ATR Chronicles: Energy Dominus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: ATR Book Club

This is my next story in the Chronicles. All of Team Justice, Team Salvation, and Team Chronos are here including Redinosaur.

I hope you all enjoy.

81cheney, Gamedude809, and Tushie24 were running through the maze. No one had a clue on how to escape. They constantly heard noises, but with no idea of where they were coming from. They finally faced an intercept of three paths and no way to decide which path was the right one.

“Where do we go?”, Game asked.

“Well we’ll just have to guess and hope we’re right.”, 81cheney said.

“Guessing won’t work. There’s logic.”, Tushie24 replied.

“We might not have time for logic, what if the things making those noises go after us?”, 81cheney questioned.

“They might eat us alive.”, Game shivered at the thought.

“Nothing is going to eat us alive, it’s probably hallway echoes.”, Tushie24 said.

“Hallway echoes or whatever, we can’t wait.”, 81cheney said.

“He’s right.”, Game agreed.

“Let’s choose the left one.”, Tushie24 said.

“Why left?”, 81cheney questioned.

“Just come on!”, Tushie24 ran ahead and everyone followed.

81cheney soon went ahead, only to find another intercept of two paths. One of them was narrower than the other path. One had blue walls and the other had red walls.

“Well the Korbloxians wore blue, so maybe they’re energy is coming from there!”, Game said.

“I don’t think it works like that.”, Tushie24 replied.

“It might.”, 81cheney said.

“Just follow me.”, Game sprinted down the blue and narrow hallway.

81cheney and Tushie24 followed Game as he rushed down the hallway. Pictures that were hard to see were painted on the walls. One looked like a giant Korblox person rising over a city, and another looked like a red monster with lava.

They kept running towards the blue wall, until a dead end was there.

“Let’s run back.”, Tushie24 said.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible”, a mysterious voice coming from a red ROBLOXian said.

“It’s the same person from the plane.”, 81cheney yelled.

“I don’t remember that person.”, Tushie24 commented.

“Who are you anyways?”, Game asked.

“I am Redinosaur, your worst nightmare.”, he said with a vicious voice.

He took out his sword and a spiral of purple energy came down the hallway. Tushie24 aimed a bolt of lightning right at it, but the spiral of energy pushed everyone back into the wall breaking it right open. They landed in another hallway. Another spiral of purple energy was aimed at them.

81cheney then jumped above everyone and hit his sword with his gavel, the sword was forced out of Redinosaur’s hand.

“I don’t need weapons.”, Redinosaur firmly stated.

He pinned 81cheney against the wall and put him in a choke hold. 81cheney was struggling for air. At that moment, Game aimed his sword right down the hallway which knocked Red away. Right next to his weapon though. Tushie24 sent another bolt of lightning towards him, but he easily dodged.

Red sent down another purple energy spiral right into the hallway, Game created an ice wall, which held it back, but not for long. It soon broke the wall right open and Game fell right into a pit. In midair, he used his sword to create an ice platform on the wall, which he landed on.

Tushie24 sent another lightning strike right at Red, this time he literally redirected the lightning. Tushie24 was about to be hit, until 81cheney used his gavel to sent the lightning right back at him. Red dodged and it kept going in the hallway.

“Don’t fall for the general’s orders!”, 81cheney yelled.

“You know nothing about me.”, Red stated.

Red lifted up his sword and started to spin it like a boomerang, then a purple energy slice was aimed right at them. 81cheney dodged it, but it hit Tushie who fell down into the pit. Cheney looked and saw he landed on the ice platform.

Red charged at him with the sword, when 81cheney was off guard. Both the gavel and sword collided, then Red turned it into a boomerang. 81cheney was getting closer and closer to the edge, then 81cheney released a red, white, and blue energy blast from his gavel. The two collisions made everything blow up, which caused 81cheney to fall into the pit and Redinosaur to go into the unknown.

81cheney used his gavel like a launcher and managed to land on the ice platform. Which started to crack, then broke. Game used his sword to create a thicker and bigger one. Which everyone safely landed on.

“How are we going to get back up?”, Game asked.

“Well, an ice ramp could be in use.”, Tushie24 said.

“I think I used too much ice.”, Game replied.

“Just hang on to me everyone!”, 81cheney yelled.

Tushie24 did and then said, “What do you have planned?”

81cheney used his gavel to launch everyone to the other side of the pit and then he broke the wall, so they could have a hole to climb into.

“Let’s go!”, Game shouted.

Wizzerland was running along side with Notive and Syranium trying to escape Korera. She seemed stronger than ever and quite angry for some unknown reason. Wizzerland summoned his sword and threw a simple energy blast at her. She used her venomshank to slice it in half.

Notive summoned a block of earth, which covered the whole hallway frame and was launched at her. There was no escape, it hit her, but she kept running. She now had dirt all over her. She seemed more determined and started to run even faster. Syranium leaped above everyone and slashed his death scythe. She was pushed back by the strength.

Korera slid right under him and surprise attacked Syranium, she stabbed him with her poisonous sword. Syranium fell to the ground.

“Syranium!”, Notive yelled.

Korera then kicked Notive into the wall. Wizzerland was the only okay one. He charged at her with his sword, it was matched with Korera’s. He spun his sword and hit her’s into the air. Then he stabbed Korera onto the ground, even with a little bit of blood, she was still combat ready. She took her venomshank and threw it right at Wizzerland, it barely missed him.

Korera apparently wasn’t combat ready, she fell onto the ground and fainted. Notive got up, he and Wizzerland picked Syranium off the ground, at that moment Red came right in. Wizzerland took out his sword and was ready to attack.

The wall bursted open on one side, Mxddison, Wustard, and Jay came out. The wall bursted open on the other side, 81cheney, Tushie24, and Game came out.

“You’re surrounded by Team Justice!”, 81cheney said.

“Team Salvation too!”, Wizzerland added on.

“In the name of Justice, I won’t let your evil prevail, Red. Now leave and act as nothing happened. Take the girl too.”, 81cheney said.

“If you don’t leave this maze, you’ll be frozen to death.”, Mxddison said.

“Make that a double frozen.”, Game added on.

“Seriously, who is that girl?”, Tushie24 asked.

“That’s Korera.”, Jay answered.

Mxddison aimed her freeze ray at Red and Game lifted up his blade. They both attacked at once, a wintry mist soon covered the halls. From the shadows, a purple spiral of energy could be seen, well so some thought.

The energy was about to hit, until a glyph stopped it. Team Chronos was standing in front of everyone, so was a newly busted hole in the wall.

Red was holding Korera on the opposite side of the hallway, he asked, “Who are you four?”

Meny said, “Who are we? We’re what’s going to end you. I am the leader of Team Chronos and these are my comrades.”

“Team Chronos!”, all of Team Justice, except the weak Syranium, yelled with joy.

“I don’t have time for your pathetic games, I have to find the door and break it down, keys are for the weak.”, Red said before vanishing with Syranium.

“It’s such an honour to meet Team Chronos.”, Wizzerland said and then rushed up to them.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it.”, Brunito said.

“How did you find us?”, Notive asked.

“We followed your energy.”, Bluedeeri said.

“Who are those people?”, Meny asked.

“We are Team Salvation!”, Wizzerland responded.

“Don’t you have an injured friend?”, Bluedeeri asked.

“How do we heal him and what happened to him?”, 81cheney asked.

“Syranium was poisoned by Korera’s venomshank.”, Notive replied.

“Only if we had some Britsky berries, they’re from the forests of Admirari and heal fast.”, Game said. “If going back was possible…”, Mxddison moaned.

“I have some.”, Jay said and then took out a little bag of four berries.

“Why did you bring those?”, Wustard asked.

“Better to be safe than sorry.”, Jay responded.

“Jay, let me see those berries.”, Wizzerland requested.

“Open wide Syranium.”, Wizzerland said and Syranium opened his mouth.

Wizzerland took the berries out of the bag and squeezed the juice of them onto Syranium’s mouth. Little by little he swallowed it, until the juice from the berries were gone and Wizzerland threw them on the ground.

“That was a brilliant idea, now the juices will go into his system, suck the poison up and he’ll barf it out.”, Jay said.

“Are there any side effects?”, Tushie24 asked.

“He may feel dizzy for a few hours.”, Jay said.

“We don’t have time to chitchat.”, Bluedeeri said.

“We have to find the gates.”, 81cheney replied.

“Let’s go!”, Meny said.

Everyone trotted down the path, with Notive and Wizzerland lagging behind since they were holding Syranium. Everyone started to pick up in speed, a place filled with ten intersections was reached.

“There’s no way to tell which path leads to the gates.”, Brunito said.

“There has to be someway.”, Tushie24 responded.

“We’ll have to split up.”, Dispena said with a fierce look.

“We already were split up, we can’t let it happen again.”, Notive said.

“Fine then, we’ll split up into four teams. We’ll use local chat on our phones.”, 81cheney said. “That might work.”, Bluedeeri commented.

At that moment, ten black hands came out of each hallway. Tushie24, Mxddison, Notive, Meny, Bluedeeri, Brunito, Wizzerland, Game, Jay, and Wustard were grabbed. They were all dragged down different hallways.

“NO!”, 81cheney yelled.

“It’s too late, they’re gone.”, Dispena said.

“They can’t be.”, 81cheney said while leaving Syranium’s weight up to Dispena.

“THEY CAN’T BE!”, 81cheney’s voice echoed throughout the chamber. He started crying and his tears fell on the ground.

“It’s alright, I guess. Remember our mission?”, Dispena asked. 81cheney’s tears turned silver and fell onto the ground, “I lost them to Lucky Lapin before and now this happens.”

“It’s alright…”, Syranium moaned right before barfing the poison out.

“Hey Syranium is better now.”, Dispena said.

81cheney didn’t listen and the silver tears formed a circle around the centre of the room. 81cheney crawled over there to see what the light was, then he noticed a hole. A hole that was random and small for the centre of the room. A hole that was familiar.

“Are you alright?”, Dispena asked.

“Better than alright, this is the keyhole.”, 81cheney said joyfully.

“I know you’re upset and all, but that’s not the keyhole.”, Dispena replied.

“Watch this.”, 81cheney said and then took the key out of his pocket, he inserted it and turned it.

A clicking noise was made, the floor opened and a pool of lava was seen from below. Dispena tried to shoot the lava with his rocket, to delay the fall, but it was no use.

81cheney grabbed everyone in midair, including the barely conscious Syranium and blasted them to the gravel surrounding the lava pool with a giant energy core. Surrounding the giant energy core above the lava pool, there were two lasers taking from it.

“I’m surprised you made it here.”, said a voice from a small window above.

The man in the window was slightly taller than 81cheney and was from the picture. He knew now that he must have been the Korblox General.

“The Korblox General, what are you doing?”, 81cheney asked.

“Here is a very ancient pool of energy, I am just taking from it, once I gather enough energy this spirit inside me will be destroyed. I will then be able to rise and destroy all of ROBLOX.”, he responded.

“This isn’t right.”, Dispena yelled.

“Show them not to mess with me, Redinosaur.”

Red broke out of the window and got out his skull gladius, a giant shock of purple energy was released.

Both 81cheney and Dispena tried to run with Syranium, but they were both blasted into and air and landed onto the ground. Dispena blasted a rocket at him and 81cheney blasted a red,white, and blue energy blast. Redinosaur flew into the air and hoisted his hand out to block them.

“Your childish attacks won’t work”, Red said.

81cheney saw ten wooden stakes come out of the roof and they were slowly dipping into the lava. It was all of his friends on there.

“You know, the energy is almost completely drained. Once that happens, the whole cavern will cave in.”, the Korblox General said while laughing evilly.

The energy light dimmed a little bit. Red aimed another purple spiral, that was three times the size right at the uncaptured ones. It hit everyone into the wall. The stakes got even closer to the lava.

For a minute, it seemed everything stopped. The Korblox General’s eyes started to turn gold and Red aimed another purple spiral right at the uncaptured ATRers. Syranium’s eyes then turned gold and he stepped in front of 81cheney and Dispena.

“NO SYRANIUM!”, 81cheney yelled.

“Don’t!”, Dispena yelled.

The purple spiral was completely stopped and a gold spiral headed right towards Red. He tried to dodge it, but it hit him and he fell right above the lava. He would have fallen in, if it wasn’t for flight.

“81cheney, it’s you and your team’s job to stop this. We have very little time to speak.”, a voice said that came out of Syranium’s mouth, but wasn’t his.

The voice sounded just like Kamov’s voice from the battle with Lucky Lapin.

“Are you Kamov?”, 81cheney asked.

“Yes, I am. Since Syranium is currently weak, I can possess his body. My spirit will not be around for much longer. You see, my other part is also in the General’s body. I’m trying to delay his rise. Once he breaks through my spirit, I will be destroyed. I am starting to leave this body, because Syranium is gaining strength.”

“LOOK OUT!”, Dispena yelled.

A missile that came from the wall was about to hit them, then Syranium with the power of Kamov stood in front of it and deflected it. It hit the energy core and things started to go wild. The lights were flickering, the stakes stopped lowering, and Red started to fall. He fell on the ground though.

“Redinosaur, you’re worthless just like Korera, I don’t know why I brought you out of Banland. You should just die like Korera.”, the Korblox General said.

“You brought me back from Banland, because I was once one of the world’s best fighters.”

“Yeah, once, but not anymore.”

“Now, let me upgrade you and your team, while they are distracted.”, Kamov’s spirit inside Syranium said.

Four golden blasts came out of his hand, one hit 81cheney, one hit Mxddison, one hit Notive, and one hit Tushie24.

Everyone’s stakes got untied. Team Justice started to fly, they quickly grabbed everyone that couldn’t. Then everyone landed right next to 81cheney.

“Those morons escaped. Get them Redinosaur.”, the Korblox General said.

“I don’t like your attitude.”, Red said.

“You’re too weak to stop me.”

At that moment all of Team Justice started to glow gold. The gold wore off from all of them, except 81cheney who continued to glow gold.

81cheney grew a silver cape, Mxddison’s golden katana was upgraded to an epic katana, Tushie24 now had electric gloves, Syranium’s scythe was upgraded and now had a black glow plus the blade got bigger, and Notive’s Terra staff gained an upgrade.

Red said, “I’ll destroy these fools.”

Red launched himself right towards the energy source and fused right with it. Soon he absorbed the energy, the walls started cracking and the roof did too. Tushie aimed a thunderbolt right at Red and Notive aimed giant rocks that were going at the speed of a bullet. They countered with the energy, more cracks in the energy source started to form.

Mxddison took out her upgraded ice ray and blasted ice to help, then Syranium used his death beam on his newly upgraded scythe. 81cheney used Kamov’s blessing to blast a golden beam. The energy source and the powers clashed.

“We can help too.”, Wizzerland said.

“Let’s attack, to help our friends.”, Game replied.

“Let’s go!”, Meny said.

Meny slowed down the attacks of the energy source, Game aimed ice shards at it, Wizzerland aimed an energy slice at it, Wustard shot three exploding arrows at it, Jay kept shooting his dual plungers rapidly, Brunito threw his horseshoe which started spewing out tiny gold shards, Dispena aimed his rocket and rapidly fired it, and Bluedeeri used a glyph to increase the speed of everyone’s attacks.

Mxddison used her epic katana now, 81cheney threw additional energy blasts, Tushie24 aimed more lightning bolts and orbs, Notive aimed bigger rocks, and Syranium increased the size of his death beam.

“I give up on you, Redinosaur.”, the Korblox General said.

“My consurgam super vos.”, Red said.

The energy source emitted a giant red beam, which created a hole to the surface. Soon, it exploded everything. Team Justice created a forcefield around everyone though, once the destruction was done. It was just a rock platform with a burned Red and the Korblox General hovering over it.

“Red…”, 81cheney ran over to him.

“Don’t!”, Mxddison yelled.

“It might be a trap.”, Wizzerland added on.

“It’s too dangerous.”, Tushie24 said.

81cheney quickly checked his pulse and it was too late.

“He’s dead. There was good in him, the Korblox General killed him.”, 81cheney announced.

Team Justice’s supreme forms wore off and their weapons went back to normal.

“You monster.”, Bluedeeri yelled at him.

“You’re terrible.”, Jay said.

“Go die.”, Notive added on.

Everyone quickly attacked the Korblox General.

“Kamov’s spirit is weakening within me, I’m ready to takeover the world soon. I just need to gather a little more energy, now I know who holds the silver lifeforce. That should be enough energy. Go home you children.”, the Korblox General said then raised his hand and blasted a blue light at them.

Before they knew it, they were in the park of Kamovi, all on the ground.

“How did he do that?”, Game asked.

“He teleported us using his energy.”, Tushie24 said.

“It must be some powerful energy.”, Syranium said.

“We’ll just have to get stronger and stop him before he can takeover the world.”, 81cheney said.

Submitted: January 01, 2016

© Copyright 2021 81cheney. All rights reserved.

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