by much. For sturdiness, duct tape held 45 pounds, while Gorilla tape held 85 pounds. But take a look at all the facts. Gorilla tape costs 9 dollars for 12 yards, while duct tape costs 10 dollars for 60 yards, so if you doubled up the duct tape, it could, theoretically, hold about, or just as much as the Gorilla tape, and it’s still the better deal because you get way more bang for your buck. (See the rest of the experiment at http://www.popularmechanics.com/home_journal/how_to/4306415.html)
The second reason why you should choose duct tape is because, you should be able to find duct tape in every home because of its ability to efficiently fix so many things around the house. In fact Duct Tape itself was invented during World War 2 to keep moister out of the machine gun cartridges. Besides that, I’ve seen it used to stop leaks, mend a ripped screen, and hold things like shelves, broken pencil sharpeners, and cases of various sorts, proving just how versatile and important it is that people have a roll of this stuff. But if that’s not convincing enough, here is a short list from a long list (101 to be exact) of silly and purposeful duct tape uses:
  1. Hanging posters.
  2. Decorative book cover.
  3. Fix broken tail light on vehicle.
  4. Twist a long piece into rope.
  5. Tape wires down on floor or out of the way.
  6. Tape wires back together after splicing (much wider than electricians' tape).
  7. Reattach rear view mirror.
  8. Repair cracked windshield/window.
  9. Patch ripped clothing.
  10. Hide unsightly wallpaper seams.
  11. Repair broken hoses.
  12. Repair broken fan belt.
  13. Use as art medium.
  14. Fix broken book binding.
  15. Band-Aid for really big cuts.
  16. Attach leg splint to broken leg.
  17. Wallpaper your house (may be slightly expensive, but well worth it for the resulting sophisticated look).
  18. Reinforce pages in 3 ring binder.
  19. Cover up empty drive bays.
  20. Fold in half and use as bookmark.
  21. Disk labels.
  22. Rappelling harness.
  23. Toilet paper.
  24. Hinge on cabinet door.
  25. Repairing leak in tire/inner tube.
  26. Taping annoying people to walls, floor, ceiling, or bed.
  27. Holding together computer cases.
  28. Hold up exhaust pipe (doesn't last very long).
  29. Repair upholstery.
  30. Make lawn furniture. (thezac.com)
On top of that, one use can be used for multiple uses. For example, number 4, you can rope for a thousand more different things! Just one more credible reason for national use-age of this multi-useful tool!
A third inference made why any one should have some duct tape with in walking distance is because it’s rising popularity in the world of fashion. Tons of people have put together duct tape wallets, key chains and have even made prom suits and dresses. So if you ever find yourself with out any nice clothes, if you are one of the peoples who owns a roll of duct tape, throw some duct tape on those clothes and you’ll be cruising fashionably, and with out having to pay those ghastly prices for nice clothes!
This fourth reason is surprising: duct tape has actually been proven, and used for medical purposes. The most well known medical use for duct tape is for removing pesky freaking warts. Although it sounds a bit far fetched it has worked for several people at “rateitall.com”. Even people in my own family have used it to remove some Planters Warts, and they say it’s worked incredibly. Not only has it been used for removing warts, but as other remedies such as helping to get rid of rough heels, in-grown toe nails, preventing frost bite and so on. Some First Aid courses include duct tape as one of the most necessary items for a small kit. So how then could we deny that a roll around the house is not only useful to fix objects, but to heal the body!
My last of the many reasons for keeping some of this tape around, although it sounds unbelievable, is that it has actually been used to save lives while some of NASA’s astronauts were in space. It was when the Apollo17 crew had to fix their land rover while up on the moon. One of the crew members had bumped off the fender, and had to get another one on. So the only thing he figured he could do was build a new one out of some duct tape, and that’s exactly what he did, and thank goodness because they both arrived safely home. From now on every ship sent to space is required to take some duct tape with them. It’s also been used to cover wounds like a band-aid, or to close a cut.
*The fender fixed with duct tape in space.
While ending, the main point I wish to convey about duct tape is that with it, you can be prepared for all that life throws at you. Why go pay some one to fix something, or replace something while you get about the same quality from a 5 dollar roll of duct tape? And why pay for some clothes when you can grab a roll of tape and make a fashionable wardrobe? As well, why would any one go shell out the money to buy some medicine when they could run for their tool box and find the cure in a gray roll of tape? Also, why would some one go with out a roll of duct tape when it has saved the lives of NASA astronauts? Why wouldn’t people lay off one mocha to be prepared for nearly any problem of life? Why not feel more secure as you sleep? I dream of a world with out a house lacking a roll of this magic gray substance. So what do you have to lose? Go ahead and get yourself a roll!

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