ATR Chronicles: Lucky Lapin's Greed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hello ATRers! After seeing a discussion about why people hate Lucky Lapin from the 2014 Egg Hunt, I decided to write a short story about some ATRers versing him in a battle to save all of ROBLOX.

ATRers included: 81cheney, Tushie24, Notive, Mxddison, Syranium, Meny2312, Bluedeeri, Brunito9000, and Dispena.

A time of peace was occurring in ROBLOX. Lucky Lapin was defeated a year and a half ago. The guardians of ROBLOX were standing above everyone watching.

“It seems like everything is safe.”, said 81cheney.

“Yes, but let’s not forget more enemies can be out there.”, said Tushie24. “They’re probably lurking and waiting for us to slip up.”

“I doubt they would wait so long.”, said Mxddison.

“Who knows what’s going on, ever since Lapin was defeated the world has been in peace.”, Notive commented.

The world has been in peace since Lucky fell, he captured innocent ROBLOXians to do his bidding for him. To steal eggs of destiny and destroy the world with them. Team Justice stopped Lucky Lapin with the powers of their gears and there was no sign of him breaking out of the volcano they sealed him in. 81cheney, Tushie24, Mxddison, Notive, and Syranium stopped Lucky Lapin, all in the name of Justice.

“This is getting boring, just waiting in this woodblock of a base.”, said Syranium.

“We’ve seriously been watching this volcano for over two weeks.”, replied Tushie24.

“Team Chronos felt an outburst of energy here two weeks ago.”, 81cheney said.

“I highly doubt anything is going to happen, I’m leaving.”, Syranium said.

“Don’t you dare!”, 81cheney said.

Syranium ran outside and took off on his horse. 81cheney, Tushie24, Mxddison, and Notive were left to do nothing, but wait.

“I’m out of here.”, said Mxddison.

Mxddison then took off on her horse, which left behind a trail of snow.

Tushie24 and Notive just went into the other room. Meanwhile, 81cheney sat on the couch to wait for the awakening.

Dinner time soon passed and after eating a heaping of warm pasta, the remaining members of the team were ready to work. Watching for Lucky Lapin was the destiny.

The team kept looking at the energy monitors for another hour and nothing has changed. Until, a boom was heard. Boom! Boom! Boom! The volcano slowly started to crack. The power went out and the energy detectors overheated from all of the energy being picked up. A golden light came out of the volcano, everyone knew who it was. Lucky Lapin returned. The snow that Mxddison’s horse left behind melted, due to the intense heat.

The team just stared from the window for a moment. 81cheney had his gavel, Tushie24 had his thunder pole, Notive had his Terra warrior staff. Lucky just stared at the sky, then his hand glew. He created a portal using the power of the egg of destiny, the most powerful egg. He climbed right into it.

“I think he’s heading for ATR!”, said Notive.

“You’re probably right, considering that’s where he was last before being defeated. We should contact Mxddison and Syranium about this.”, 81cheney wisely said.

“On it.”, Tushie24 added. Tushie got on the computer, sadly it was very old, not too suitable for playing any 3D graphic computer games.

“Stupid WinBLOX 98 load!”, Tushie yelled in an outrage. “There we go.”

Tushie emailed Mxddison and Syranium. A ding noise soon was heard.

“They said, they’ll try to hold him off.”, Tushie24 said.

81cheney ran outside and jumped into a chariot.

“There’s only room for two, so…”, Notive ran towards the chariot and beat Tushie24.

“Where do I go then?”

Team Justice was on their way towards ATR, specifically the capital of Kamovi, named after the deceased Kamov. Everyone was hoping that they’d arrive on time.

(Meanwhile in the capital of Kamovi)

Mxddison and Syranium on the highest building of the city, getting their weapons ready. Mxddison’s freeze ray with a sword in its slot and Syranium’s death scythe were ready. Lucky Lapin entered the city, a few people saw him and started taking pictures. Everyone soon panicked.

“Must find the golden lifeforce!”, Lucky Lapin yelled.

Mxddison shot four freeze blasts in his direction, the egg of destiny created a force field to protect him.

Syranium jumped twenty feet and hurdled towards him with the death scythe, ready to strike. Lucky simply hoisted his hand and knocked Syranium into a building.

“Syranium!”, Mxddison called out his name.

“I’m okay.”, Syranium said on the ground weakly.

Mxddison leaped into the air and used her freeze ray as a launcher. She took her golden katana out of the freeze ray’s slot and leaped towards Lucky Lapin. Lucky hoisted his hand up and aimed a pink energy blast at her, Mxddison leaped off of it. She kept continuing, then a powerful force field blocked her. Mxddison fell towards the ground, not too far from Syranium.

“Now you weaklings it is the end for your lifeforce.”, Lucky yelled.

“Why are you doing this?”, Syranium yelled back.

“You see little children, when I was little I realised the cruelness of this world. I realised with the power of the legendary egg of destiny, I can reshape this world.”

“There’s no need for this.”, Mxddison yelled, while slowly getting up.

She then lazily fired two ice beams, which were easily destroyed by energy beams. Both she and Syranium looked each other in the eyes. Mxddison took her golden katana, then Syranium took his death scythe.

In union, the both of them said, “Infinite Hope Power!”

Mxddison glew purple and Syranium glew red. The both of them started spiralling around each other and together attacked.

The spiralling duo clashed against Lucky’s force field for a brief moment. He waved his hand and a mega blast of pink energy blasted both of them back, at least a quarter of a mile. Lucky flew over to where the duo was lying on the ground. Two blasts of pink energy launched at them.

A block of earth countered with the pink blasts. The block broke right open and the blasts vanished. The pieces of the block were about to hit Mxddison and Syranium, to destroy them. A lightning bolt destroyed one of them and a gavel knocked the other one away.

81cheney, Notive, and Tushie24 stood in front of Mxddison and Syranium.

“Maybe if everyone attacks together we can do some serious damage to him.”, Notive stated.

“You guys took forever.”, Syranium said.

“They made me ride on a horse.”, Notive noted.

Lucky Lapin lifted up a building with the power of destiny. A shadow soon casted over Team Justice.

“Look everyone!”, 81cheney yelled.

Tushie24 created a bolt of lightning to hit the building and Mxddison started blasting ice beams. The bolt of lightning got easily absorbed by the building’s interior and the ice just froze the building, which did not help.

A glyph from the astral cloak created a force field around Team Justice. Time slowed down and another glyph appeared under Team Justice, they were quickly moved out of the way. Time resumed at its normal pace, a giant crash was heard from the falling building. The dust from the debris soon cleared up.

“Who did that?”, said Lucky Lapin.

“We won’t let you takeover ATR and all of ROBLOX. We are Team Chronos. I am the leader Meny2312, ATRer of time.”

“I am Bluedeeri, ATRer of the stars.”

“I am Dispena, ATRer of destruction.”

“I am Brunito9000, ATRer of fortune.”

“Team Chronos!”, 81cheney called out.

“You pathetic little brats, I will destroy ATR, then take over the rest of ROBLOX.”

Lucky concentrated on the egg of destiny, everything started to levitate. Even the tallest and heaviest of the buildings came out of the ground. Glass on windows cracked, trees ripped out of the ground, nothing was the same. The sky soon turned dark red with black lightning striking out of it.

81cheney focused on his gavel and then using its power, glew red, white, and blue. Then launched right towards Lucky. Lucky aimed a few blasts of energy at 81cheney, Cheney easily dodged them all. 81cheney broke free from the levitation and charged right towards Lucky. Lucky hoisted his hand and the powers met. They collided and caused destruction, finally 81cheney was forced many feet back landing on the back of a building.

“You little pest, you thought you could defeat me.”

A pink energy blast was aimed at 81cheney, then Notive jumped in the way. Notive was knocked hundreds of feet into the air and made a thump once he landed on top of a floating building.

“Notive!”, all of Team Justice called out.

A green orb came out of Notive’s mouth. “Blah, worthless life force.”, said Lucky.

The egg of destiny absorbed the orb, the light glew a tiny bit brighter.

As for Notive, he started to fade away. 81cheney used his gavel to boost him up.

“Why would you do it, knowing that something bad would happen?”, 81cheney asked his fallen friend.

“Life is...always...worth something…”, Notive said then faded away.

Lucky aimed another pink blast at 81cheney, Brunito threw his golden horseshoe at it. The pink blast vanished and the horseshoe landed back in Lucky’s hand.

“Everyone we need to get past the death and attack.”, said Meny.

“Otherwise, his sacrifice would have been worth nothing.”, Brunito added.

81cheney was out of it, ready to cry at his fallen friend. He wondered why he did it, even if life is something.

Everyone else was attacking away at Lucky, trying to destroy him. Mxddison used her freeze ray to blast herself off the ground, then raised her katana right at him. Dispena, at the same time aimed his rocket at him. The fire of the rocket surrounded Mxddison, which increased her speed. Mxddison with her fiery golden katana made a crack in the force field. Mxddison was simply pushed to the ground.

“We did some damage!”, Dispena yelled.

Tushie created a lightning bolt and Bluedeeri created a glyph for it to surround. The electric glyph blasted at Lucky, he quickly deflected it. The electric glyph hit Mxddison as she was blasted away, landing not too far from 81cheney. Mxddison tried to crawl away from the fight, so she could heal and be of some use, but a pink blast of energy hit her.

“Mxddison!”, Tushie and Syranium yelled.

81cheney looked behind him to see what the yelling was about. He saw Mxddison on the ground slowly fading away, as a green orb came out.

“Worthless life force.”, Lucky said right before the egg of destiny swallowed it up.

“Let fortune be against you in this matter.”, Brunito said then threw his horseshoe at Lucky.

Lucky deflected the horseshoe and Brunito dodged it. Brunito took to the skies, Bluedeeri did as well. Both of them started to glow and they crashed into force field, then were simply blasted off. Meny launched himself up and was ready to strike with his sword of time, Lucky blasted a pink orb at him. Meny made the time slow down on the orb, so he could easily dodge. The sword crashed right into the force field, then Lucky shook Meny right off.

Syranium created a death beam using his scythe and Tushie electrocuted it, a mega energy strike was heading towards Lucky. 

Meanwhile, 81cheney was radiating an intense amount of golden energy.

“Could he be the holder of the golden life force?”, Lucky asked himself.

81cheney took off in a golden spiral at Lucky. Dispena used his rocket launcher to make 81cheney go faster, Tushie surrounded him with the power of electricity. Cheney kept going faster and faster, until he collided with the force field. It was an even matchup, 81cheney versus Lucky Lapin. Lucky moved his arm and energy started to push 81cheney back. After about forty seconds of being pushed back 81cheney fell to the ground.

Twenty blasts of pink energy were heading towards 81cheney.

“Say goodbye!”, Lucky yelled crazily at Cheney.

Dust covered the whole field, then 81cheney went unconscious.

(Three hours later)

81cheney woke up on a sofa, in what seemed to be some type of warehouse.

“What happened?”, he asked himself.

“Well many things happened in recent times.”, Meny said.

“Lucky is now destroying the city and you have been asleep for three hours.”, Brunito added on.

“Where are Tushie and Syranium?”, 81cheney questioned.

“They risked their lives for you.”, Dispena said.

“They sacrificed themselves to buy us time.”, Meny reworded.

“Three people risked their lives for you, it’d be best to avenge them.”, Bluedeeri said.

“Team Chronos, we need to stop this madness.”, Meny said with a fierce look.

“Yes, we must get going.”, Brunito replied.

Team Chronos had the door open, ready to walk out, but 81cheney said, “Wait, I’m coming with you.”

“It was already Team Justice’s time and you failed, being the last member.”, Dispena commented.

“81cheney, if you die, then Team Justice will never carry on, we can’t risk your life.”, Meny replied to 81cheney’s eagerness.

Team Chronos left the room and was outside, on the new, not levitating ground. One of Bluedeeri’s glyphs lifted them up to a high building, to get Lucky’s attention.

“Hey bunny rabbit!”, Dispena yelled.

“We won’t let you rule the world.”, Meny said in a firm tone.

“Is that so, more annoying pests? Well I can easily deal with you four and then I will find the magical golden life force of hope, which is strong enough for me to takeover all of ROBLOX!”, Lucky’s voice boomed over Kamovi.

“Fortune will destroy you!”, Brunito yelled, he threw his horseshoe and it starting floating right in the air.

The horseshoe started to spin and emit golden pellets that rapidly started to hit Lucky, sadly only four or five got to hit, before the egg of destiny created a force field. Brunito then jumped up to get the floating horseshoe.

Lucky aimed two shots right at Brunito, they both hit the building top. Team Chronos was spiralling through the air, until Bluedeeri gathered everyone and created a glyph to move to the next building. Lucky blew the next building up again, while in the air Dispena shot his rocket right at Lucky.

Lucky deflected the rocket, towards Meny and Bluedeeri. Meny simply used his time sword to make the rocket stop, then Bluedeeri created a glyph in-front of everyone on the team. The rocket resumed, but was powerless against the glyph.

Dispena aimed two rockets and Brunito threw his horseshoe. Lucky created a force field around himself and aimed a mega pink energy blast at Bluedeeri. Bluedeeri created a glyph, but the energy broke right through. Which blasted him back fifty feet, onto another building top.

Lucky shot two pink blasts at Dispena and Brunito. It almost looked as they were going to hit. Just then, a gavel knocked them away. “I am 81cheney, leader of Team Justice.”

“Your team was easy to deal with, now it’s time to destroy you and all of the remaining.”

81cheney looked around and saw no more panicking citizens. No one was hiding either.

“What happened to the citizens?”, 81cheney asked.

“That’s easy, they tried to fight back, so I destroyed them all. I forgot about you five little pests though.”

Meny who was right behind him leaped up into the air, ready to stab Lucky with his sword. Lucky simply used the egg of destiny and pink mist came spiralling out of his palm. 81cheney saw it coming and dodged it. Everyone else was caught in the mist, victims to it.

(Inside the mist)

“Hello?”, Bluedeeri called out. The mist was really getting to him and the building top seemed bigger than he remembered.

“Who is it?”, he knew it was Brunito’s voice calling that out.

Bluedeeri bumped into Brunito. They fell onto the ground, with their weapons falling out of their hands. The building started to tremble. Bluedeeri and Brunito looked around them and realised everything was collapsing.

(Outside the mist)

It's been two minutes and 81cheney heard nothing from inside the mist, not to mention Lucky simply vanished. Lucky Lapin was not the type of rabbit to vanish without a fight.

Finally a vibration was heard, a sword clash was as well. 81cheney realised which direction it was coming from. He quickly picked up his gavel to counter with Meny’s sword. Meny didn’t stop once he realised it was 81cheney, he kept attacking. 81cheney kept meeting him with even counters.

“What are you doing?”, 81cheney yelled at Meny.

The building below them started to collapse, both of them jumped to the next one to resume the fight. 81cheney then saw Lucky, levitating above everyone. He knew that he was controlling Meny.

Meny tried to put his sword under 81cheney’s shoes to make him trip, Cheney jumped on the sword, which raised him right to Lucky’s level. Cheney spun around his mallet and crashed it right onto the force field. The mist cleared up and 81cheney fell onto the ground, with no harm done.

“Where did Lucky go?”, Meny asked.

Bluedeeri and Brunito jumped out of the rubbish of fallen buildings. Dispena soon followed.

“You’re all so pathetic, it isn’t even funny.”


Dispena started to glow bright orange, ready to make an attack.

Meny said, “No, if we all attack, we attack together, as Team Chronos. We won’t die without doing anything at all.”

Bluedeeri started to glow blue, then said, “To end…”

“...his life that is based off of…”, said Brunito, who then started glowing yellow.

“...horrible lies and pain…”, Dispena added on.

“...we’ll do this as a team, forever and always. We will not give up without one last moment of shining.”, Meny said right after starting to glow purple.

“Come and get me wimps.”, Lucky flew even higher away.

Team Chronos started to spiral around one another and hit Lucky’s force field. Energy of all different colours were being radiated. Lucky was surrounded by four powerful energy outputs.

It seemed as the powers were equal, until the egg of destiny glew even more. The force field started to expand and Team Chronos was pushed away. They were still latching onto the edge of the force field. More cracks appeared on the force field than ever before. It looked like it was ready to be destroyed, then four blasts of energy knocked Team Chronos off.

They flew miles and miles back, into the tallest skyscrapers. The highest buildings fell onto the ground, causing clunks that could be felt even from where 81cheney was standing. Four green life forces were swallowed by the egg of destiny, those life forces were their last shine.

“NO! You took even more people dear to me, I will not have this keep happening.”, 81cheney yelled in a fierce tone.

“You weak child, what can you do?”

“You can have hope…”, a voice in the sky said.

“There’s no way it’s you.”, Lucky said, then blasted a huge energy ball towards the sky.

A golden light cancelled out the energy blast and it hit Lucky’s force field shattering it.

“81cheney, I give you the power of hope to defeat this monster, in the name of I, Kamov.”

The legendary Kamov was speaking to 81cheney. A golden finger came out of the sky and touched 81cheney’s forehead. Cheney soon started to glow gold and started floating with newly grown silver wings.

“Stay back!”, Lucky yelled.

81cheney started spiralling at Lucky in gold. Lucky used the egg of destiny to blast a pink blast, 81cheney swiftly went through it.

81cheney grabbed the egg of destiny and broke it, using his power.

“You fool! Now you will-” Lucky was cut off by him falling, the egg of destiny no longer supported his flight.

81cheney knew Kamov wanted Lucky to die, for trying to takeover ROBLOX. Cheney knew what true change was and knew Lucky needed guidance.

With all of his strength, 81cheney spiralled down to rescue Lucky Lapin. Once at the appropriate height, 81cheney grabbed Lucky Lapin and flew to the closest building top.

“You monster, by destroying that egg you destroyed my life!”, Lucky yelled while crying at 81cheney.

Lucky took out a darkheart and aimed it at 81cheney’s head, 81cheney with quick reflexes stopped it in midair. Then took his gavel and smacked it hundreds of feet away.

“You know, I once thought I couldn’t control anything.”, 81cheney said. “I learned having a voice is important and with the power my heart holds, I can do anything I put my mind to.”

“Life isn’t all easy.”

“It isn’t, there are struggles. What makes you a good person is how well you get past these struggles.”

“Well I’ve been struggling my whole life.”

“What happened?”

“When I was little, I developed a fascination with painted eggs. I wanted to collect them, but I came from a poor family. I looked at the rich families with all of the faberges, it was extremely unfair. So, I captured people to collect eggs for me. Then you and your team stopped me for the first time, now here I am opening up to you.”

“Well if you were looking to hurt me, you succeeded. The whole city is destroyed, not to mention all of ATR is gone.”

“Why was I so naive? If I wasn’t so foolish, something else could have been done.”

“You can still fix this, use your beliefs to return the life orbs, then go off and help everyone.”

“I wish I could.”

Lucky started crying, green tears. Life orbs filled the streets and quickly, ROBLOXians started to come out.

“Lucky, you are doing it.”

“You’re right, now it’s time to help others. I can’t thank you enough for showing me the era of my ways. Life is something sacred and I will continue to spread the message.”

Lucky glew gold and boomed into the sky, off to help others.

“It seems everything has been taken care of, but none of my friends are here.”, 81cheney said to himself.

“I think we are.”, Notive popped up behind him and said.

“We didn’t leave.”, Tushie24 said joyfully.

“Always here!”, Mxddison said.

“Forever.”, Syranium added on.

81cheney saw Team Chronos in the streets and calling for a taxi, they’re probably looking for more adventures. Speaking of streets, with all of the marching and cheering in them, it’d be impossible to get out of Kamovi.

“I don’t mean to rush things, Cheney, especially after a big battle, but what’s next?”, Tushie24 asked curiously.

“What are we supposed to do now, relax?”, Syranium said.

“I’d like some relaxing time.”, Mxddison commented.

“Relaxing sounds like a plan. With us around, people will know not to mess with ATR.”, 81cheney replied.

“Group hug?”, Notive asked.

“No thanks, I need to go home.”, Mxddison responded.

“Yeah, I’m tired.”, Syranium added on. “I need to do some redecorating too.”, Tushie24 said.

“Everyone’s ideas sound just perfect.”, 81cheney said while focusing on the future and wondering how Lucky was doing.

Submitted: December 28, 2015

© Copyright 2020 81cheney. All rights reserved.

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