Are You Still There?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is story is about a boy and a girl who fell madly in love and what happend then u read to find out.


There was a boy who was 19 years old fell in love with the girl who was 16.The boy fell in love with her cute and innocent face right from the first time he saw her he just cant get her off mind first time when he saw her he felt different he felt the time has stopped there.As the every passing day he was falling deeper in love with the girl but dint have the courage to tell her his feelings and emotions.When ever he see her his heartbeat up-to 1000mph.Boy found that girl on the Internet as he was trying for last few weeks.They started to chat boy was crazy for her.One day after gathering all his courage he just emailed her what he feels for her but at that time girl said i don't feel anything for u its hard for me to respond u but they kept on chatting about random issues.Slowly girl started to have that soft corner for him bcos she could feel the intensity of his love for her.One day boy asked for her hand phone number as he was going out of city with his mother so he wont be able to come online, so he can stay in touch with her After thinking over it for a while Girl gave him the number.After couple of days boy departed with his mom and the girl couldn't come online for 2 days she got busy with her college.Boy left an email for her"i am gonna miss u i hope u will miss me too.i will text u, call u please do reply and answer." Girl liked it and smiled after reading that email she started to like him.

On the other hand boy was getting mad bcos he haven't talked to her last 3 days he thought about texting her but train was going though the area where no network coverage he really hated this feeling but there is nothing much he could do about it.Girl was also missing him.Next morning boy woke up the first he checked was his hand phone .He saw the signals, then he glanced at the time it was 8:40am so he thought she might be in class i should text her later but coudnt resisit him self from texting her " HI im sorry last night could not text bcos there was no coverage of network, anyway how are u ? in class ??" Girl was waiting for his sms or call she was in sitting in class when he hand phone vibrated(silent mode) she hide her phone in the bad and opened the received message. She started to smile as she saw the Sms, she started to smile and forgot where she is sitting.Teacher saw her smiling and asked why are u smiling? she got confused dint know what to say so she kept quiet but she was one of the intelligent students of the class teacher only keep ur mind restrict for the class.She waned to reply but she thought later on would be much better.After the class it was the Break she replied" Hi its ok and im good how are u ? yeah i was in class its break time now". Boy was anxiously waiting for her reply he received sms and opened it then called her back as he read that it was her break time.This was the first time when he heard her voice his heart was really beating in his chest he dint know what to say he was running out of words as if he lost his train of thoughts. This was the sweet start of their love story.They talked for 10 mins on the phone that day after that there was no looking for them he was use to of calling her twice a day once she gets that break time and second time when she was on staircase of her building.Their families dint know about this and they never wanted to let them know as it was not encouraged in their culture.Now boy said I LOVE U to her over the phone but she could not answer she was hesitant she wanted to say but the words were not coming out.
Boy stayed for 10 days in that city the day he came back he told her that i want to see u so he asked her to come in her balcony of her apartment which later on became there dating point girl was use to of coming there every time when ever the boy ask her to come so they can see each other.

After few months the family of the girl come to know about her affair they dint listen to her they scold her slapped her took away her hand phone, came to the home of the boy to talk to his parents and complain.But they loved each other so crazily that nothing could keep away from each other she use to of talking to him daily through her friends mobile but very seldom.After 6 to 8 months girl got her hand phone back but this is time she took precaution and dint use it in front of the family every passing day they were getting more and more deeper in love.The boy was loving her with they every passing day.Girls love was unteachable for him she was caring, sweet and Loving she was just Crazy for him.

Once again they get caught by her brother while talking over phone.This time family of the girl came with the complain to boy's house but boy neglected that it was him on the phone when the girl heard it she was broken into a million pieces her heart was shattered she was crying and numb as well she dint accept that at all at least from the person loved the most.But deep down in her heart she knew that there has to be a solid reason of behind of his neglect ion.She wanted to talk to him and ask but there was no way now.Where as the boy could not sleep after that every night he cry himself to sleep he betrayed the person whom he loved so damn crazily he was cursing himself but that was his parents which made him do that.They never to be stand as the guilty again they emotionally blackmailed him to tell a lie In the love of parents he did that thou he never wanted to do his heart was crying out loud, asking himself why did he do that?

One evening he was sitting in the church attending Sunday service his phone vibrated he took out from his pocket saw an unknown number calling he dint bother to pick up and again that number called now he has received 8 missed calls from the same number on the 9th call he answered and walked out from the church hall.when the heard voice of the caller he could not believe his ear that was that girl on the phone his heart jumped in his chest. He explained her everything she understood as she all ready knew he cant do anything like that to me.Girl told him no to contact me again on this number as it was her Mother's hand phone.Boy went back to church and he was full of joy he thanked God for bringing back his life to him.Girl dint make any contact for few weeks.

Boy took admission in University to get his degree girl also went for her professional certificate life kept on moving.Boy was happy after that conversation with the girl because he was not feeling any guilty as she trusted him for whatever he told her.Girl got her hand phone and they started to talk again spending time over phone together when ever they are out from their homes because they dint want to get in such freaking scenario again.

But there was no looking back for them now they started to date after their classes at KFC and McDonald, they held hands they kissed each other both were going crazy deeper in love they exchanged gifts some times so girl have to hide them from her family which she managed to do.

After few months girl got busy with her exams and after there was a semester break so she was use to of staying home so he could not talk to him for few weeks then the boy went abroad for few weeks he wrote her email and informed her everything that he is going for studies going to take admission in some college thereand during this one month girl's family also shifted to some other country thou girl.When boy came back after 3 week there was no her in that balcony he was use to of missing her aloooooot.Girl was also missing him a lot they use to of talk through phone but seldom.

One day boy's parents came to him and told him that ur getting married, (Can u believe that)? The boy's mind was like all over that place, First he thought they are kidding but after few moments like this is serious.He was like no i don't want to get married now please but they said u r going abroad we cant let u go single what if u marry some one there no no we cant afford to take chance again.HE tried he cried to stop this but for it was like line on a stone with the metal.Boy decided ok then im not going anywhere im staying here now parents were like are u crazy what about the fee which u have submitted there does that money means nothing to u.They boy was so helpless and thinking himself as if he is a girl in this fucking culture he want to run away he was fighting alone till now but one day he informed that grl how was also went crazy dint where to go what to do boy tried for whole month to stop them.

he informed that girl how was also went crazy dint where to go what to do boy tried for whole month to stop them.He gave his very best he cried and begged them for mercy but parents said they have given their words that's more important in the end boy gave up and went on with the flow.he got married but right from the very first day that boy dint able to move on his mind was still in that moment.

Now its been 5 months now the boy is still there dint move on he
became heart patient as well as depression patient.Now after seeing his health position his parents are worried now because they have now realize that it was their mistake and because of that their son is suffering very badly now they want him to get rid of the marriage and divorce his wife.But now he don't know if he will divorce his wife is she still waiting for him is she there for him still he has no idea.Baby i still love u i love so very much im sorry for everyting i did everything i let u through but my heart it still urs and it was urs i m getting a chance to be with u if u r out there and reading it please contact me as i cant find u dint know whats wrong.your GulabJaman is still urs mmmuahhh!i just want to ask


Submitted: April 15, 2012

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you are a good writer but how sad only a chance left for the girl.

Wed, April 18th, 2012 12:12pm


Thank u so much but that's not just a writing this is something close to my heart and but dint understand u sorry!:( can u please explain!

Wed, April 18th, 2012 11:23pm


nothing r u really sick?

Thu, April 19th, 2012 11:59am


Why are u so concernd fella!

Thu, April 19th, 2012 5:12am


btw did u like the story?

Fri, April 20th, 2012 2:33am

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