Memoirs of A Casino Slot Machine Player

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Think you can get rich at the Casino? Don't count on it! I was going at least once a week for several years before I ran out of funds. How the casinos lure you back time and time again. If you went for the first time and won a little,
congratulations. Don't go back. Quit while your ahead.

Submitted: June 13, 2015

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Submitted: June 13, 2015
























This book is about the seduction of gambling......actually the addiction of gambling. And sadly

 enough, it can be an addiction, just like drinking, smoking, drug abuse and other bad habits.

It can and usually just starts out as a bad habit but can become an addiction if your not careful.

However, this book mainly addresses only one particular form of gambling and that is casino slot


Yes, all forms of gambling can be habit forming, with the possibility of leading to addiction. But

 I am only qualified to talk about the subject of slot machine gambling since I haven’t been

exposed to other forms of gambling to any harmful extent. I thank God for that!

And one reason I want to focus on slot machines is because casinos make a lot of money off of

them at your and others’ expense. And it could get expensive unless your careful.  No, they

 don’t force us to walk  into their casino establishments and put their hands into our pockets or

take our purse or billfold from us and empty them.......or do they?

Have you ever been to a casino? Have you ever played slot machines? Are you still playing slot

machines? Do you play often? Whether you have answered yes or no to any of the above

questions, then you need to read this book especially if you plan to travel to a casino and play the

slot machines on a regular basis whether it’s weekly, monthly or heaven forbid, daily.

Want to make a lot of easy money? Looking to hit the big jackpot?BEWARE!







If you have never been to a casino and played slots, some people will tell you that you don’t

know what you have missed. But, I am here to tell you that if you have only been once and have

won any amount of money from the experience and have been “lucky” enough to take any

winnings home, don’t go back! Your chances of winning again is not very good. I know from

experience that your chances aren’t good. Take my word for it, don’t expect to win the next time

you go. If you expect it, you will be sadly disappointed. Of course there have been times when

a few slot machine players have went back a second and maybe even a third time to win again.

Very rare indeed. What are your chances of winning a second time and maybe even a third time?

Not Good!!

Casinos are in the business of making money, a lot of it. They are not going to make it easy for

you to win anytime you go to play slots. I don’t know about the other games of chance that some

people play at casinos, but I guess that the same principle applies for those games also. Because

casinos are in the business to make big profits and they do. If you have ever been to a casino in

Las Vegas, you have seen the lavish decor, the appealing surroundings, the bright lights, etc.

And then there are the slot machines. The ones that are all lit up, those that make music and

other attractive sounds, bells and whistles. All the glamour and attractions are expensive and

they have to pay for it all. The only way they can pay for it is by giving you the opportunity

of striking it rich.






I’ve been to Las Vegas only twice and came home empty both times after playing the slot

machines. Haven’t been back since, mainly because like so many other states, my state has

made in legal to gamble in casinos. So it is easier and less expensive to travel to these casinos

then to go to Las Vegas and gamble. If you want to see all the attractions in Las Vegas but have

no desire to gamble, then by all means go. But don’t waste your time and hard earned wages by

going there to play the slot machines hoping to win a  jackpot.


You probably have casinos in your state now anyway so why even think about expenses for

travel and hotel. However, the fact that Las Vegas may be more expensive and inconvenient to

get to actually may have been a blessing to those of us who have a desire to gamble quite often.

I’ll have to admit that the convenience of having casinos close by was attractive and alarming at

the same time. Alarming, because it gave us the opportunity to visit the casinos more often then

we should have. And for those of you that don’t yet have casinos in your state by now can at

least travel to a neighboring state to gamble. States that have legalized gambling did so to bring

in more revenue for them. What that means is more revenue for them less for you. It means less

for you because you will spend more of your weekly paycheck  playing slot machines leaving you

with less revenue for more important things to spend your money on. The more times you visit

the casinos, the more times your going to go home a loser. If you think that the more times you

go to play the slot machines it will increase your chances of

winning..............don’t count on it!!





What’s the problem with playing slot machines in casinos? According to “Wikioedia” the

free encyclopedia “slot machines are the most popular gambling method in casinos and

constitute about 70 percent of the average casino’s income. It is estimated that thirty percent

or more of the profits from gambling machines come from problem gamblers” This is the

direct quote from the web site. Pay attention to it…………it could save you a lot of your

hard earned money now and in the future. If you would like to learn more about slot machines

including history (how it all started), pay tables, technology, regional variations, slot clubs, etc

go to  So you still want to hit the big jackpot?

Be Careful!!

If you want more information about slot machines, just go on the internet, type in “slot

machines” and you’ll find just about anything. There are the web sites that will tell you how

to win using their secrets of which most will charge you for. I have purchased a few

myself thinking that this could be the way to beat the slots. Ha, Ha. There is one web site that

is interesting and one which in my opinion is fairly truthful. That one is “” If you

want to spend any money on any of these slot info web sites, I would recommend this one above

the rest.

There are some that are free. You can also find web sites where you can actually play the slot

 machines on line (which may be illegal)......check the laws before you try these sites. Better yet, I

would steer clear of them altogether.




Like I said earlier, the casinos don’t force you to visit and play their slot machines. But they

sure know how to get you enticed enough to think real hard about participating. How? Well

for one reason, they advertise heavily now in newspapers and TV. You can bet on seeing one

of their advertisements at least once a day on TV here in my state. I also spot them in the

local newspaper here. The TV ads are very seductive with camera shots of “ordinary people”

setting at a slot machine with 3 red sevens, or 3 double this or triple that on the payline and some

 holding up a fistful of cash in their hands exclaiming how much fun it is to play with big smiles

 across their faces. And you think to yourself, how much fun it would be to win like that.



How else do they get you involved in playing their slot machines? The first time you visit one,

you will see what is called a “players club”. This is where you will be invited to join their

players club. You just give them your name, address and telephone number and they will issue

you a players club card.  What that players club card does when you insert it in the machine is

tally up reward points while your playing and after awhile, you can present it for “comps”.

Comps can be anything from free meals to cash back. That’s when they hook you! After you

sign up, they start sending you these comps in the mail that includes free meals, cash, etc.

You redeem them the next time you visit. Ah, you think, free cash that I could use to win the big



Something else they use to lure you to return and play is that a lot of the bigger casinos have

promotions that give patrons a chance to win prizes, like cars, big-screen TVs, hugh cash prizes,

etc., etc., etc.  A casino that I go to often have these promotions that last a month and then will

 start a new promotion the next month. I have seen the casino become very crowded during the

hours they are drawing patrons’ names out of a barrel and after the drawings are finished for the

day, the casino will become a lot less crowded. You have to be present to win when your name is

drawn and they give you 3 minutes to come to the drawing area to claim your prize. I have

 noticed during the hours that are focused on drawing names (usually one name per hour) that

the slot machines become even harder to win on (a personal observation only, but have heard

others say the same thing)



















Because of the warnings I give about even visiting a casino for the first time and especially

returning to one for a second and third time read on. If you have come home a winner after

 visiting and playing the slot machines after your first time, the urge to return is strong. It gets

stronger with each succeeding winning visit. Sometimes, it can even be tempting because of the

“fun” you had whether you won or not. You might even be tempted to return because you want to

take advantage of a free meal they offer. Don’t go! You will spend more of your own money than

what you would have spent if you had just stayed in your neighborhood and bought your own

 meal. If you think you are going to get a free careful!


Some information about the different types of slot machines might be helpful for you if you

heard from friends or family about how and on what type of machines they have won on.

A friend once told me he had won on a particular type of slot machine and told me to play it the

next time I visit a casino. I did and I lost! So, if you get a tip from someone that tells you to try a

certain type of machine, ignore it. It usually won’t matter what type of machine you play, you will

not usually hit the jackpot unless you just happen to be at the right machine at the right time.

 If you or someone wins a jackpot, the only reason it has happened is because it was the exact

time for the machine to pay off and you just happened to sit down at that moment, and you put

your money into it. I will get into particulars (next chapter) about the types to choose from if

you still are determined to go to a casino and play. But, please take my advice and just stay away,

 if you have any notion that your sure to win when you go.





Let me explain what I have learned about the different types of machines. I want to explain what

some of them are here, but to get more information about them, visit some slot machine web sites.

 I have mainly played the standard 3 reel, one line payout machine more than any other. Here’s

some of the reasons why. The 3 reel, one line payout is one of the most simplest machine there is.

 Like the term applies, it has one payline at middle of the screen and it has only 3 reels across.

 Other machines include, (3 reel, 3 paylines) (3 reel, 5 paylines), etc.,etc.  Usually the more

paylines you have, the more money you have to bet to hit the jackpot.  Of course, these are not the

only machines available to play. There is a bunch of others that will gladly take your money. You

tend to think “maybe I will hit the jackpot by betting more money?” So, you keep putting more

money into the machine, hoping to win something, maybe even the jackpot.

Until computers came along, the machines I talked about above was simple mechanical driven

devices that have been around for years. Now almost every machine is operated by a computer

inside that determines win a machine will pay off. Most of these machines today are in use in all

the major casinos. It’s almost like playing a game on your home computer. On the basic simple

 slots you will see a screen with symbols that look like bars, cheeries, 7’s, double symbols or triple

 symbols, etc., etc. On the most recent machines, you will probably see what looks like a video

 game that you might see on your home computer, full of all kinds of characters, sometimes taking

a familiar theme like “Monopoly” or “The price is right”. They may be fun to play (I tried a couple

of them myself) but I think they can be deceiving and expensive. Let me explain. The 3 reel, one

line machine will usually take anywhere from one to three coins whether you play 5 cent, quarter,

half or dollar machines. Of course the more paylines there are the more money you will have to

bet in order to hit the jackpot, if even the machine is ready to pay.
Remember, the 3 reel, one payline machine I have referred to was the standard for most casinos

for a long period. Now with the computerized machines you have a lot more options (choices)

to choose from. At one time you could even find a few penny machines to play. I mean 3 reel,

one line machines that you could bet 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents etc. Talk about a fun, safe and

 enjoyable experience. With the computerized machines now, they offer the new penny slots, but

nothing like the ones I enjoyed so much. The new ones require anywhere from 5 pennies, to 200

pennies to play. Two hundred pennies = $2.00.  That’s a lot for a “penny” slot. You might as well

play a 2 coin dollar slot. You will find out that the higher the denomination you bet, the better

chance you have of winning something. The reason being slot machines are set to pay a higher

rate of return based upon the higher coin value. Most casinos make most of their slot

machine profits from nickel machines as opposed to quarter and dollar machines. That’s why I

think the new computerized penny machines can be deceiving. You could spend a lot on these

machines if you are not careful. So what determines when a machine is ready to payoff? Nothing

but a computer chip inside that is set to pay when certain events take place. I’m not a slot

machine mechanic or technician. You can read all about the mechanics of slot machines by going

to some slot machine web sites. Just type in “slot machines” in your search engine. There are

probably thousands. You will learn a lot but not as much as you will need to convince yourself

to stay away from the  slot machines.









WAIT A MINUTE!  Just when I thought you might have enough information and have

heeded my warnings about playing the slot machines, I need to inform you about another

matter. Throughout this book, so far, I have mentioned only about losing and not much

about my experiences with winning. I must confess that the situations and lessons I have learned

should also be applied equally to my winnings.  Yes, I have won small amounts playing, but not

anywhere on a regular basis where I could ever get even, meaning money won equals money

spent. Just recently have I been able to win  a nice piece of change.  I won 2 different

 jackpots the same night (very unusual).  If that doesn’t wet your appetite to visit a casino and hit a

big one.....I don’t know what would. Don’t do it. It’s like I said earlier,“I was at the right machines

at the right time, nothing more”. A once in a lifetime happening, and that is one thing you need

 to be REALLY CAREFUL ABOUT!!  And one more thing, if you go with a companion and

share the same funds you brought with you, I can almost predict that if one of you wins

something, regardless of how small or how big, the other won’t win anything. So, it would seem

that it would be even more expensive when the two of you go to play.












To be honest, I had not intended to finish this book. Frankly, I’m embarrassed about confessing

that I have been hooked on playing the slot machines. You heard me correctly, I regularly return to

 the casinos to play the slots!  Now you must wonder why I am writing this book warning you not

to return to the casinos to play? I’m just trying to convince you that playing the slot machines in

the casinos can be addicting and expensive if you are not careful. I know some people personally

and  heard about others that frequent the casinos on a daily basis. I never visit more than

once a week. Sometimes, I will skip several weeks before returning, mainly because I don’t

have the funds that should otherwise be spent on paying bills. It is too easy to spend more than a

few dollars that you could spend on a movie and dinner instead. It’s too tempting to write a check,

or use your credit card to obtain additional funds to continue betting on the slots after you have

gone through the cash money you started with when you arrived at the casino. When you lose

your initial cash you brought with you (money that you could have used on a movie and dinner),

you may reason to yourself that maybe with just a few more dollars, that it’s time that you could

hit a big jackpot or at least might break even and then leave neither a winner or loser, but have

what you started with. Maybe you can go home after a day or night of some fun and still have the

money you started with...........








Could I convince you that there are no excuses for visiting and/or frequenting a casino? No,

because I can’t even convince myself. You see, I have come up with reasons why it’s O.K. to

play the slots, even though most of time I have lost. First of all, I reason that while growing up

I watched or heard about my father investing in the stock market, sometimes losing, sometimes

winning. Isn’t the stock market a form of gambling? Since I never had any large sums of

money to invest in the stock market, it is a vehicle for “controlled gambling” and

widely accepted part of investing.  I figured this is a way I could invest some money and make

it grow. Second, since I don’t have family nearby to engage in with activities, I  look for ways

to provide a break from the everyday pressures of work. So I go to casinos as a form of

entertainment and relaxation. And since I am a senior and not very physically adapt to any form

of outdoor activities, I am limited to the kind of events that I can participate in. Like I said

before, I only go at the most once a week on a weekend and then sometimes will skip a

weekend or two before returning. I regularly see a lot of seniors at the casinos, some of whom I

can recognize as being there before. I can almost say that their reasons for being there probably

parallel mine. Another reason I go back is simply because after losing several times, I want

to try to get some of “my” money back, a very stupid reason indeed. About the only reason that

may qualify for anything near reasonable would be that going to play the slot machines at casinos

would be that it is close to the only extra money I spend after paying  debts. I don’t spend money

on tickets for sport events, frequenting bars, booze, or any kind of outdoor activities. So,

what would your reason for going be? You want to win a large jackpot?............




I sincerely believe that the gambling industry is very powerful and casinos take advantage of

patrons in a number of ways. I don’t think the slot machines provide a level playing field and

in fact some machines may be tampered with (a personal belief only, not a proven fact). Even

though the casinos are supposed to be regulated by state laws and regulations, I think most slot

machines are not set per the requirements dictated by the agency responsible for regulating them.

 There are too many casinos and slot machines for the limited manpower of these agencies to

check on a regular basis.. too many to check on a regular basis to keep them honest, fair and

legal.  Again this is my opinion, not a proven fact. I personally have noticed that on occasions

after visiting a casino for a number of  times, machines have been removed, moved and/or

 replaced. Most state regulating agencies are responsible for setting the standards for slot

machines that are to be operated in any given casino. Slot machines are supposed to pay out a set

percentage of the overall projected revenue that they take in. My personal opinion is, I don’t think

 the slot machines are set accordingly or may have been changed to the disadvantage of the

patrons. Again, I can’t  prove’s just a very bad feeling. Something I get every time I go

and play a half-dozen or so slot machines in a few short hours after putting some money in each

one with nothing in return, not even one small payback. For those of you who go to play on a

 regular basis,  you may know very well what I mean. For those who haven’t been more than once

or twice, you may not know what I am talking about. Please believe me, if you think you can bring

a large  amount of your hard earned money to play and win on any given day and hope to hit a

large  jackpot......JUST BE CAREFUL!!





By now, I hope I have given you enough information about the dangers of playing the slot

machines in casinos. If you visit a casino for the first time to play the slots, I hope you win but

I also hope you lose. You see, if you lose, you may not ever want to return again which will be

to your advantage. But if you are still determined to go, I would like to give you some tips and

advice that you could use to make it more fun and safe. The following advice and tips are from a

wide variety of sources, including my own observations and experience. As I said earlier,

you can go on the internet and find all kinds of information, tips, tricks and advice. Here are

are some which is not necessarily in any given order or importance.

1.Learn as much as you can about the working of slot machines (you can do this by visiting

the web sites that are under the heading “slot machines”)

2.Find out if the casinos in your state are regulated by your state. Stay away from the

American Indian casinos. They may even be less regulated. (only because they are on private

land, not government or public land)

3.If you win a large jackpot, remember you will have to pay taxes on your winnings. Most

states and the IRS require that 20% of your winnings are taxable and some states may want that

taken out immediately upon winning. If you itemize your deductions for the year you are

filing your taxes, you can deduct the amount you bet and lose at the casino (up to the amount of

your winnings only) so be sure to keep accurate records and receipts. Remember, one thing

though, if you do not itemize your deductions, you won’t be able claim your losses on your tax


4.Try to play only the simple slot machines, and I personally would stay away from the new

penny video slot machines

5.Of all the web sites I have visited on the internet and articles from different authors that I

have read, one of the best ones I have found is “” which I mentioned in chapter 3

If you can afford it ($25.00) download the e-book the author has available and pay particular

attention about his advice concerning “poker video”. I personally have followed his advice and

have won more times playing video poker than any other slot machines.

6.Are some days better to play than others? I don’t think so but I believe evenings produce

better results than any other time of the day.

7.You will read that machines located in certain places throughout the casino may payout

more often then other places. You may want to play on an end aisle machine, one that is close

to where a lot of patrons gather, one that is closer to the cashiers’ desk where a lot of people

stand in line to cash checks, etc., etc.  I would stay away from machines that are isolated, that are

not highly visible throughout the casino floor.

8.Before you go and play and after you get your paycheck, pay your bills first, give some to

your favorite charity or your church and put some away in a savings account. And then decide

how much you want to spend and bring only that amount with you, leaving your checkbook and

credit cards at home.

9.Go for the purpose of having a little fun, a time to unwind and relax and don’t expect to win.

10.Is one casino better than others? I don’t think so.

11.Do you have to play all 2 or 3 coins to win? No, but playing all coins would be required

to win the biggest jackpot.

There is more information out there that may be helpful, you just have to look for it.

I sincerely hope you will take some of my advice and I do wish you all the luck while your at

the casino. The casinos are there for your enjoyment but remember, they are in the business of

making large profits at your expense, if you let them. Maybe you will hit a large jackpot.......

..........but just BE CAREFUL!!


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