40K Lost legion

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Games workshop made an unreleased space marine model in 1987 for a female space marine. Seeing it recently inspired me to write this fan fiction on where it could be placed in the wider 40k universe

This is the model


Submitted: October 10, 2015

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Submitted: October 10, 2015



Centaurus Arm
Sector 46
Planet Themyscratus 
Feudal World.
Tithe Level 0
Personal log of Inquisitor Sabine Lestus
Days since planet fall - 1
Why my masters chose to send me to this forsaken edge of our blessed Imperium I do not know. At least my task is a simple one. This dusty rock of a planet in this barren waste of a system has been found again and it is me, my retinue and the attached droning bureaucracy of man's task to investigate this world and bring it back to productive use. The planet its self was rediscovered by the rogue trader fleet of Barron Toulon only 70 years ago This expedition was called for with unexpected haste having set out only 20 years since its discovery was made known. I have only been told to return swiftly and secretly to the inquisition with my report.
Days since planet fall - 16
This duty so far has been an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Though its one great central continent is surrounded by  vast and storm racked oceans and its centre in an empty and desolate desert; its coastal regions (where all civilisation is to be found) is quite lovely. Tropical jungles surrounding productive farmlands and timeless villages and towns of marble and sandstone. Our Commodities team are already excitedly calculating the planets back tithes in rare lumbers and agricultural commodities and seem most pleased. The people are both friendly and open to conversation speaking a broken high Gothic with regional phrases reminiscent of the dialect of Ultramar. Thanks to the free dissemination of the imperial creed to the people by the previous trading fleet, its people are already enthusiastically turning away from their heretical ancestor stories and beliefs. They are taking great heart in the knowledge of the God Emperors love for them and that they are lost children taken back into his protection. I even witnessed one of their open air funerals spoken in garbled but reverent imperial creed.
Days since planet fall - 27
My scribes have been cataloguing the stories of this people and I read it eagerly every evening, searching for traces of corruption within the population and their culture. So far I have only found a people of great imagination (sometimes a danger) and possible connections to when this planet was first founded. This if a shortened version of their most complete story. 
They believed in a Sky God and his heavenly family who descended on wings of lightening to bring them from darkness. From here they met with the planets High Queen and her court of kings who had ruled in a dark and war like time and had only recently united in peace under her rule. They held court in a dark tower in the centre of the continent and called for over 100,000 troops from all the coastal regions to martial and meet the sky god in battle should he be a wrathful deity. 
The Sky God travelled the length of the continents coastline in a mere 5 days on his Burning Chariot and all who saw him cried out with joy and love for him. The Sky God then turned inland. He walked before the hosts of the High Queen and her winged banner with no protection other than his favoured son clad in sky blue armour. All who saw the Sky God fell to the floor and wept for having raised arms against him. The Court of kings all threw their crowns to the ground and stamped on them realising what low creatures they were in his presence. The High Queen could not be swayed so easily and charged the God of Kings. His favoured son rushed to meet her but she threw him aside with ease, wounding his pride deeply but little else. As she raised her blade to strike this God he spoke but one word to her and with that the blade fell from her hand and she fell to her knees before him stunned. He placed his holy hands upon her and raised her up to her feet. Without a word he turned and left her, she called to her kings to follow her and the God of all. There he brought them all to the heavens and paradise. The Sky God would never set foot on the planet again.
Days since planet fall - 29
I have confirmed this Sky God legend now 72 times with slight variations in every town. Could this be one of the saintly Primarchs or could the God Emperor him self once had stood upon this soil. If so then this is a Relic world and a great boon to the Imperium in its return to the fold. The Legend its self was told in 3 scrolls. The first is well known and copied in every town. The second is rare but their are copies in the vaults of the rich (I have already secured one for tomorrows study). The third is thought to be lost in ages past.
Days since planet fall - 30
The second scroll was as intriguing as the first. Here is my abridged version. When their Sky god left taking with him the high queen and kings, the worlds people felt lost and alone again. Soon though the Sky God sent his servants down to raise the people up. They brought magical devices and ideas bringing daylight into the peoples homes at night, art works from across the galaxy and mighty engines to make the fields more productive than they had ever been before. Many went deep into the desert to rebuild the dark tower of the Queen into a glistening high peaked fortress who's light could be seen from all coasts. Soon the queens army's were called back to the citadel to be rearmed with advanced weapons and left the planet to march under her winged banner in the stars. People also came to test and take the most perfect sons and daughters on the planet to be the high queens children. All was considered wonderful in this time. It is clear from this that the God Emperor was impressed with the High Queen and her people. It is possible she was taken off world to become the planets Governor. The world began a modernisation process of which sadly their is no evidence of today, though the supposed desert citadel is worth investigating.
Days since planet fall -34
I have requisitioned 4 Arvus Lighters for an expedition into continents central desert. It will be a 3 day journey to reach the central desert and the then the search for an ancient ruin in a shifting desert begins. I expect it to take several days. The people say that the citadels light can still be seen in a flash at sun down.
Days since planet fall - 46
The Ruins were found only this evening. In the end we followed the sundown flash and found its strange source. In a 20 mile radius were found the a vast field of rectangular marble slabs, mostly covered by the sands. I had several opened to find only bones inside. In the centre of this vast Necropolis was found a mile wide disk of fused glass mostly covered in sand over the centuries. The Tecnomagos of our expedition believes it to be the result of an orbital bombardment. At this mirrors heart we found the spires ruins. fused and preserved within the glass.With the aid of a multimelta armed servitor we gained access to the lower levels. of the spire, still well preserved with its great bottled seal. We will make base camp here tonight.
Days since planet fall -47
We have carved through the blast doors of 3 rooms so far. Each rooms walls are covered in pictographs while the floors are littered with the skeletons of robed people. The pictographs in the first 2 rooms are of the highest quality and clearly conform to the first 2 scenes of the planets founding myths. The third room begins of the same quality but progressively became of a flatter texture and cruder design as if its finish was rushed. Sadly my interpretation of the rather shocking story I have discovered will loose validity due to this. 
The 3rd room tells a tragic tale. It speaks of a new unwanted gift given to the planets people. Their returned dead. Over time all the vast brigades of the planets soldiery were returned dead. Many bore the horrible injuries of modern weapons. More troubling still were the malformed child corpses that were returned. Some children showed monstrous arms and twisted legs or skulls covered in bony growths. A rare few came back as titanic and beautiful versions of the former children, seemingly unharmed but as dead as all the other corpses. These were all the more saddening for their lost potential left bare for all to see. All were buried with honours around the great citadel. Still more and more men and women were called to the stars and and children were now being taken rather than asked for. The towns had changed into modern cities but were swiftly emptying of families. Then their Queen returned. Clad in brilliant purple armour with bolter, sword and a platinum crown. She returned in triumph flanked by mighty purple warriors. But when she returned to her throne-citadel her heart broke at what she found. Her people and her planet was being consumed alive by the greater war. Her gift to her people had been only death. She sent the emperors servants and recruiters away and knelt before each and every grave and asked each for forgiveness. More and more servants came and called her back to the stars but she would move no farther than the next grave. Eventually powerful men and generals demanded her return. she slew them for their impudence. At last the son in blue returned.(Sadly at this point in the story the quality is little better than shaky finger painting) 
His demands fell on deaf ears and in a fury he dragged her from the grave side.They battled for 3 days but he could not best her nor change her mind. She finally defeated him but threw her sword away rather than land a killing strike on the man in blue. She could not kill again. In the end she threw her crown at his feet and returned to her vigil.Her Warriors left with the Son in Blue. The last 2 scenes just show a bolt of white light hitting the citadel and a Woman's body with a skull face. I have ordered my servitor to open the next blast door and see where this tail will end.
Days since planet fall - 59 
I have left the planet with all haste after my discovery and will copy and send my encrypted journal ahead of me on the fastest vessels I can find with trustworthy agents. This message cannot be allowed to be lost in the warp. In the final room I found a breathtaking treasury Filled with many recognisable artistic styles from across the galaxy. Sadly much of it has been intentionally damaged and destroyed. I can only think to blame the once living beings that are now the pile of bones and robes huddled in the corner. I could recognise Terran glassware, a smashed, carved fenrisian wolf skull and numerous war banners cut to tatters. In the centre there stood a statue of the High Queen. 10ft high and solid platinum. Mounted on a disk of Onyx. Its dedication plate has been badly damaged but I could make out this much.
Comissioned by ........Ansell on ...........93. M30
A depiction of the Great X........a
Daughter of the Stars
Sister of Saints
Mother of the Galactic East
High Queen of the ........ Legion.
The Emperors Charity.

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