Here I Sit....

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So I was sitting at school in my free period with nothing to do, I started seemingly out of no where question what I was doing with my life, and when I die what will I be to others and God. So, out comes this poem! Tell me whatyou think!

Submitted: May 03, 2010

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Submitted: May 03, 2010



Here I sit, but why, I do not know,
This mob chants “only to grow.”
But I can feel this pulse, even while I don’t feel any passion,
In this life so short and fleeing ration.
But I know there should be so much more
Because I know how your heart has tore.
And even if in this world none knew,
I still only would sit here like the morning dew.
Time is always moving and I’ve only got so much to use,
What is there to lose?
If I fail once, it won’t be my last try;
I’m standing at the edge of this cliff, willing to fly.
If this goes wrong, I comfort myself saying “I’ll pass the torch and it will be fine.”
But who defines time and knows where it is on its short line?
This will all end and this is what I would have done,
For the day is being consumed and goes down the brazen sun.
And when it’s all done, we shall walk to our gate
And meet our forever fate.
I wish we all would travel this one path, but who they serve is what makes these paths come apart.
But even when I did not only sit, when I awoke, our paths still will part
A path they thought they wanted from the start,
Though it’s to one they would never really want to choose.
So tell me,
Is everything to lose?

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