i wonder evrytym

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i wonder evrytym,will u stay this tym...

Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012



The first tym we met u made me feel so right as if i learned the true meaning of love i had this feeling you would always be mine,at my side but tym started passing by, i realized there were great thunders and storms the first tym u denied me i couldnt realize it was u because in my mind \" always be at my side\" i realized ur unfaithfulness, nw i doubt ur faithfulness Again u said to me u love me u made me feel so right u told me nw i will always be at ur side,nw i realized ur faithfulness u made me so happy as if there would be no more storms i trusted u again,i loved u again frm all my heart u again betrayed me,since u were with someone else as well nw i doubt ur faithfulness,u hurt me so much Again u made me believe u, u made me feel so right u told me dat u love me,u again made me feel so happy so special we met,we kissed,we loved and there was probably nothing dat could stop us u made me feel i was the only one.

Now again u betrayed me,u got married without thinkng abt me for a bit u hurt me bt this i became strong and strong and there was nothing that could break my heart i forgot u since there was nothing else that could be done,i believed that i was the game u played

Again u came Again,telling me dat u cnt be without me, u made me think abt u once again the letter u wrote made me feel so special,we both talked bt nw i dunt completely feel happy i still doubt ur faithfulness i never feel complete,i know u r nt for me only, i remain 2 steps behind because dunt want to be hurt again, nw u dunt give me all ur tym, i wonder is it because ur busy or is it because ur busy with somethng else day you make me feel complete and the other day i wonnder wether u r there for me ? i wonder do u love me? with all ur heart? ur gone nw Yes u give me no tym to tell u dat how much i wanted u or i wonder wether i have portrayed this by being ready for u evrytym? ill never ask for it cause em too harsh or too strong or too weak to ask nw. i wonder r u gone or u'll come back? can u really do somethng for me? styl,im harsh nw ,lyk a stone hearted bt i love u and whenevr u make me feel unwanted i try to the same to u.i miss u evrytym

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