Indiana Jones and the Jungle of terror

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Indiana jones looks for a couple of missing people in the jungle of bagsldesh but doesn't realize there is a powerful mask that makes your worst fears come true!

Submitted: September 20, 2014

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Submitted: September 20, 2014



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Jungle of Terror



Chapter one: Paramount Logo fades into the top of a pyramid. Below four young American men are walking up to the main entrance. A man named Hank seems to be leading. Hank pushes the big stone door open and grabs a torch off the wall and lights it. The place is Egypt, the year is 1931.


Hank: Bobby, get that map out.


Bobby: You sure about this. We don’t know if this place is safe.


A third man named Scott chimes in.


Scott: So go back and tell the professor.


Hank: Come on Bobby, where all in this together right?


Bobby: ….Right.


The fourth man named Gary speaks up.


Gary: Let me get a torch.


Gary looks around and sees one on the ground but when he picks it up it’s the arm of a skeleton. Gary screams out in terror.


Hank: Quite! Ha, ha, ha. He ain’t going to hurt you!


The four walk down the pyramid hall a ways while Hank keeps looking at the map.


Scott: What does the map say Hank?


Hank: There should be a right turn….here. 


The four turn to a dead end.


Gary: It’s just a wall.


Hank: Not just a wall…(Hank pushes on it and it starts to move)


Scott: A hidden door?


Hank: Yes! There should be something just behind here.


Hank pushes the wall a bit more and a bunch of giant bats fly out and a skeleton falls from behind and the four scream a bit.


Bobby: This place is full of death!


Hank: No one’s going to get us. Now come on.


The four walk ahead and behind them a dark skinned native looking man is following from behind.

The four walk ahead cautiously further down the dark hall. Just feet behind Hank’s torch is pitch black and Gary in at the end. Just then the native man grabs Gary from the darkness so quickly that no one hears a sound. A few feet down Scott who was third in line notices Gary is missing.


Scott: Hey!? Where’s Gary?


Hank: Gary? You there?


Bobby: You think…something happened?


Hank: He can take care of himself.


Hank and Scott pull out guns.


Hank: Just in case though….


Bobby: Look maybe we should turn back.


 Scott: It’s too late Bobby. We go all the way.


Bobby:…O.K. you win.


Hank: Just think about the money.


The two turn a corner with many hieroglyphics on the wall. Many of them full sized paintings of ancient Egyptians on them.


Hank: Look! These drawings must be thousands of years old. They really are amazing aren’t they. Let’s move on.


The three move on when one of the drawings behind Scott is reveled to really be the native, and the native grabs Scott and pulls him to the darkness as Scott drops his gun causing it to fire. Hank turns around and fires a shot in the darkness.


Hank: Who’s there?


Bobby: This was a bad idea Hank. A curse is on us!


Hank: Shut up! I’ll show you this curse has blood. COME OUT AND SHOW YOURSELF!


The camera shows a close up of the wall and the shadow of Hank and out of his shadow appears another shadow. Apparently the two see each other but we just see shadows and can’t tell which is which.


Hank:  Whoever you are your dead.


Just then a gun fires and one of the shadows fall down dead.


Bobby: Please don’t kill me man!


Native man: Pipe down kid. I’m not going to hurt you!


Just then the shadow on the wall puts on a very familiar fedora hat on.


Bobby: Professor Jones?!


 The camera pans down to reveal Indiana Jones, except he is wearing mud on his skin to make himself darker and his brown pants are rolled up to his thighs. Indy rolls his pants down. He then starts to search Hank’s body.


Bobby: Why did you kill Hank….and what about the other’s?


Indy pulls something out of Hank’s clothes.


Indy: Here’s your explanation.


Indy throws some small item at Bobby and Bobby catches it. He opens his hand and it’s a Nazi swastika pin.


Bobby: Nazis?! But they’re in our class.


Indy: Nazis will infiltrate anything that will help them. I overhead them talking early this morning. They used you and stole my map.


Bobby: We where friends. They wouldn’t hurt me…would they?


Indy: Trust me! You don’t want to know.


Bobby: So what now?


Indy has his tan shirt rolled up in his satchel so he takes it out and puts it on.

Indy: We get what we came here to find. Might as well not turn back now, but stay close. There may be a surprise around every corner!


Bobby: Whatever you say professor.


The two walk ahead and and find another dead end. This time the wall has many hieroglyphics on it.


Bobby: Is there another hidden passage?


Indy: According to the map the king’s chamber should be right behind here. Help me push the wall.


Indy and Bobby push on the wall with all their might but it won’t budge.


Bobby: Do you think there is a doorknob of some kind?


Indy: I don’t know. Let’s ask the ancients. Maybe they can tell us.


Indy looks at the hieroglyphics closely.


Indy: According to these, King Tiu worshiped Sekhmet, their goddess of fire.  If I’m interpreting this right than this should be the way in.


Indy takes the torch and burns a certain spot with the fire. Just then the wall opens to reveal many Egyptian artifacts including the gold coffin of king Tiu.


Indy: This is it! The lost tomb of King Tiu!


Bobby: Who was this guy?


Indy:  Not much is known about him, but he’s believed to have ruled lower Egypt around 3,400 B.C.


Indy and Bobby approach the coffin and slowly open it up. Inside are the mummified remains of Tui. In his hand is a golden cane shaped sector with many jewels.


Indy: This is big. This may be the find of the decade!


Bobby: I wonder how much money this stuff could bring in.


Indy: It’s priceless. It belongs in a museum. I know just the guy too.


Bobby: Look at the jewels in the pharaoh’s sector.


Bobby picks up the sector.


Indy: No, don’t touch that!


It’s too late though. Removing the sector triggers the door to close tight.


Bobby: I’m sorry Professor!


Indy: It’s O.K. You didn’t know.


Indy goes to the door but it won’t move.

Indy: Nothing! Look around. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a big hole in the wall.


Just then there is a loud noise like stones grinding. A large ton sized stone is sliding out of the pyramid wall and about to fall to the ground crushing anything below.


Bobby: Ah. Professor!  I think where about to get lucky!


Indy: Get back!


The giant stone comes crashing down smashing a priceless statue to bits.


Indy: Were safe. I think it’s O.K. now.


Just then about 3 more stones start sliding down and Indy and Bobby are trapped as if they were at the bottom of a Tetris pit. Sand seems to be pushing the stones from behind and than pouring out the hole


Bobby: Where not safe!


Indy: Watch yourself.


Bobby: What are we going to do?


Indy: We need to get in one of those holes somehow!


Bobby: How?  There too high up!


Another couple stones fall down and barley miss Indy and Bobby. Indy runs over to the coffin of king Tui and grabs the mummified remains of Tui and moves out of the way just as a giant stone crushes the coffin.


Bobby: What are you doing Professor?


Indy starts unraveling all the bandages of the mummy as fast as he can.


Indy: Give me the sector.


Bobby gives Indy the sector and Indy starts tying a long strip of bandages to the sector.


Bobby: Your making a grappling hook aren’t you? 


Indy: Look out!


Indy tackles Bobby as another 50 ton stone comes smashing down.


Indy: We have to get out now!


Indy throws his makeshift grappling hook into a hole about 20 feet up and tugs on it to make sure it’s secure.


Indy: You go first hurry!


Bobby: Will this hold me?


Indy: Ask later. Climb now. Hurry!


Bobby climbs up but a little of the bandages start to tear.


Bobby: Hurry professor! It’s starting to rip!


Indy starts to climb and gets about half way up when the bandages tear even more.


Indy: Whoa!


Bobby: Hurry! It won’t hold long!


The bandage start to tear all the way and Indy screams a little as he realizes he’s about to fall to his death but just as he falls a block right beneath his feet starts to move out of the wall and Indy grabs the block with his hands. He pulls himself up on the top of the block but knows he has just seconds before the block falls too. Bobby grabs the sector and reaches for Indy.


Bobby: Grab this professor!


Indy jumps for the sector and grabs on just as the block he was standing on falls to the ground. Bobby is straining to lift Indy when Indy notices a block just above Bobby is coming out. Indy realizes that the block will smash him if he doesn’t get pulled up.


Indy: Pull harder! Hurry! Hurry! 


Bobby pulls as hard as he can while screaming and lifts Indy in the hole just as the multi-ton block falls and misses crushing Indy by just a centimeter! Indy get’s up and dusts himself off a bit.


 Bobby: This does count for extra credit right!?


Indy: We’ll see. First let’s find a way out.


Indy sees that the hole they climbed into follows a long passage way. The two walk awhile and come to yet another dead end.


Bobby: Now what?

Indy looks at the map.


Indy: If I’m reading this map right than we should be right above the main entrance hall.


Bobby: There’s no way we can dig a tunnel.


Bobby sees some small rock like thing poking from the floor.


Bobby: What do you think this is?


Bobby pushes it and a noise like a gear turning is heard.


Indy: What did you do?


Bobby: I don’t know! I just touched this rock and the noise started.


Indy: Well at least nothings moving.


Just then the block Indy and Bobby are standing on starts to move slowly downwards like an elevator.


Indy: Whoa!


Bobby: What’s going on?


Indy: Hold on. Where going for a ride!


After a few seconds the stone comes to a stop and the bottom of the pyramid near the main hall.


Indy: That wasn’t bad at all!

Indy and Bobby climb down the stone and notice the hall is now blocked but the main door is just ahead.


Bobby: We made it!


Indy: Let’s get out of here.


Just as they are about to leave a well dressed middle aged Spanish man named Ivan comes in the room with a gun pointed at Indy and Bobby.


Ivan: But you just got here Dr. Jones.


Indy: Ivan Jaso?! What are you doing here?


Ivan: Same thing you are Jones. Looking for treasure. I had some of my men helping me, but it seems you had to kill them. I thought you were a nicer guy than that.


Indy: I’m nice to human beings, not to soul-less Nazi rats!


Ivan: You hurt me with your words senor! Hand over the sector, and your gun.


Indy hands over the sector and gun.


Ivan: Marvelous! A piece like this will attract a lot of buyers!


Bobby: Please let us go. We won’t say anything.


Ivan: Sorry hijo. You two better get comfortable. These walls are very thick and very heavy so I think you’ll be here awhile.

But don’t worry senor, someone just like you will find the secret entrance…just like you did….and in only about 3000 years!


Ivan shuts the pyramid door. And gets in a 1930’s car. Nearby a man dressed in a white desert robe with his face shrouded walks towards the pyramid door. Inside Indy is looking around the room for a way out.


Bobby: What can we do?


Indy: I’m thinking….if only we had a grenade we could blow a hole through the wall.


Just then a big hole gets blown in the wall!


Bobby: Whoa! How did you do that professor?


The smoke clears and the shrouded man who is holding a bazooka is choking on the smoke. It’s none other than Indy’s good friend Sallah.


Indy: Sallah?!


Sallah: Indy! What are you doing in there?


Indy: What are doing with a bazooka? You could have opened the door yourself!


Sallah: I was aiming for Mr. Ivan’s car, but I think I had this thing turned backwards! Come on, I’ve got us some horses.


Indy: (to Bobby) Get back to camp and get you stuff and get on a plane home.


Bobby: What are you going to do professor?


Indy: I’m going to get what I came here for. Now go. Get out of here.


Bobby runs off while Indy and Sallah get on two horses.


Sallah: We must hurry Indy. Our man must be heading towards his private plane.


The two ride as fast as they can towards a small airport that is just a couple of miles away. At the airport Ivan and his pilot are preparing to start the engine. The plane is a small open top two seat plane with one propeller on the nose. Indy and Sallah ride up to the airport and see Ivan preparing to leave.


Indy: Sallah, try to find something useful in that hanger. Maybe you can slow them down. I’ll get the sector.


Sallah: I will try.


 Indy rides up to the wing of the plane’s left wing and jumps off the horse and on the wing.


Ivan: (to the pilot) It’s Jones! Get him!


The pilot gets a gun out and fires a shot but misses. Indy gets close enough to smack the pilot causing him to drop his gun outside of the plane. Indy pulls the pilot out onto the wing and they start to wrestle. Meanwhile Sallah looks in the hanger and sees a big long chain used for towing. Sallah gets the chain and attaches one end to a steel beam in the hanger. Meanwhile Indy and the pilot are rolling down the whole length on the wing as the wrestle. Ivan gets out his gun but doesn’t want to shoot his pilot. Indy and the pilot get on the ground and are fist fighting and are fighting their way to the front of the plane. They grapple each other again and the pilot grabs Indy from behind and forces his face in the direction of the propeller.


Pilot: (to Ivan) bring the plane closer.


Ivan jumps into the cockpit and grabs the controls again and moves the plane forward toward Indy. Indy can’t seem to get free from the pilot’s grip and the propeller is getting closer to chopping Indy into pieces. Sallah comes from behind with the chain from the hanger and attaches the free end to the planes back wheel. The plane’s propeller is just a foot away now and the wind from it blows off Indy’s hat off. The propeller is inches away now and just about to cut Indy into ribbons when the plane can’t go forward anymore because of the chain. Indy then head butts the pilot, breaks free and knocks him out.


Indy: (To Sallah) Sallah, get the horses ready!


Sallah: Right Indy!


As Sallah is getting the horses, Indy climbs on the wing again. Ivan sees Indy but before he can fire his gun, Indy jumps at Ivan. The two wrestle for control of the gun when several shots are fired at the propeller. The bullets ricochet of the propeller and hit Ivan in the chest killing him. Ivan’s body slumps down on the controls causing the fuel release valve to be hit and the accelerator. The plane starts spilling its fuel, and the accelerating speed is causing the back axel to start to tear off where the chain is attached to the plane. The plane goes forward a few inches and gas starts spilling on the head of the pilot which causes him to wake up. Indy reaches for the sector and jumps out of the plane to be faced with the pilot who is soaked in gas now. The pilot grabs Indy and thrusts his head against the side of the plane a few times. Indy falls down and gets out a lighter with a four-leaf clover on it. The pilot challenges Indy to get up, but Indy lights the lighter and puts the flame to the gas soaked pilot and he burst into flames. Indy runs from the plane, while the pilot starts rolling on the ground and rolls into a puddle of gas causing an explosion that catches the plane on fire. Just then the axel tears off completely and the fiery plane starts rolling forward faster and faster down the runway. Sallah brings the horses and sees Indy running.


Indy: Let’s go!


Indy gets on the horse and the two are about to ride off when the plane crashes in a wall and explodes causing the propeller to come wheeling at Indy and Sallah!


Indy: Look out!


The propeller rolls right between the horses and falls to the ground.


Sallah: I think you better leave Cairo for a long while my friend!


The camera pans up while slowly playing the Indy theme as a plane flies across the sky and fads to another blue sky day where birds fly by over Marshall College where Indy teaches. Inside Indy is giving his latest lecture. Bobby is in the audience too.


Indy: I believe the true line of research lies in the noting and comparison of the smallest details. That is a direct quote from William Flinders Petrie. Petrie is considered by many experts as the founding father of archeology. Now does anyone know what his most important and noticeable find was?


Bobby raises his hand.


Indy: Yes Bobby?


Bobby: I believe it was the  Merneptah Stele.

Indy: Yes, that is correct. The Merneptah Stele was discovered in Thebes which was once the capital of Egypt.


Indy has a drawing of the stone on the chalkboard and uses it to help him teach.


Indy: It’s interesting to note that on line 27 of the stone was a symbol that translated


Indy writes the letters on the board.


Indy: This greatly confused German philologist Wilhelm Spiegelberg who was helping decipher the stone, so Petrie looked at it and suggested it must mean Israel. We’ll stop there on that thought and continue tomorrow right where we left off.


Just then the bell rings for class and everyone starts to leave.


Indy: Seems I had perfect timing for once. O.k. Class dismissed and I’ll see you next week. Be sure to have your term papers on my desk by then.


Outside the classroom Indy’s friend and museum owner, Marcus Brody, is waiting for him.


Marcus: Hello Indy, I wonder if you have a moment.


Indy: Sure Marcus. What’s on your mind?


Marcus: Well I just came by to let you know I met with the museum committee.


Indy: (exited) Marcus… you mean?


Marcus: Yes! We have decided to make your newest piece one of the main highlights of the new Egyptian exhibit. We open tonight and you’re going to be my guest of honor!


Indy: Ha, ha! I’ll finally get some reconnection from some rich snobs that have been eluding me these last few years.


Marcus: Ah yes. Your chance to soak up glory!


Indy: Let’s not overdo it…you’ll get your share in the lime light to.


Marcus: Yes I suppose so!


Indy: What time do the doors open tonight?


Marcus: 7 o’clock.


Indy: I’ll be there.


Marcus: We’ll see you there. And wear a tux.


That night Indy shows up at the museum wearing a black tuxedo. Marcus is talking to a couple in the lobby when he sees Indy enter the room.


Marcus: (to the couple) Excuse me.


Marcus walks up to Indy.


Marcus: Hello Indy! Shall I show you the new exhibit?


Indy: Lead the way.


The two walk through the museum as they talk.


Marcus: This exhibit will be one of the best we’ve ever done here I think. I am confident we will see a lot of contributors after tonight’s engagement.


They come to the end of a hall with two directions to choose from.

Indy: Which way?


Marcus: Ahh left I believe. Yes left.


Indy: So how many guests should we expect tonight?


Marcus: I invited around 100 or so….wait this isn’t the way!


Indy: Don’t you know where the exhibit is? 


Marcus: Ah yes well you see, the excitement has made me lose my sense of direction I’m afraid.


Marcus sees a guard and asks him where the new exhibit is.


Marcus: (to Indy) I think this is the way!


Indy: I thought you knew this museum like the back of your hand!


Marcus: Just a minor error in judgment is all.


The two get to the exhibit room where the guests are all waiting. After a while of hob-knobbing, Indy is drinking champagne when he turns around and notices his father talking to another guy.


Indy: Dad?


Henry: Junior! What are you doing here?


Indy: I contributed to the exhibit. The sector of King Tiu. Why are you here?


Henry: Marcus invited me! I am a professor you know. So this you’re doing hu boy?

Indy: Not quite just a couple pieces.


Henry: Well perhaps next time you’ll do better.


Indy: (felling a little embarrassed and irritated but trying to smile) Right. Well I better get back to the guests.


Henry: Very well Junior. I won’t hold you up.


Indy walks off and talks to Marcus


Indy: You didn’t tell me my dad would be here.


Marcus: I’m sorry Indy…I must have forgot.


Indy: It’s O.k.


Marcus: I really wish you’d talk things out with him. You barley have spoken to him in years.


Indy: You talk as if there’s something to mend. He raised me until I was old enough to take care of myself. What more can one asks from a father.


Marcus: I guess I don’t know.


Just then the man that was talking to Indy’s dad comes up to Indy. He’s about mid 40’s and American with a slight Italian accent.


Man: Henry Jones Jr. I presume?


Indy: Yes. Everyone calls me Indiana.


Man: My apologies. My name is Vito Summers. I asked to speak with Henry Jones and was introduced to your father. There seemed to be a slight mix up!


Indy: I see. So was there something I could help you with?


Vito: I wonder if I could talk to you in private. 


A little later Indy goes to a local bar to meet Vito. He sees Vito sitting with another gentleman about 30 years old at a table.


Vito: Dr. Jones! Please sit down. Thank you for coming. This is my college and friend Max Kelly.


Max talks with an Australian accent.


Max: Good ta meetcha mate!


Indy: Likewise I’m sure.


Vito: Can I get you a drink?


Indy: Scotch on the rocks would be fine.


Vito nods to the waiter who was standing there.


Vito: Allow me to tell you why I have asked to speak with you.


Vito gets out a copy of the New York Times. It’s dated back to 1918. There is an article that mentions Vito.


Vito: Read this article.


Indy looks at it for a few seconds.


Indy: This is about you?


Vito: Yes. About 13 years ago my wife and daughter were on a plane back home when they crashed somewhere over Asia.  They were never found.


Indy: I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t understand what I can help you with.


Vito: (to Max) Show Dr. Jones the article.


Max: Perhaps this will explain.


Max takes out another article from some Australian paper. It’s dated 1931.


Max: This is the paper from my hometown in Australia.


Indy: (reading the paper) It says a young woman about mid 20s has been sighted a number of times near the coast of Bangladesh Jungle.


Max: I was the one who told the story to the paper. Me and a friend were exploring down there. We take a yearly trip to explore different parts of the world, and this time we went to Bangladesh. We both saw the Jungle woman, but when we tried to talk to her she disappeared into the treetops. Later on that night we were ambushed by natives. My friend was captured but I escaped with my life. I didn’t want to leave him there but…


Indy: You had no choice. I understand. This jungle woman…was she one of the natives.


Max: I don’t think so. She was light skinned. The natives were very dark.


Indy: So you think she may be…


Vito: Yes Dr. Jones…I believe she may be my daughter. The plane lost communication in the same area. It must be her. You understand I must try and find her.


Indy: But how did you hear about this jungle woman story from New York.


Vito: I have a friend in Australia who read it and called me with his theory. I then contacted Max and told him we could help each other out.


Max: I’m hoping my friend is O.K., but time is vitally important. I know where to begin looking but we need an expert like you to help.


Vito: We have read about your many adventures Dr. Jones and the thing about this jungle…most people don’t dare go in it. It is said to be filled with terrors beyond imagination. You are one of the only men in the world we think could handle such a challenge. We are willing to pay of course. $25,000. Weather we find my daughter or Max’s friend or not, you get the entire sum.


A big grin comes over Indy’s face.


Indy: That’s a very tempting offer gentlemen. When did you wish do depart?


Indy, Vito, and Max are getting on an airline flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Vito: It will be a long flight Dr. Jones, would you like something to read?


Indy: Na, Just wake me when we get there!


Indy puts his hat over his eyes and rests while we see the plane superimposed over a map of the world while a red line representing the plane’s trail is being drawn. The plane leaves from New York goes to London, then to Rome, then Dhaka, and finally by car to a small, poor, unmarked village near the jungle covered coast of Bangladesh. The three stop there for supplies before they head into the jungle. Vito and Max are going in a store for some things but Indy is waiting outside.


Vito: Mr. Indiana, this will be our last civilized stop for a couple days. Wouldn’t you like to get a few things?


Indy: Thank you but I prefer to travel light.


Vito: As you wish.

Max: It’ll be a bloody hard trek mate. Ha ha.


Max and Vito go in the store while Indy waits outside on a bench. Next to him is a boy about 10 years old who is stirring a coke bottle with a straw.


Boy: Hello sir. Are you Americans?


Indy: Yes. You?


Boy: No sir. England.


Indy: Why do you keep stirring that coke?


Boy: It has lost all it’s fiz.


Indy: Let me see that.


Indy takes it and shakes it up real good making it fizzy.


Indy: There try it shaken not stirred! What’s your name son?


Boy: Bond sir. James Bond.


Just then the boy’s parents come for him.


James’s dad: Come son.


Indy looks off to the side and sees a group of people listing to someone talking in a small open tent. He looks through the crowd and sees a small group of Nazis! They seem to be spreading there propaganda to the locals through pamphlets.


Vito and Max come out of the store with a backpack full of stuff each.


Vito: Is everything O.K.?


Indy: Nazis. They seem to pop up everywhere.


Max: What do they want here?


Indy: I guess there tiring to recruit more followers.


Vito: These guys can be dangerous. You don’t think they’ll cause any trouble do you?


Indy: I didn’t come here to fight them. We better get going.


 Just then a local old crazy looking man comes up to them who can barely speak English.


Old man: Don’t go in deep jungle. Those burning green eyes….if you see them…. you die! Don’t go! Please don’t go!


Indy: Thank you for the warning.


Max: What do ya make of his warning?


Indy: Probably delirious. All your jungle critters have green eyes!


Vito: Let’s move on. We have a long way to go. Max, you lead the way.


Max: Right mate. I’ll lead.


The three are driving down a dirt road in a rented car towards the jungle. They see in a large field many elephants and rhinos.


Max: Ah…I’m always in ah of the magnificent wildlife. Even being from Australia, you never get use to it.


Indy: I know. Believe me.

Max: 7 wonders of the world are really too few.


Vito: Look! The Jungle is dead ahead!


Max: Yea. This is where I left when I escaped.


Indy: You didn’t enter here?


Max: Na! We flew in on a sea plane several miles south from here… by the coast.


Indy: Do you know where the plane is now?


Max: Not entirely sure. My friend flew it. Maybe we can find it too and fly out.


Max stops the car by the edge of the jungle thicket.


Vito: Looks like we go on foot from here.


Indy: This is where I take over.


Indy gets his gun out.


Indy: Stay alert and stay close. This place isn’t for kids.


 The three hike for a few hours. It’s getting to be late afternoon and there is still no hint of the jungle woman. Indy is chopping his way through plants with a machete.


Indy: I don’t believe I asked the names of your daughter and friend.


Vito: Betty is the name of my daughter. I do hope we find her.


Max: Jock Lindsey is my friend. He’s actually an American stunt pilot. We were kids together and have always kept in touch.


Indy: Fascinating.


A few yards away the backside of a woman dressed in leopard hides is watching.


Vito: I think the more dangerous thing here is the heat. I had no idea.


Indy: Just keep drinking. That’s the best thing I can tell ya.


Max: You get used to it in Australia.  You Yankees are a bit too cold blooded I think. I embrace the heat like a big snake.


Just then a very big boa jungle snake comes out of a tree behind Max and is about to grab him when the jungle woman sneaks up undetected and grabs the snake by the head and kills it with her bare hands.


Indy: The real danger here is the mosquitoes.


Indy swats at one as he says that. Up ahead is a huge cobweb with many bugs and a dead rat in it.


Max: (fearful) Be careful Indy. I hate spiders.


Indy turns his back to the web.


Indy: Ah you worry too much.


As Indy says that a huge poisonous spider drops on Indy’s hat. From behind a hand holding a knife comes behind Indy and stabs the spider and takes it off his hat.


Vito: Well I haven’t seen anything to make me worry yet. I thought this place was swarming with dangerous animals.


To the side of them is a big panther in the bushes. It’s about to strike when the jungle woman grabs it and breaks it neck though no one ever sees. Just then a mosquito bites Indy on the neck and he swats it.


Indy: I swear these mosquitoes are going to be the death of me!


Indy leads the way a little further and stops.


Vito: What is it Indiana?


Indy: Look


They look down on the ground and see a pair of human tracks in a mud puddle.


Indy: From the size I’d say it’s defiantly a female. I think she may be close.


Just then Indy sees in the reflection of the water the face of the jungle woman in a branch above them. Indy spins around and sees the jungle woman on a low branch.


Indy: Hey! Come here!


Not wanting to wait around the woman grabs the nearest vine and starts climbing up.


Indy: (to Vito and Max) Wait here.


Indy gets out his whip and whips on to a branch above him and starts climbing too. Indy makes it to the top of a large tree branch and climbs up. Just as he gets to his feet the woman swings on a vine and knocks him on his back causing him to almost fall. The woman swings to the next tree and starts jumping from tree to tree. Indy jumps after her jumping on several large branches. The woman jumps on the branch of a huge tree with many big branches and starts climbing up towards the top of the tree. Indy starts climbing the tree too. Every time Indy gets close to grabbing her she jumps to another branch. Below Vito and Max are trying to see what is happing. Back on the tree Indy tries to go another way and jumps on a branch the same time the woman does! He grabs her by the waist but she struggles.


Indy: I’m not going to hurt you. Don’t struggle.


Woman: Let go! Weak branch!


Indy: What!?


Just than the branch breaks and Indy falls a few feet but grabs a branch with his hands, while the woman grabs a branch above her and climbs up. While Indy is trying to hold on he uses his whip to whip the branch where the woman is standing. She grabs another branch above her and starts using her foot to break the branch Indy’s whip is attached to. Indy is halfway up when she breaks the branch off by stomping on it, and Indy falls to the ground.


Max: Indy!


Indy gets up and runs on the ground while the woman swings from tree to tree. Ahead is a huge dead tree that is against some other trees and Indy is able to run up the side of it and get back to the tree vines. The woman swings on top of a huge branch and is looking for the next vine to swing on. Meanwhile Indy gets on a vine and swings to the tree that the woman is on. He just about lands on the edge when the woman throws a rock made dagger at the vine and cuts it off. Indy is about to lose his footing and fall when he gets his whip out and wraps it around the woman. Using her as an anchor, he is able to get his footing. He then starts to pull her forward to him.


Indy: I just want to talk!


While she is being pulled forward the jungle woman gets out another dagger and cuts the whip leaving Indy with just about 3 feet left! She then takes the part of the whip that was wrapped around her and uses it as a whip against Indy!


Indy: O.K.! You win.


Jungle woman: No follow!


Indy: Your name is Betty right?


The woman looks at him funny a second and then swings off on some vines. Indy tries to swing off after her but when he reaches for what looks like a vine, he sees it is a python draped down from a tree and while screaming falls all the way to the ground! Vito and Max catch up.


Vito: Are you o.k. Dr. Jones


Indy: Yeah just a couple bruises.


Max: You took quite a tumble hey mate?


Indy: That woman…She spoke English!


Vito: Then it must be true! She must be my daughter!


Indy: Well don’t get exited yet. We can only know for sure when we talk to her. I know one thing…she’s defiantly not from around here!


Max: So what is next Indy?


Indy: We can’t look anymore today. We better set up camp. You sure don’t want to roam the jungle at night.


That night Indy, Max, and Vito are around a campfire talking.


Vito: I remember the first time I went on Broadway to do a show…ha, ha, I was so nervous…but I got through it. The glowing reviews made it all worthwhile.


Max: So you acted for how long?


Vito: Just a couple years. Then I found my niche on wall street. That’s where you can make some real money. Of course since the depression started I haven’t been doing well in the market.

Indy: Did you lose a lot?


Vito: About half a million. Fortunately I had another $300,000 tucked away.


Max: Well I’m not swimming in gold like Mr. Summers here, but I’m doing O.K. running my own hardware store. It’s very successful down in Sydney. So Indy, you always do this sorta thing?


Indy: When I don’t teach…if the price is right. And now if you will excuse me gentlemen, I think I’ll get some sleep. Just keep the fire going. Should keep the animals away.


Max: I think I’ll get some shut eye too.


Vito: Yes. Good idea.


Later that night as they sleep, a big tiger comes up in the camp while the three men are fast asleep. The tiger goes right up to Indy and puts its head right up to Indy’s. The tiger opens his mouth wide showing his blood stained fangs and just when you think he’s about to turn Indy into a late night snack, he closes his mouth as if he was only yawning. The tiger then lies down next to Indy and falls fast asleep! The next mourning the tiger has his big arm around Indy like he’s cuddling. Indy wakes up to his surprise and gasps but quietly so he doesn’t wake the tiger.


Indy: (Whispering) Vito! Max! Help!


Vito and Max slowly wake up to see the giant cat cuddling with Indy and gasp as well.


Vito: Where’s your gun?


Indy: All my stuff is in my satchel….I think he’s sleeping on it! Let me get out from under him and we can sneak away.


Indy slowly pushes the arm of the tiger off and gets to his feet.


Indy: Now let’s slowly leave.


Indy gets a step away and breaks a twig waking the tiger up! The tiger gets up and looks at Indy like he wants breakfast! Indy sees his satchel but it is right under the tiger’s paw and the strap gets caught on it. The tiger is about to lunge at Indy when the jungle woman swoops down and tackles the tiger. The tiger throws off the woman and she gets out a dagger. The tiger lunges at her and she stabs the tiger in the side and it screams in pain and runs off.


Indy: You came back!


The jungle woman hands Indy the whip she cut earlier but now it is fixed.


Indy: My whip?


Woman: I fix…You say to me Betty. Why?


Indy: Is your name Betty Summers?


Woman: Who are you? How you know that?


Indy: Friends.


Vito: You had a mother named Cindy Summers didn’t you? You where in a plane crash a long time ago.


Woman: Yes….Mother die. I live. I stay here.


Vito: My dear…it’s me….your father….Vito….I’m your father, and now I’ve found you!


Betty: ………Father….father! you??!!!


Betty falls on her knees and weeps. Vito goes to her and embraces her and they both weep.


Vito: My girl…my girl…I found you!!!! Nothing matters now….I have my little girl back!!


Betty:…You different!


Vito:…Yes you too. It’s been many years!


Indy: (To Betty) I don’t mean to interrupt but we need your help.


Betty: Me help…how?


Max: Ah what happened is a friend of mine was taken by some natives from around here.


Betty: Friend…white man friend…hat on head? I know where he is.


Max: You do?! He’s alive?!


Betty: Yes till darkness covers moon..Then he killed by evil ones…bogomono tribe.


Indy: Darkness over moon? That must be a new moon.


Vito: When is the next one?


Indy: Tomorrow night actually. We haven’t much time. (To Betty) Can you take us there?


Betty: Yes but jungle more dangerous ahead. Bogomono try get you if not careful. They send green eye devil to get you at night.


Vito: The burning green eyes! Indy!


Indy: We heard about the burning green eyes…what more can you tell us?


Betty: When you see green eyes, worst fears come to life and kill you.

The four walk all day lead by Betty and finally come to rest and camp. They all eat wild fruit near the campfire and talk.


Vito: Tell me…Where you afraid all these years in the jungle.


Betty: Every night afraid. Jungle make me strong. Why couldn’t find me before?


Vito: I tried. Believe me…I did everything…I guess after so long I gave up hope…until I heard about Max’s story. Please forgive me…I wanted to find you…


Betty: I know…I forgive.


Indy: (To Betty) I know what it’s like to not have a father or mother around. I am sorry.


Max: So how much further is my friend?


Betty: Half a day walk.


Max: I can’t imagine how scared he must be….


 Indy: We better get an early start. I’m going to bed.


Max: I’ll be right back. I have some private business to take care of.


Max leaves the camp by a few yard and is about to do some personal business when he looks up and sees a pair of burning green glowing eyes looking at him. He screams and runs back to the camp.


Max: I saw them!


Indy: Calm down! What did you see?


Max: Those eyes! They were terrible! They were staring right at me!


Just then a heavy fog rolls in and within seconds hundreds of large black poisonous spiders start coming from every direction and attack Max. Max screams while everyone tries to get the spiders off of him. After a few moments all the spiders leave but Max has been bitten several times. Indy lays him down on the ground as Max starts convulsing and dies.


Indy: Max! Max!


Vito: NO!


Betty: It was the Bogomono… they sent eyes after him.


Indy sees a dead spider on the ground


Betty: Never see same spiders.


Indy: That’s what I was thinking…I could be wrong but these are common in Australia…And there wouldn’t be so many around at once. But Max did say he was afraid of spiders.  You don’t think the legend of the green eyes is true?


Vito: My boy…there are more things in heaven and earth than dreamt of in your philosophy.


Indy: Well put…from now on we sleep in shifts.


The next day Indy, Betty and Vito are hiking and getting close to where the Bogomono tribe lives. They get to the top of a small hill and see their village below. There are a few grass huts and a water tower and some large wooden circular doors on the ground and some kind of alter with a wood pile. Only a couple natives can be seen.


Indy:  O.K. There aren’t too many. (to Betty) Do you know where they may be keeping Max’s friend?


Betty: In big hut. They keep all they take in hut.


Vito: A prison warehouse.

Indy: Alright we need to sneak in quickly and quietly. We can get Jock out of there and get out.


Behind Indy and company, a group of ten natives with spears come up.


Betty: Bogomono!


The natives all aim there spears at Indy and friends. They are all searched for weapons and taken to a prison cell in the big hut. Inside is another native criminal and an young American man named Jock.


Jock: Americans?...and the jungle woman! Who are you?


Indy: I’m Indiana Jones and this woman’s name is Betty, and this is her father Vito Summers. We came to recue you.


Jock: So getting captured was part of your plan?


Vito: No. our plan isn’t going well now.


Jock: Wait! What about Max? Is he safe?


Indy: I’m sorry…He sent me to find you…..but…I’m afraid he didn’t make it this far.


Jock: No…..oh not Max!


Indy: I’m very sorry. He risked his life for you…he must have been some friend.


Jock: We were like brothers.


Indy: Don’t worry. We will get you out for Max’s sake.


Just then several natives come in the cell and bind the all the prisoner’s hands with rope and start forcing them outside.


Indy: What’s going on?


Betty: They take us to the pit. One by one they watch us die in pit.


Vito: Does anyone survive this pit?


Betty: Never. 


The natives grab the native criminal as he screams and drag him to a trench that leads to a door at the bottom of the pit. Meanwhile it is apparent that Betty is working her hands out of the ropes. Indy is doing the same. The natives are all too interested in the pit to notice. One native brings in something covered in a cloth about the size of a head. He uncovers it and it is a mask with two emeralds for eyes. The mask itself looks to be of Greek origin and is very scary. The native puts it on and the eyes start glowing.


Vito: The glowing eyes! It’s all true!


The native stares at the criminal inside the pit for a few seconds and then goes back through the door and locks it. After a few seconds a fog starts building in the pit and many scorpions start appearing around the criminal. He starts screaming and tries to get them away. Outside the pit another native is spinning a big wheel that very slowly opens the floor of the pit to reveal a vat of acid about five feet below the floor. The criminal now is being overwhelmed with scorpions and gets too close to the edge of the open floor and falls in the acid. A couple seconds later the criminal’s skeleton floats up. Indy, Betty, Jock and Vito look on and gasp in terror.


Jock: I guess they’re going to kill us now too.


Betty: One will live for now. Till the burning sacrifice tonight.


Indy: That encouraging.


The natives grab Indy next and put him in the pit. Indy gets his hands free just as several spears meet him. Indy backs up against the wall when the native with the mask comes in. He puts on the mask and the eyes start glowing. Indy tries not to look at it, but the natives force Indy to looks at it by holding his head up, and poking him with a spear. The natives leave and lock the door. A few moments later several snakes start coming out of the wall and slither towards Indy.


Betty: Fight Indiana! Don’t fear them!


Betty gets her hands free and pulls out something from around her neck that looks like a small flute. She starts blowing on it.


Jock: Hey lady, what are you doing?


Betty: Calling help.


Vito: Unless that’s a dog whistle I don’t think any help is coming.


Just then several wolves come from the jungle into the native’s village looking ready to attack. Several of the natives turn their attention to the wolves and prepare to defend themselves. One of the natives starts opening the floor of the pit by turning the big wheel while Indy is trying to fight off snakes. Betty sees that the floor door is opening and that Indy is panicking and may fall in the acid pit.


Betty: Indy! Watch floor! Control fear!


Indy goes up right to the edge and almost falls in but regains his footing and kicks a couple snakes in the pit.

Meanwhile the wolves are keeping the natives busy and Betty is facing a native with a spear. Jock is right behind Betty and trying to get free to.


Jock: Hey miss! Maybe you could help get me free.


The native facing Betty lunges at her and she moves out of the way and the natives spear goes right through Jock’s rope.


Jock: Thanks!


Betty hits the native and takes his spear.


Vito: I could use a hand too!


Betty breaks the spear in half on her knee and gives the end with the spearhead to Vito and keeps the other end to knock out another native that runs at her. Vito cuts himself free with the spearhead.


Jock: (To Vito) Let’s see if we can get something to fight with! This way.


Jock points towards the hut where everything the natives take is stored. Meanwhile in the pit the floor is about halfway open and Indy in throwing another snake off him. He sees that the wall is about 40 feet up and has lots of rocks and big roots sticking out that he can climb so he starts climbing. Another poisonous snake comes out of the wall from under him and bites him on the ankle. Indy screams in pain and throws the snake off him and continues climbing. Meanwhile in the hut, Jock and Vito see all their stuff. 


Vito: I’ll get our things.


It’s pretty dark inside so Vito ignites his lighter and gets there stuff. Jock sees a crate marked dynamite and starts opening it. He gets a piece of dynamite with a really long fuse out when Vito comes from behind kneeling down.


Jock: This may be handy!


Vito: What did you find?


Jock turns around with the dynamite stick and accidently puts the fuse up to Vito’s lighter causing the dynamite to light!


Jock: Whoa! Not good!


Vito: Throw it out!


Jock and Vito run out of the hut and throws the stick in an area that looks like no one is around but out of nowhere one of the wolves grabs it in his mouth and starts running towards several natives! Back in the pit Indy is about 10 feet up when a big python comes out of a hole in the wall and wraps around Indy’s legs and starts pulling him down! The floor in about 3 quarters open and Indy knows that if he falls off the wall he will fall in the acid. He starts trying to kick himself free but the python has a strong hold on him and is pulling him down toward its open jaws.


Indy: (yelling) I could use some help here!

Up top Betty is facing another native with a spear. He runs at her and the ducks down and flips him into the pit. The native makes a big slash into the acid pit causing acid to splash all over the python. The python hisses loudly and lets go due to the acid burn and retreats back in the hole! Meanwhile Betty sees the Wolf that is running around with the dynamite in its mouth while defending herself with the broken spear staff.


Betty: (to the wolf named langa) Drop stick Langa now! 


The wolf wines but obeys. In the scuffle between the wolves and natives the dynamite keeps getting kicked around while the fuse is getting shorter and shorter. A few feet away Jock and Vito are bringing their stuff to Betty while avoiding any fights with the natives who are still too busy with the wolves or avoiding the dynamite. Vito sees the native carrying the mask in a bag run towards him.


Vito: Where do you think you’re going buddy?


Vito punches him out with one hit and he falls down on the ground. Jock runs up to Betty.


Jock: Where’s Indy?


Betty: Down in pit!


Jock: Wonderful!


Indy hears and yells up.


Indy: Can someone toss me my whip up there?


Jock: Yeah.


Jock has Indy’s whip and lowers it in the pit. Indy reaches for it but its just out of reach!


Indy: I can almost reach it!


Indy is just about to reach it when a couple of natives come up to Jock and Betty pointing spears. Jock gets up and takes the whip with him pulling it away from Indy. Jock takes the whip and starts clumsily whipping at the natives as they try to jab at Jock and Betty. Meanwhile Vito is grappling a native by the spear and the two kick the piece of dynamite into the pit. It lands on the edge of the floor teetering over the acid pit. Indy sees that the floor only has about a foot to go before it is completely gone and that he has about 15 feet to climb. Knowing the dynamite will blow in seconds and kill anything in the pit, he quickly climbs down and grabs the dynamite and tosses it out of the pit. It goes up in the air right where Betty is swinging her spear staff at a native. She knocks the dynamite all the way to the leg of the water tower just as it blows! Gallons and gallons of water come pouring into the pit making the acid rise very quickly. Indy starts climbing as fast as he can. The acid gets closer and closer and right up to the sole of his shoes just as he reaches the top and gets out barley!


Indy: Give me my whip!


Jock hands Indy the whip and Indy starts whipping at the natives nearby.


Indy: Where’s my satchel?


Vito: Here Indy!


Vito runs up with it. Indy gets his gun out from inside and fires several shots in the air. The natives get startled and start heading for the end of the jungle opposite of where Indy and friends came in.


Betty: (To the wolves) Get them!


The wolves run after the natives who disappear in the jungle.


Indy: While they are keeping them busy we need to get out of here!


Jock: I have a sea plane we can escape in.


Jock points in the direction of the natives.


Indy: Where not going the same way those head hunters went. Come on, we’ll find another way out.


Indy and company head back the way they came in the jungle just as fast as they can! After a few minutes of walking Indy starts limping and prompts them to slow down.


Indy: Wait! I have to stop.


Vito: What is it Indiana? We can’t slow down too long.


Indy sits on the ground and pulls up his pants and sees a nasty bit mark on his ankle from one of the snakes in the pit.


Betty: Snake bite…deadly…must get venom out now.


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