It also started to snow

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A short story about Christmas, told through a child's perspective, containing rhymes.

Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013



”It also started to snow”


Farewell, my Father said as out he went, to buy the paper with the news

The jingle bell, rang ding ding dong, and now I had to choose

With father not in the house, nothing could make me refuse, I to myself said

I can no longer wait for Ho-Ho-Ho: the man in red 

So for the temptation I fell, and beneath the Christmas tree I went

While my family was eating ham and drinking booze

And Mother putting on the role as Madame, to every extent

And my great second Cousins, and what not, were putting on the role as guests

While discussing how pleasant the strawberry jam is

And how unpleasant yesterday's traffic yam was, which was fine by me

Because I was closing in on my big red present


The one that I had to prevent myself from opening, the last twenty-five days

The one that had been laughing at me, right in my face

But now it was my turn to laugh, so this is how it feels to earn something

BOM I hear, a load noise from the door, not my father, what luck, only one of the two dogs of mine

It had to be one of those new toys, maybe even a little car, a red one, that I would want above all

What used to be a big red present, was now a little brown box, light enough to contain a car, but inside was nothing but a soft glove, brown too


It hit me like a satellite to the heart, and to the dinner table I ran, asking Mother with tears in my eyes

And in these moments, I my mother despise, as she will not listen to a word I say

Instead answering like, "Look at the clock", "It's almost time for your first present"

And "Let the grown ups talk", "go back to your room and be quite", and back I went with my teary eyes

But not to My room, No-No-No, but to Fathers, because they were not the only ones with a surprise


This was going to be the last time they would play tricks on me, and laugh behind my back, and tell me to go to my room and shut up 

And normally, just to be clear, I would not react this way, but hey, it's fucking Christmas day  

So after wiping away the last tear, beneath the bed I went, grabbing Fathers gun with bullets so thick

I went out to the dining room, grabbing everyone's attention, with the gun going "klick klick"

Forks and knives were dropped, then dead silence for just a moment, only the clock could be heard "tick tick”


And then a scream from my great second cousin, or whoever it was, and my mother yelling "what are you doing", I answered "go back to your room, and you be quite" 

And for a very brief moment, I tell you, I started to glow

And I think I was the only one who saw, that in this moment, it also started to snow

But my glowing light abruptly faded away, when someone opened our door, slamming it like BOM, followed by a Ho-Ho-Ho

SANTA, I yelled, the only one who can set things right, and make this Christmas fun 

While I intentionally at him, pointed my gun


The made up voice disappeared, and so did his mask and beard, 

What I had feared was true, and that is how I found out: 

That everyone is Santa, with a costume and some glue

The impact hit me, and so I dropped Fathers gun, and in some way it went off, like BOM 

Mother grabbed a hold of me, and everything was fine

Except one less dog of mine 


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It also started to snow

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