Athletes that never were but should have been

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athletes who never were, but if they were real, they would have some remarkable skills, that wouldn't get them in the hall of fame in their sport

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



Pretty much, everyone has heard of Babe Ruth, Wilt Chamberlin,Gordie Howe, and the stars of today, like Lebron James, Ronaldo,Tom Brady. But what of those who might have been stars in their sport, or if they ever existed?

Oscar Toblim for one. He played for the Providence Greys in the American Assiocation in the 1880s. He played centerfield for the Greys, and he had a very unique way of catching fly balls. Instead of using his glove, he would use his mouth to catch the fly balls.And what made it easy for him to catch the fly balls, was that by the time of the sixth inning of the first game, all of his teeth had been knocked out by the fly balls he was catching. At the end of the season, he had the highest field percentage in the league, no teeth, but great mouth.

Tiny Brown. Tiny played basketball for the Denver Nuggets in the ABA for two seasons in the early 1970s. Now, some people who have the name Tiny as a nickname are usually big, just like a guy who is fat might be called Slim, but Tiny was tiny, he was 3ft 6in tall, yet for his two years in the ABA, he lead the league in scoring with and average of 57pts per game. By doing this, he would sit on the shoulders of one of the other basketball players, and when his team went down the court with the ball,a player would just pass the ball to Tiny and he would dunk it into the basket.

Guy Barron. Guy played hockey for the Montreal Maroons in the 1930s. He was a right winger, and he,along with other members of his team spoke mainly french. Actually french was all Guy knew, he spoke no english. But during a game against the Chicago Blackhawks, Guy was hit in the head with the puck. The puck went in to the net for a goal, but Guy laid there on the ice. His teammates gather around him, as well as the trainer. Some thought he was dead. But then,Guy got up from the ice, shook his head and said in perfect english, "By jove, that was a bloddy wallop i took!" It seems that the knock on the head led to Guy from speaking french to english, and not just english, but fancy British english like Olivier, Burton. He gave up hockey to pursue a career on the stage after that.

These are just some examples of athletes who could have been.

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