ATR Chronicles: Team Salvation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Here is my second story, featuring Team Salvation. A team from a small village, you will see their first adventures here. These childhood friends will find something mysterious with the help of an old book.

ATRers included: Wizzerland, Gamedude809, Jpokemon, Wustard, and Spathi.

Submitted: December 30, 2015

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Submitted: December 30, 2015



Exactly two months ago, Lucky Lapin attacked the city. The mighty 81cheney, Team Justice, and Team Chronos fought him off. The final skyscrapers were being rebuilt and city life has resumed as normal. In the more connected areas, that is. In a small village called Admirari, about four hours away from Kamovi, people were still shaken by the disaster.

To be fair, Admirari was never a normal village. The children here never laughed with joy, the elderly always felt the need to pass on their knowledge, and the adults worried frequently. This is because, a man of Admirari once predicted great disaster would. Then a team from the village would help stop it.

Many think since Lucky Lapin had a change in heart, the world has been perfectly fine. Everyone in the village knew this wasn’t true, even if the rest of ATR didn’t believe their “crazy old myths and legends”. For starters, the moon was slightly behind in its cycle. It’s speculated that during the battle time was stopped for long enough that this would happen.

Wizzerland was a respected and helpful community member. Trying to live up to his role model, 81cheney’s legacy. Wizzerland had a wonderful family and everything, but the thing he really wanted was to be famous. As of now, he was just lying in his room thinking about life. While his green energy sword was just in his hands.

Wizzerland also had a fascination with weapons and believed that they were the ultimate saviours. Today was just one of those days, where he would be sitting inside watching the rain being bored. Then, three knocks were heard at the door.

Wizzerland jumped off of his bed and ran downstairs, to open the door and find three of his friends there. All with their weapons that they made. Jpokemon’s dual plungers, Gamedude809’s frost blade, and Wustard’s exploding crossbow arrow. Jpokemon was the first one to talk, he was commonly called Jay, “Hey, did you hear?”

Wizzerland responded, “Hear about what, Jay?”

“He must be talking about the tournament event taking place in Kamovi.”, Gamedude809 said.

“Yeah, it’s in six months.”, Wustard responded.

“Do you all want to enter or something?”, Wizzerland asked.

“No, it is just that six months is the speculated time.”, Jay responded.

“Yes, ROBLOX’s end, but that isn't supposed to be talked about.”, Wustard said.

Right then, screaming was heard in the village. Everyone ran into the windows to see people in all black uniforms raiding. Knocking down doors with fire and knives. At that moment, a clunk was heard in the house. The sound of a flamethrower was heard. Heat started to rise and the fire quickly spread into the room.

A man in the black outfit that was seen from outside the window came in. A flamethrower was shot, which separated Wizzerland and Wustard from Jay and Gamedude. Wizzerland aimed an energy slice at him, which he dodged. Gamedude ran out of the fire and tried to freeze his arm. The man in black simply pushed him back in. One of the floor boards under Wustard’s foot fell.

“We have to get out of here!”, Wustard yelled.

“The window is the only way!”, Jay yelled through the fire.

Jay jammed the window open and jumped out onto the ground, Gamedude followed. Both of them appeared to be completely fine.

“We have to get out of here now Wizzer!”, Wustard yelled.

Wizzerland was just watching the man in black take a book from the bookshelf, he shortly saw the title. It was labelled as, “The Prophecy of…” the rest was unseeable.

Wizzerland then jumped through the fire and headed straight towards the man in black with his green energy sword. Wustard saw the man ready to strike and aimed an exploding arrow at him. The book got let go of before he fell and Wizzerland grabbed it.

Both Wustard and Wizzerland jumped from the window, to see the burning village surrounding them. They could hear babies crying, mothers yelling, and fathers screaming for help.

“What took you so long?”, Game asked.

“He felt the need to rescue a dumb book.”, Wustard said.

“It’s not dumb it’s-”, Wizzerland was cut off.

“GET THOSE FOUR KIDS!”, A man in black yelled while pointing at them.

“We have to go now.”, Jay said.

“They’re a big threat, let’s run in the forest.”, Wizzerland whispered.

All four of them ran behind a building and then took off into the forest. They spotted about ten men running behind the building, they split up though. Four men from that point followed them.

“We’re going to have to wipe them out.”, Wizzerland said.

“On it.”, Wustard said then jumped into a tree. He aimed his rocket crossbow right at one of them. Two of them went flying into the air, one recovered and kept running, the other did not.

Jay slowed down a little bit on purpose, he then plunged a plunger to someone’s face and clicked the fire button. Their face was on fire and they fell to the ground.

Wizzerland kept running with the book in his hands. One of the remaining men in black threw a grapple around it and pulled it towards him. Wizzerland was still grabbing on, trying to pull it away. He then used his energy sword to slice the rope. Wizzerland sent an energy slice at him, which he easily dodged.

Game charged right at him and froze him to the tree. Only one man in black remained. He charged right at Wizzerland, with a katana in his hands. Wustard aimed an explosive arrow at him and he just plainly exploded, without knowing if he was dead or alive.

“Where do we run now?”, Jay asked.

“Should we just hide?”, Game asked as a follow up.

“No, running would be the best choice.”, Wustard said.

“Wustard is right, we should run out of the forest and find our way to Kamovi.”, Wizzerland bravely said.

“Why Kamovi?”, Jay questioned.

“The most help is there.”, Wizzerland responded.

“The village is already burned, there’s no getting it back.”, Game said.

“I’m not talking about the village, maybe Team Justice or Team Chronos can help us solve the mystery about the book.”, Wizzerland replied.

Finally they could see the exit, it was a small town.

(In the men who raided’s layer)

“Hey Korrun!”, said an unknown female.

“What do you want, Korera?”, you and your team had a pathetic failure with those children.

“It’s not my fault they took the book, my team failed me.”, Korrun responded.

Korera then opened her mouth, “Your team had their moment to shine, it’s my team’s turn.”

“Said who!”

“Said the general!”

“Did not!”

“He did, certainly.”

“Silence you two! It’s true Korera’s team will take over this mission.”

“General?”, Korrun yelled.

“You two are annoying. The longer I’m in this body that is the golden light, the longer I loose my ways. We need to find a way to awaken my true self and destroy this body.”, The general carefully worded. (Back with Team Salvation)

Everyone was simply sitting at a picnic table in a small town, it was a breezy and sunny day. Everyone could act as nothing was wrong. Wizzerland then plopped the book down on the table.

“Now, let’s see what’s in this old book.”, he said.

“Do we have to do this now?”, Wustard moaned.

“We’ll never find out what’s in it other wise.”, Jay stated.

“Can you just open it?”, Wustard moaned again.

“Yeah open it!”, Game positively said.

Wizzerland opened the books to find colourful pictures, that were damaged with burns. ROBLOXians in black with blue were towering over buildings and destroying them. A person from the sky in gold was shown slowly splitting into two.

“What does it all mean?”, Game asked.

“It must be important if a whole village was burned down for it.”, Jay added.

“I have no idea what it means.”, Wizzerland responded.

“It looks like a bunch of random scribbles.”, Wustard said.

“You fools, uneducated children wouldn’t know what it means.”, a voice from the rooftop of a building called.

Game got out his blade and said, “Who’s there?”

A girl dressed in black and blue, with wavy dark purple hair jumped down from the rooftop.

She then said, “I’m Korera, that book belongs to me, I’m pretty sure. To be more correct, my general.”

“We won’t let you take it!”, Wizzerland yelled while backing away from her.

“You’ll have to get through us!”, Jay yelled, the he, Game, and Wustard jumped in front of Wizzerland.

“Piece of cake, you weaklings!”, Korera said while getting ready to fight.

Wustard charged right at Korera, Korera simply jumped over him and he crashed into a building. Korera was going to land a kick into him, which would make him go right through the glass. But at that moment, Jay jumped right into the air, Korera was ready to counter Jay with two punches. Jay locked both of his plungers onto Korera’s hands, then spun her around, until she landed on the ground.

Korera then summoned a venomshank and went after the book. Game summoned a wall of ice, to hopefully freeze her, but it missed. Korera landed right in-front of Game, she countered her venomshank with his frostblade.

“You aren’t going to take the book.”, Game whispered.

He forced Korera back onto the ground. She then leaped high up into the air and landed her venomshank right in-front of Game. Korera knocked his blade right out of his hand by using the length of her sword. She then jumped right over him and went after the book.

Wizzerland saw her shadow right over him and took out his blade, then made an energy slice. She sliced right through it with her sword. From the side, an exploding arrow was aimed right at her. She sliced it in-half but that caused her to be forced back in midair.

Game finally froze her once she was forced to the ground. She struggled to break out of the ice.

“You fools, the general will rule all, you won’t get away with this. Whoever you are.”, Korera screamed.

Wizzerland, still holding the book, thought of a cool sounding team name.

Then he pronounced it, “We are Team Salvation! We will right wrongs and correct the evilness in this messed up world.”

The team then ran off into the forest.

“Why Team Salvation?”, Jay questioned.

“Sounds like a soap opera.”, Wustard said.

“It seemed fitting and sounded cool”, Wizzerland announced.

“Where are we off to next?”, Game asked.

“I assume Kamovi is still the goal.”, Wustard said.

“Well it should be, we just have to get this book away from those people back there.”, Wizzerland proclaimed.

“Who even were those-”, Jay bumped into a man in a lab coat.

The person in the lab coat, that looked quite messy said, “I am sorry youngsters, it’s just I have to get to my lab and it seems I lost the way.”

“What’s with the hurry?”, Wizzerland asked.

“I have some important files to check on, to make sure they didn’t get them. By the way, I’m Professor Spathi.”

“I’m Wizzerland, the person you bumped into is Jpokemon, but you can call him Jay. The other two people are gamedude809, who you can call Game, and Wustard.”

“What’s this about missing files?”, Jay asked.

“Well you see recently some of my files were hacked and I just want to make sure my newly uploaded files weren’t taken.”, Professor Spathi said.

“What kind of research do you do?”, Game asked.

“You see, I research ancient empires. Korblox is the one I’m currently researching, there are descendants, but as far as we know they have no power.”

“Did they used to be dressed in blue and black?”, Wizzerland asked.

“Why yes, they did, how might have you acquired this information?”, Professor Spathi asked.

Wizzerland took out the book.

“Here, it’s a book that some very bad people burned down our village to get. I’m not sure where they got it, they just brought it in my room as they were going to burn it down.”

“It has drawings and all.”, Wustard said.

“This is a very interesting book. The interesting thing is not the content, but the key that’s stuck in between two pages.”, Professor Spathi said which made some jaws drop.

He ripped open a page and an old silver key fell right out. It was the size of a house key, looked like a gate key though.

Wizzerland picked it up from the ground and said, “What does it go to?”

Professor Spathi responded, “I have no idea, but it must be quite important. You children should follow me to my lab, we can analyze it there.”

“Where exactly is your lab?”, Jay asked.

“It’s literally below us.”

“Are you sure, I don’t see anything.”, Game said.

“Maybe there’s a trapdoor.”, Wustard said sarcastically

“I doubt it.”, Wizzerland told Wustard

Professor Spathi clicked a button and a trapdoor opened into a tube. Everyone went sliding down, it was a long tube that led into a room with red lights and a bunch of computers. Once everyone landed, they were ready to go.

“Wizzerland, give me the key, if you will.”, the Professor asked.

Wizzerland turned over the key to Professor Spathi.

The key was inserted into the analyzing machine.

“How long will this exactly take?”, Game asked.

“Maybe half an hour.”, the Professor stated.

“What are we going to do in the meantime?”, Wustard asked.

“Follow me, children.”

Everyone followed the Professor into the back, there was a giant hologram of the whole entire planet being projected.

“These are where the great wars in ancient times took place.”

“There weren’t too many in ATR, I suppose.”, Wizzerland said.

“Not that many compared to OT.”, Jay commented.

“Yes children, wars took place across the land, all due to the great Korblox empire. I speculate the key leads to the chambers of GC.”

“Wasn’t GC wiped out?”, Game asked.

“I remember reading something about it.”, Jay stated.

“It was wiped out, but legends have it there was a great power in something called the chambers of GC.”

“So, that’s what it’s called! Now that I have the key, I can find the chambers.”, an unknown voice said.

“Who’s there?”, Professor Spathi asked.

The four men in black from earlier jumped down, with the leader, holding the key in his hand.

“Not you again!”, Wustard called out. “I am Korrun and I serve the great Korblox Emperor.”

Jay rushed forwards with his dual plungers and started rapidly firing them, they kept missing and hitting the walls, but one hit Korrun’s goon’s leg. The goon charged and went after Jay.

Wustard aimed his explosive arrows at one of the goons, who easily dodged it. The wall then exploded. The goon ran after Wustard.

Game charged into the wall, freezing one of the goon’s hands. The goon easily broke free and took a katana out and started slicing it.

Game muttered something like, “I don’t want to be a thankful survivor.”

Game’s frost blade countered with the goon’s katana. From Wizzerland’s point of view it looked like everyone was stable with their fights.

Wizzerland was getting ready to charge at Korrun, but then a feminine voice yelled, “I’ll take that.”

A grappling hook took the key right out of Korera’s hand.

“Not you again, Korera.”, Korrun yelled.

Korrun took out a Korblox mage staff and simply blasted two blue energy balls at her. She dodged one and got hit by the other.

The key fell right out of her hands, right when Korrun was going to pick it up, Wizzerland slided and got it. He started to run, to the tube. He tried to crawl up it, but it just would not work.

Both Korrun and Korera were after him, he dodged Korrun’s charge and he got his face stuck in a tube. He started to run the other way and Korera was on his tail. He took out his energy sword and sent an energy slice at her, she used her Venomshank to break it in midair.

He ran right past Wustard and said, “Aim an arrow at her.”

Wustard got his bow ready and aimed an explosive arrow right at Korera. She sliced it in half and jumped above the spewing fire. What she didn’t realise was that Wizzerland sent an energy slice her way. She was hit by it and landed on the wall.

Korrun escaped from the tube and was after the key as well, at that moment Wizzerland saw another door. He pressed the button to open it and ducked right in. From the other side, he kept pressing the close button. It seemed to be going pretty good, until Korera recovered. She took her giant sword and cut the door down, the blade almost hit Wizzerland.

Wizzerland took out his green energy sword and it stabbed against her sword. The energy blade surrounded her venomshank and flipped it right out of her hands. She went to retrieve it and then Korrun was on his trail again.

It was perfect timing though, as it looked like the rest of the team defeated Korrun’s goons. Wizzerland started to run the other way, until he was cornered.

“You fool, you’re cornered now.”, Korrun yelled.

Korera was right next to Korrun also. At that moment, the rest of the team came in.

“You cornered yourself.”, Game said.

“Give up!”, Jay yelled.

“Insert catchy phrase here.”, Wustard said.

Game got his blade in proper position, Wustard pulled his bow back, and Jay got his dual plungers ready.

Korrun got out his staff and aimed a blinding light at them all, the key was taken from Wizzerland. Korrun started to run away. Wustard aimed his arrows right at Korrun, who then dropped the key. Game got it and started to run.

Professor Spathi went to his control console and said, “Quickly children.” All of the children went into the small room of controls. He then said, “Game make a frozen wall.”

Right as Korrun and Korera were going to get in, a frozen wall was created. Korrun tried blasting energy balls at it and Korera tried to slice it with her giant sword.

Professor Spathi clicked a button and another wall in-front of the ice came. The room started taking off like a subway cart, it was literally on wheels and a track underground.

“Cover your ears!”, Professor Spathi yelled.

Everyone did as told and he clicked a button, two giant rockets launched into the lab.

“So Professor Spathi, where is this exactly going?”, Jay asked.

“Admirari.”, he responded which made jaws drop.

“That’s our village, but it was burned.”, Wizzerland said.

“Everyone survived and it’s being rebuilt as we speak.”

“How do you know this?”, Game asked.

“My daughter lives there currently.”

“We still have to go to Kamovi.”, Wizzerland recalled.

“Why?”, the Professor asked.

“We have to deliver a letter to Team Justice.”, Wustard responded for Wizzerland.

“You can use my new letter teleporter.”

“There’s teleporters?”, Wizzerland questioned.

“Yes, they can only teleport small things. There’s some paper, an envelope and a pencil.”, Professor Spathi pointed to a desk.

Jay took the tools and said, “Dear Team Justice, we know you still may be recovering from the disaster of Lucky Lapin. Although, we would like you to investigate what this key that supposedly leads to the chamber of GC, which holds a great energy. Korblox the ancient empire, is part of a prophecy that can destroy ROBLOX. We are Team Salvation and it took us awhile to get our hands on this.

Sincerely, Team Salvation of Admirari”

Wizzerland said, “That sounds good.”

Game recorrected, “That sounds great.”

The letter was sealed in an envelope with the key that said Team Justice on it. It was sealed and put on the teleporter to the Kamovi Post Office.

“What do we do now?”, Wustard asked.

“I suppose we go back to our village, reconnect with everyone, and just wait for a reply.”, Wizzerland said.

© Copyright 2020 81cheney. All rights reserved.

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