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Carol was planning that journey for a long time. It was like a fairy tale before the night sleep. She went over and over the idea she cherished for some years. The woman couldn‘t believe that the crucial day was approching. She will go and meet the one she loved long ago and still didn‘t managed to stop.

The morning was here at last. Carol couldn‘t sleep all night. She was imagining all the coming day and waiting desperately for the dawn.

When she got up, she slipped out of the room as she didn‘t want to wake anyone.

She dressed up and left for the bus station. On her way she couldn‘t stop doubting.

“Am I making a mistake?“

“No! It‘s the dream that has to come true“.

“Let it be! Let it happen the way it has to“.

When Carol came to the bus station she bought a ticket and went to the bus. It was not here yet. She still was not sure if she was doing the right thing. Eventually the bus came. Carol got on it. Now she knew she wouldn‘t change her mind.

The journey was long. She watched the landscape out of the window. The meadows and small cottages looked so beautiful. It seemed to her that it was the first time she noticed them.

At last the bus came to the unfamiliar small town. She got of the bus and walked along the narrow street with big old trees on both sides.

Carol couldn‘t think about anything or anybody else except him. Him – the only man in the world who never left her memory. She didn‘t know the town, she didn‘t know the place where he lived but she knew he was there.

Suddenly her attention  saw caught by a handsome middle-aged man in the yard of a big house. She stopped and watched. Here he was. The same. Tall and handsome. She stood for a while breathless and motionless. Her heart started bouncing. She couldn‘t move.

Unexpectedly a woman came out of the house:

“Chris, let‘s go and have dinner.“

“Daddy, we are waiting for you“, shouted a small girl with dark hair.

Suddenly Carol realised where she was and what she was doing. She turned round.

“It‘s too late“, she said to the wind who caught her words and carried away.

Submitted: June 29, 2014

© Copyright 2022 a bird of the night. All rights reserved.

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