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They're just a few dabbles i'll work on in my spare time. A ship of two online friends, nothing much.

"You have an awkward smile," Tushie said to her.

Her eyes glared at him with the force of a thousand knives, she responded, "You have an awkward life."

"Roasting doesn't work like that, but it's not my business," he replied.

As the two were sitting in the library, the awkwardness only increased. Neither knew much about one another, except for the fact that they both needed to finish an English project. An English project that both of them dreaded.

"Why would Mrs. Madison assign us this?" LeCod silently moaned.

Tushie internally giggled and said, "Maybe because you're on her D list."

"What the heck does that mean?" she fired back at him.

"I've never seen you talk so much," he said to her.

Silence briefly filled the air, until LeCod took the courage to reply, "I've never wanted to see you talk so much."

After getting out her statement, she felt refreshed. A slightly deformed smile crept onto her face, she understood what he meant. Surely, she had never been the most mature for her age, but it was funny to her. 

"Did you get the joke?" he asked.

She slammed her hand on the table and said, "Maybe you're not completely unfunny."

"It's just like saying maybe you have a good smile."

He put his hand on the table, the two hands were only inches away from one another. Both were unaware of what would happen next. They took their hands off of the table at the same time, each one brushing another. LeCod turned away to hide the slight blush that was on her face, Tushie did the same.

"Maybe this afternoon won't be so bad," so LeCod thought to herself.



Submitted: January 26, 2017

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