On My 8th Second Chance (The Reply)

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Jesus's reply to "Don't Bite The Only Hand That Cares About you"

Jesus is such an understanding God. He sees our flesh and gets it that we're dumb sheep, but he continues in his comfort and patiences with us! Praise Jesus!

I just wish that I could get in a band to use these lyrics!

Submitted: December 16, 2010

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Submitted: December 16, 2010



Verse 1
My Son,
As sure as the world spins,
My blood spills for you,
Andit seeps through the pain-pierced cracks of heart:
Don'tyou knowIt’s for you?
How many times have you ignored my reply?You want the gift that’s sitting in your hands;
Open it!
I made you for more.
How can you say that I don’t feel pain when again and again
You cast down my grace to the dirt?!
Peace passing comprehension--and pain past yourunderstanding.
But, as sure as the world spins,
if this is what brings us closer, then twist the blade in my heart.
But come to me broken and I will show you peace in this pain.
Become the more.
Verse 2
You’ve felt a bruised body, and the twinge of thirst,
But a heart so broken you could match it to the number of sand on the shore
Is what you have never felt;
But I!Oh but Ido not cease toendure it.
But know that if this is what brought you to me, let my heart shatter a million times more! X2
A friend that doesn’t let another give into a relationship
Is not a relationship.
You thirst?Ask for the ocean.
You wish to eat?Ask for a feast.
A cusion for your head? Ask forthe warmest bed.

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