The Corner Bar

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Characters in a local bar that i use to haunt back in the late 80s early 90s

Submitted: March 01, 2019

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Submitted: March 01, 2019



Back in the 80s and early 90s,there was a bar that i would go to on Friday night, that was near my house.It's not there anymore, i think it is now an nail salon.

It was your typical blue collar bar, or old man bar, however you want to describe it. Panel wood on the walls, tin ceiling, pool table,solid wood bar, two tv's, green and white squared linoleum floor, bottles of different liquors on the shelf,beer taps, neon signs. But those bars, they are dying out.But, besides a place to go and have a few beers,who am i kidding, would get there at 9 p.m. and stay til closing at 3 A.M., then help clean up the bar and then go out for breakfast. Would get home sometimes well after the sun had come up.

There were some unique characters at this place. I guess all bars have their own unique types. Here are some that i remember.

Bob Yak-Yak:  This was a guy who worked til about 10P.M. at night. Before he would go home, he would stop in for a beer or two. And for the person who ended up sitting next to him at the bar,you would get an earful.

Bob would talk in one long sentence,only stopping long enough to take a sip of beer and a quick breath of air before starting another long sentence, but on a different topic mind you, it didn't matter if he had finished his first topic, he would just go right into some other subject. And if you thought that you would get a word in yourself,it wasn't going to happen, maybe a one word or two word sentence you would get out, but his mouth would spit out the words the same way a machine gun would spit out bullets. You didn't stand a chance. RAT-A-TAT-TAT, his words would come out at you.

Mike B.:  Mike was a nice guy, in his late 60s early 70s retired. He would come in for a glass of beer,a small beer, about 8oz in a glass for i think was 75 cents.He would milk that beer for 2-3hrs. And the way he would dress, grey overcoat,fedora,black slacks,white shirt, he looked like he came from a different time.Looked like he stepped out of the 1940s. 

Years later, i found out that he had passed away, and that he had a few relatives,who made out nice for themselves.I found out that he was worth just over one million dollars,and he left them all his money. 

Theresa:The best way that i could describe her was that she was a barfly.Similiar to the character that Faye Dunaway played in the Nick Cage movie by the same name.But come to think of it, i think we were all barflies.

She was in her late 40s, but she looked a bit older. She would dress to look a bit younger, but not in a riduculous way.She would have her drinks and flirt with the guys, the younger the better she liked.I was in my 20s at the time,and one night she kept rubbing her foot up against my leg as we sat at the bar. I will admit, i wouldn't have minded, but nothing happened between us. Think it was my turn to shoot pool. I had quarters on the table, and with my luck, i won 4 or 5 games in a row. She left the bar with another guy, usually around 1 A.M.

Sambuca Boys:These were guys that i went to school with.One worked on Wall St., and the other worked for the post office.Whenever a Sinatra song or a Springsteen song came on the jukebox,they would do a shot of sambuca.Plus, with their regular drink menu, beer,gin and tonic, rum and coke. They would do about 10-12 shots,because they would be the ones playing Sinatra or Springsteen songs themselves. I would keep up with them on the drinks,but i didn't like sambuca, so i would drink shots of Jack Daniels, or Jim Beam.

One of the Sambuca Boys would play pool, and he told me, the more he drank, the better he played.The trick was that he would shoot the ball in the middle.If he saw "three 10 balls",he would go for the one in the middle,because he would see "three cue balls" and always go for the one in the middle.

There are many other characters that would frequent this bar, but all bars have their unique clientele.I might do another story later, shit i got enough to write a book, but many of these people are still alive,and getting sued or shot, i'm not looking for.

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