Fear of Heights

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A sad story about a boy who loses his family from a tragic event.

(this is not a true story, but I got the idea from an article in the papers.)

This story was written just last year.


Horror of Heights

I still remember the time I was tied up and almost thrown off a five story building. It was the most frightening experience of my life. I’m Joseph and this incident happened when I was just 6 years old. I am glad to be still among the living, continuing living my life and I am going to tell you this story of mine.
It all started when my dad staggered in the front door, face red from drinking so much alcohol. He was murmuring something under his breath as he slammed the door shut. I was very clueless and I came running to him to give him a huge bear hug. He always gave me big bear hugs. My mom grabbed hold of my shoulder to pull me back. She gave a little push motioning me to go into the room my sister was in. As I reached there the door was slightly opened and I could see my sister peeking through it. She quickly pulled me in shutting the door behind her back.
At first there was total silence. Then there was some talking and then the shouting came. I could hear glass breaking and a yelp that came from my mom. My whole body trembled with fear and my sister walked towards me. She gave me a tight hug singing a little song that she learned in choir. My sister always liked to sing. Tears came running down my face as there was more shouting, but my sister kept on singing. Her lullaby hushed me to sleep.
The next day, I woke up hoping that yesterday was all just a bad dream. I opened the door quietly so not to wake my sister and I tiptoed to my parent’s room. There was broken glass almost everywhere I walked up to my parent’s room. The door was closed. Usually it would have been slightly opened, but that didn’t stop me. I pushed opened the door slightly. I regretted that moment, because it was the most horrible site.
My mom was staring blankly at the slightly tanned wall. There was a cut that was from the forehead to the eye. Surrounding her was dried up blood. Her arms and legs were filled with bruises. The clothes on her was torn leaving almost nothing on her. She rocked back and forth slightly whispering something to herself. I was scared, but I knew she was my mom. Unconsciously, I called to her. As she turned to me I could see the emptiness in her eyes. A smile crossed her face as she motioned me towards her. Giving me instruction I followed them.
I ran to my room to get my sister, who was soundly asleep on the bed. Shaking her a little her body jolted up. She looked at me relieved and I told her that we needed to go to our mom. At first, she was a little reluctant, but then she followed. I could see that there was fear in her eyes. I could sense something was wrong, but at that time I didn’t know much.
As we entered the living room, my mom was there dressed up. There was no cut on her face and the bruises had disappeared, though broken glasses were still lying on the ground. Additionally she was holding some ropes. They were for a game we were playing. That is what she told us. So, I thought that the scene before was just an act that my mom was doing for a play production. She always loved acting.
We walked upstairs to the balcony. My mom walked towards me as she tied my hands behind my back. Then she turned to my sister. My sister was shaking her head as a tear felled down her face. I didn’t know why she was crying. Then I was shocked as my mom’s voice became intimidating. Realization flowed through her body as she immediately turned to me and picked me up, and then started to walk towards the end of the building. Panic had taken over my body and I kicked my legs frantically. I shut my eyes as we came near the edge, and then I fell. But it wasn’t the everlasting one.
I opened my eyes as I saw my sister holding my mom’s arms. She screamed to me to back away and I listened. They were crying and that made me cry too. Then in an instant my mom pushed my sister off the building. The scream pierced my ear. My mom turned to me smiling menacingly. But before she could take another step some people opened the door. I recognized them from downstairs.
My mom backed away slowly. Then she jumped. I was shocked as tears ran down my eyes. Someone untied me and put bandages on the scrapes from the ropes. Then they picked me up to their house. That day I lost all my precious ones.
The next day someone took me in as part as their family, because I had no relatives. I never found out where my father disappeared to, but I did not that day he had lost his job. Some guessed that he also committed suicide. But if he ever came back, I might have figured out a way to forgive him. As for my mom, they found out that before the incident she had a mental illness that caused her to do this. My sister was buried properly and I still have never found the guts to visit her. I still regret that it was my sister who fell and not me. But I know I should still continue living my life, because I know that my sister would have wanted me too. One day I will have the courage to go to her and tell her about what has happened in my life.


thank you for reading

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Submitted: January 18, 2009

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Kristi Conway

How sad, I'm really upset now :(
:/ other than that, brilliant, brilliant writing.
I'm a fan, keep me updated, yeah?

Sun, January 18th, 2009 1:58pm


Lol. sry bout makin you sad
a lot of my friends read it and said it was really scary
thanks for being a fan!

Sun, January 18th, 2009 4:35pm


awww poor boy. this makes my heart sink (in a good way xD) nice work. ^_^

Mon, January 19th, 2009 1:40am


Thank you!

Sun, January 18th, 2009 6:04pm

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