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just some stuff that has happen to me over the years, maybe some of you can relate to it.

Being at the Greyhound Bus station at 2am in Cleveland Ohio with only $38.67 on you, and your credit cards are back in New Jersey, and you hope that you have enough money to buy the bus ticket, and still have enough for a can of soda and a bag of chips.

You know your girlfriend took your favorite sweatshirt,(for me it was a Notre Dame shirt, blue with gold lettering), and then she breaks up with you. You ask for the shirt back, she says she doesn't have it, but deep down you know, and you get the proof six months later when you see her in a picture wearing it with her new boyfriend.

You go to a frat party, and you meet this girl  and your having a good time, and the way it is going,you hope it gets better. She leaves you for a few minutes and you go to look for her, and you find her in the bathroom, throwing up, while her friend is holding back her hair so no chuncks get in it, but they do any way.And you still want to make out with her afterwards.

Your at the supermarket and the person in front of you has a large order. All of her items are rung up, and when it comes time to pay the cashier, she says, "Oh, I left my wallet in the car." She goes to get it and never comes back. And the cashier gives you a look like she wants you to pay for it..

Taking care of your friends turtle while he is on vacation. The turtle is 18ys old, and on your watch, the damn thing up and dies on you. Your friend comes back and he is all upset. Your upset too. You think to yourself, "Why couldn't Speedy,( yep that was his name) die when he came back from vacation."

Your at the library, typing up this stuff, and the libarian gives you a dirty look, because he thinks your are hitting the keyboard to hard as you write.and it is destrubing the others. I'm here because my laptop is a piece of crap, and i'm waiting til after christmas to get a new one. That's when you can get a good deal.

Hope you enjoyed and I might have more soon. Alright!, i'm almost done, why don't  you get new keyboards these are from the early 2000's


Submitted: December 20, 2018

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