Death of the Seas and Blood

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A girl who has always been obsessed with herself, only to realise the truth at the last moment. How many died? She will never know, the George Washington Bridge was her last glimpse before she threw the bomb that sealed her destiny forever.

The pale girl with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes gripped her brooch. She ran through the busy streets, grasping to the small golden heart brooch on a silver chain wrapped around her neck in an orderly fashion. She zoomed through the crowds at a rapid pace, her hope was that the New York City evening commute would be the perfect distraction to escape.

She tripped over one man’s grey legging. Leaving her to fly and almost land face first on the ground. She, Madison, grasped herself in midair. The fall was stopped, but Madison looked around herself. She saw none of them and started to run as far away as she could. Madison couldn’t let them take her away.

Madison heard, “HEY WATCH IT BIGGY!” From the crowd.

That was a warning that they were coming. Madison thought she lost them long ago, but here they were, the Department of Child Service agents were pushing their way through. Soon, she would be closed in on and desperate. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

The wind grew louder like a roar. Her hair started to get in her eyes as she ran, forcing herself to use one hand in order to keep her hair under control. Madison stared back into the crowd and saw one of the agent’s eyes lay directly on her’s. The lady pushed a few people down whilst running.

This time she was really in trouble, as if she wasn’t in trouble before. She still had that little keepsake she took from her father, but it was only safe to use it when she had to. Madison then realised her hands would be a dead giveaway, speckled in the staining red liquid comprised of mostly water.

Madison ripped a small piece of cloth off from her skirt, making it look uneven, but that didn’t bother her that much. She forced it around her hand, now the red liquid was not visible. Although, the agents would question her. This was only a temporary cover.

Madison looked at the road and saw a taximeter cab available. Well, not available, but there was a business woman getting out of it. She was paying her fee, it looked as if it was about fifteen dollars. Madison had a need for money, so she launched herself forward towards the cab with much speed.

Madison pushed the lady aside, her long and sharp nails causing a few minor scratches. The woman hit the wall, taking about ten seconds to recover and start to yell for help. One man tried to punch Madison, but she closed the door on him. He fell back onto the sidewalk, not too far from the lady.

Madison got into the car and pulled out her keepsake from her father. A knife with his blood on it. She then climbed into the passenger seat and put it at his neck, ready to slit him at any second.

“Take me where I want if you want to live.”, she said with an attitude.

“Al-alright, but please don’t kill me. I have a wife with Alzheimer’s to support.”, the man said with real fear.

“I love your fear. NOW GET DRIVING BEFORE I CUT YOUR NECK OFF AND FEED IT TO THE HOMELESS.”, she yelled tyrannically.

The man stepped on the pedal, causing the cab to create a loud roar. Smoke zoomed behind the cab. A blue light flashed in the window, Madison turned around and saw the cops coming. The cab driver took a shortcut, going to a small inhabited street that had a few bookshelves on the corner. The right mirror of the cab flew off as it collided with the grey wall.

Sparks from the mirror falling off were seen, but the cops were not. Although, Madison could clearly hear the cops. The cab driver started to take different measures, he slowed down a little bit. The pressure of his foot on the pedal slightly lifted, it was an alarming move.

“HEY, WHAT ARE YOU-”, Madison started to say.

Her sentence was cut off, the cab hit a stone wall. The head of the car collided head on, the tension caused the glass windshield to directly shatter. Glass flew in the air for a brief moment. One small piece of glass cut right through the left side of Madison’s face. The sight of her blood...she fainted right as the safety bag activated.

Once the safety bag activated, her chair sprung open and she was thrown into the backseat without a seat belt. There she was, unconscious without the driver knowing. If he knew, he would stop and happily turn her over to the police.

Madison was then in a dream, but more like a nightmare. The red carpet below her feet, the wood below that carpet. The giant elegant spiraling staircase leading up to the second floor. There was one room that caught her attention, it was the bathroom.

Madison drifted into that room, like an instinct. The mirror wasn’t broken, but she still heard the yelling from that day. The yelling of her parents and her sister trying to break it up. She heard her sister getting slapped across the face and getting thrown into the wall. A thump was heard, but Madison never knew what fell on her.

There she was, her former self. The little old pale Madison. Eyes as dark as coal, staring emptily into the mirror like a void filled with evil. She watched as her younger self touched the mirror, knowing what she would do.

“You’re the only one I can trust. You are my pond, I don’t need foolish love.”, her younger self said whilst looking at her reflection.

The yelling got more and more violent from downstairs, Madison tried to go, but she could not. She could only go into places that she was actually in at that time, which heavily restricted her. Although, for only a moment Madison thought she saw the glimpse of a shadow stabbing another.

That’s what triggered her younger self, she punched the mirror. Madison saw the spirit walk down the stairs and she was forced to follow her. Madison’s younger self went on the kitchen counter and took out a knife, for a moment she thought she saw her mother alive.

Madison went up behind her father and stabbed him in the chest. He fell down, she stabbed him again and again. One final slice was done, leaving a bloody trace on his body. She gasped for air after using all of that energy.

Madison realised what she done. Her older self was just standing there in awe, she never remembered the scene being this brutal. Her younger self went on the couch, yanking the blanket right off. She wrapped it around her father’s body, then used all of her might to drag it into the kitchen closet.

She assumed her sister left to hangout with friends, so she was in the clear. Madison then grabbed the murder weapon and took it with her. She knew she was going to be on a life of crime. She managed to gather a bag of a few possessions and run, hoping no one would ever find her.

Back in the present, her regular self woke up. Madison moaned and groaned almost forgetting the mission. She looked around herself and saw three cop cars, one of the cops was talking to the taxi driver. The taxi driver was no longer under her will.

With only one option, Madison grabbed the car seats and tried to get up. Her leg was hurting, the throbbing felt like a thousand needles. She managed to open up the door next to her and jump out, but landed on the ground. Her next choice was to crawl under the car, which she did.

An officer from above came right at her, but she quickly grabbed a gun out of her vest and shot him in the head. His head splattered, causing blood to hit her and for her to be knocked three feet away. The gunshot alerted the officers, she was near. She saw the boots of the officers running after her from under the car, but none found her.

As everyone was distracted, she crawled out of the car from the opposite way she entered. It wasn’t until that moment she found out that her location was the George Washington Bridge. She finally managed to get up and annoy the throbbing in order to run away. Two officers noticed her and she opened her vest, getting an explosive out of the car.

Madison threw and then ran with her life on the line. The explosion came hurling towards her, her vision being blinded with white. Even if she was to survive the explosion, she would be tossed into the water like a ragdoll, with the impact killing her as if she was Mercury compared to the Sun.

One final thought ran through her head, her younger self. Her younger self only loved herself, which was and is her problem. The blue steel from the bridge slowly faded into the distance, as the sea green colour of the water came closer to reality. The pain of her hitting the water was worse than any pain mankind could conjure up.

Submitted: April 06, 2016

© Copyright 2021 81cheney. All rights reserved.

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