Haven: The Recreation

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: _missymoo books and updates

The place that use to be called earth had fallen from the rise of terrorism, climate change and pollution. Hundreds of years have passed and the remaining population has to rebuild as restore their world back to the way it once was.

Oriana Montgomery the daughter of the new rulers of this place they like to call haven is face with a challenge of one-day ruling this once great land and restoring order. But what happens when she can mot find a suitor suitable for this ruling life. She sets off on an adventure of a life time and discovers just how much work there is to restore order to once did exist. With her kind caring heart, she helps out along the way, unlike any other ruler would do. It is in this journey that Oriana finds and meets her long lost other half.

Will they be able to restore order in this world full of crime, struggle and lost? Or will they lose their path? Will the pressure of ruling all the countries of Haven Be too much pressure?

Only time will tell..

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Long ago before Haven was born, our ancestors use to walk the very grounds we walked on. They called it Earth. A once thriving planet wit... Read Chapter