Choices of Tickets and Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: ATR Book Club

A ROBLOX based event that can connect to the real world. A family hiding in an attic, soon to realise their final moments. Only to be powerless in the end.

Ariel walked throughout the small wooden room. Her feet tapping against the floorboards making a creaking sound. The only light peaking through was the light of a small window. A window which none of the people in the room dared got near. Otherwise, they could be seen and caught.

A few of Ariel’s friends gathered around a food passing. On today’s menu was bread, soy milk with little flavour, and small bits of precooked cold squash. Even the youngest, Wilson was acting as if he was enjoying the food. It was the only meal for the whole day. The squad was found in the kitchen, the soy milk and bread were stolen.

They were probably coming soon. The ones who did not like them, based on a social status they could not control. Stealing assets was the only way to survive. They could not let little Wilson and Tullius starve. Although they were the youngest, they did not cause the most trouble.

That shameful award would go to Madelyn, a girl who was only eleven. She had a curious piece in her mind. She was actually presenting her school project for science, but then she got the call. The call that lots of parents of “their kind” sent to their children. Madelyn, Wilson, and Tullius all received that call.

As for Ariel, she had to find out herself. Her father was shot dead when she got home. He was shot dead on the street for refusing to give up his tickets. Ariel had to sneak into the back, only to find her mother fled. She left a note on her bed saying, “Going to the safe zone, please reconnect some day.”

Ariel still had no idea where this safe zone was. She had to go to the safest person she knew, Kamov. Kamov gladly accepted her into the home and invited her into the safe shelter. Which she has only been outside of once since that day.

Her first impressions of walking up was fear. She found nine adults and five children huddled in fear. None of them knew what would happen to them next. Madelyn, Wilson, Tullius, Joy, and Grey all were clueless. That day seemed like a decade ago, but alas it was only two months.

Joy even had no more sparkles in her eyes. Both of her parents died trying to get food. Her mother collapsed a block away from the home, her father made it in the house, but died climbing up the stairs. He gave her her mother’s necklace right before his departure from life.

Joy used to be such a cheerful girl, but none knew of where she acquired her strangeness. She loved fish, especially codfish. Also, used to talk like a pirate. Eventually, she got the nickname, LeCodfishJoy. No one called her that anymore, hardly any talking went on.

A gunshot was heard. Grey went to look at it, he always did. He hoped it wouldn’t be his only parent, his mother. He saw that it was, but he didn’t even cry. She was shot in the back while trying to run outside and grab something from the old house.

“What do you think happened?”, Madelyn asked in a dull tone.

“She probably just tried to grab something.”, Grey said emotionlessly.

Tullius asked, “Why aren’t they just taking the people away?”

“I don’t like this violence, why do they do it?”, Wilson asked as a follow up.

“There is no reason, but they need no reason. We spoke out against the removal of tickets from the economy and that’s why we’re here. We can never speak for ourselves again.”, Ariel said with the most truth anyone has heard in the past two months.

Everyone went back to the state they believed they belonged in. Complete and utter silence, not even a mouse could be quieter than the six children and two remaining adults.

Ariel just thought to herself thinking about why all of this started. She saw on the television that tickets were leaving the economy, ten months before all of this started. For three months, all of this rapid protesting happened. It was crazy, one side versus the other side.

Then, “their kind” was forced to wear red bracelets. They were not able to go out of the country with special documentation and reciting their number. Their number that was always printed in bold next to their lifeless name, just like their names meant nothing.

They started vanishing in the night, so did their tickets and any trace of them. It isn’t much of a surprise that this all happened. There were many signs, but none noticed them. Everyone failed to speak out, because the majority was convinced that ticket removal would be good.

A pounding was heard on the door from the house below. Reid, Grey, and Wilson put their ears towards the wooden flooring. All in hope to hear what was going on.

Kamov was at the door, firmly opening it. Two guards stood there, with their golden bands on their arms. Acting as if they were so special, then they just waltzed right in. No manners whatsoever.

“What are you doing here?”, Kamov questioned.

“Do not use that tone on me.”, the bigger one said and had Kamov at gunpoint towards the wall.

“Where are they?”, the smaller guard asked.

“I’ll keep searching for them and make sure they get what they deserve for hiding, all of them are cowards. You tie this man up and leave him here, I’ll deal with him later.”

The bigger guard started shattering things. The ears pressed on the floorboards went off, everyone knew what was going on. It never seemed this day would come, but at least they would finally be gone from this eternal curse. Although, all of their hopes and dreams would be crushed with their deaths.

“They’re coming, what do we do?”, Wilson asked with fear in his voice for the first time in two months.

“We have no proper plan.”, Joy whispered.

“Everyone get in a circle.”, Tullius’ mother said.

Tullius’ mother and father gathered everyone into the circle, with their arms around all of the children. Being ready to risk their lives to save them all, but would this work. The full moon’s light glowed through the window and onto them.

A punching noise came through the attic’s door. The bigger guard climbed up and simply spoke a few words.

“I don’t feel like imprisoning you all, but I have an easy and fiery way out.”

No one knew what that meant. Wilson jumped out of the adult circle and ran to the door, trying to open it. There seemed to be some type of lock. The only way out was the window.

“How quickly can the window be opened?”, Tullius asked.

“We have no proper time.”, Ariel said filled with fear, but not showing it.

Grey looked out the window and saw two guards positioned ready to shoot anyone who dared to escape.

“How will they kill us?”, Grey asked.

The room started to burn up, but no fire was seen. Only through the floor cracks could the light from the fire be seen. The fire outweighed the sun’s reflection on the moon and started to weaken the wooden flooring.

Madelyn got up and half of the floorboard she was on fell. She was okay, but a new entrance for the fire to come in came. Smoke filled the room faster and faster. Although smoke was a factor of fire, it seemed as it was battling with its creator.

“Smoke or fire? Smoke or fire? Smoke or fire?”, Joy repeated.

“Methods of how we will die first. We can’t even fight back, there’s no possible way. We might as well part from this cruel world while looking at the beauty of the moon.”, Ariel said.

She just kneeled from the corner looking at the night sky and the moon. Its light shimmered in the room. Ariel started to caught while looking at it and realised it was the smoke. It seems the smoke was going to get to them first.

All of them stayed closed to each other, realising this is how it was going to be. All of them got obliterated in a fiery inferno and the house crumbled to the ground. Only one innocent witness survived, Kamov.

Five weeks later, Kamov died too. After failing the selection process in a work camp, he soon fell to the ground, just like the ones he hid.

Submitted: March 19, 2016

© Copyright 2021 81cheney. All rights reserved.

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