Graveyard Dirt : A woman's revenge

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This is a tale based on a true story that has been passed down in my family. It tells the story of an abused woman's revenge against cheating abusive husband and her regrets.

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



Ann Foster picked herself picked her self off the kitchen floor just to be knocked down again ,by her husband Moses Foster. This time when he knocked her down he kicked her pregnant stomach and called her every nasty word he call her from bitch, slut ,dog etc. Ann was not crying or screaming she was just in a daze. The only thing keeping her trying to get up was her subconscious. Ann had learned how to take her mind out of her body during her beating from Moses , but this infuriated Moses. Somehow beating her didn't please him until he got some kind of reaction from her, so he would beat her mercilessly until the drowsiness of his drunkness kicked in.

The next morning Moses woke up around 7 a.m. to go to work and saw her lying unconscious on the floor . He picked up the nearest thing and threw it at her head ,and she jumped from a pool of her blood. "Bitch where the hell my breakfast at !" She was looking around in a panic when he rushed over to her picked her up and slapped as hard as she could then threw her into the stove and ordered"you useless bitch, you better have my dinner ready when I get home !" When he said that he picked up his toolbox , got in his truck and went to work. When he left she felt weird and decided to make an appointment at the only doctor for colored people in town.

After leaving the doctors office that afternoon she was heartbroken by the news, she had lost her baby. At first the news saddened her beyond words, but upon further reflection she could see bringing a baby into the mess she was in would be horrible. On her way home she stopped in the little country store the colored people went to in the town . Johnny's grocery and merchandise store was a staple in the black community in those tough 1940's times. At night they had a building out back they used as juke joint for colored people of the town to unwind and party, but during the day they kept it respectable for church going black people . Ann went inside and started her shopping for the nights dinner when she heard a familiar voice call her name. It was Flora Jean Willis from next door. Flora saw the sad look on Ann's face when she got close to her and asked was she alright ,also she asked about the baby. First Flora knew she wasn't all right, and really didn't care to help her if Ann told her problems. Thats the way people were in this small Georgian town. Pretend like they want to help you then tell all your business. Flora and the rest of the neighbors knew how viciously Moses beat her, to make sure they knew during the beatings everyone would turn off all noise,make their kids be quiet, and get deadly silent and listen to her abuse. Then the next day among themselves talk saying things like"Honey, if that was me I'd knock him upside his head with a frying pan" or stuff like that , but never saying anything helpful. Flora put her hand on her shoulder and said"Listen, child if you ever need anything just knock on my door, you hear me?" Ann put on a fake smile and nodded then said a quick thank you then Flora walked off. After she left Ann felt like ripping off her arm having that big mouth lying snake touch her.

What a load of shit. "Knock on her door" . If she did she'd only just want to talk about what is going on so she have detailed information to tell the neighborhood, and at the end of their conversation she would give no advice but to pray or some crap like that. On her way to pay for her groceries she noticed a few people watching her and whispering among themselves . Ann rubbed her face and felt the bruise from where Moses hit her. Then she realized thats what they were whispering about. Ann kept her head down until she was finished in the store and ran out when she bumped into someone. It was Sally Mae was a little old lady everyone thought was crazy and root worker(witch). Ann apologized and was about to walk of when Sally caught by her arm sleeve. Sally stared in her eyes that Ann tried to hide ,but Sally could see right past all of her defenses which made her nervous . Finally Sally let go and started laughing .She laughed so hard she had to hold her stomach and caught the attention of other people around her. Finally through her laughter She spoke"Ha,ha, yeah , honey , I've been there, its been so long, looking at you took me back there."

Ann looked at her confused and was about to speak when Sally started again "Haha, whoo, I tried covering my bruises with make up too, but it didn't work back then neither." Ann wanted to go but old people like to talk and Sally continued her story. "Yeah, my was called Big Red, biggest yellowest Negro this town ever seen and tough too. No man messed with him, and women were crazy about him. He" Ann zoned out she didn't want to stand here and listen to the old woman, but then she started talk about the first time her husband hit her and Ann became slightly interested again." One day he came home drunk and hit me so hard i flew in the air. After we got married he beat at least three times a day, turned into a monster. Thats when I met this lady." Sally handed her a card with a strange symbol on it and a address. "If want your husband to stop, thats the woman to see . Just be careful of what you ask her for cause when she gets through, what you ask for will happen! Sally walked off laughing while Ann stood there holding the card.

Ann cooked a big nice dinner and waited for Moses to come home but he never did. He was gone for two days, and on the third day Ann went to his job to see if he was coming in. The bossman said he was coming to work and the few co-workers of his she knew told him he was working,but kind of grinned like they knew something when they answered her .On the fourth day Moses still had not come home and this day Ann was on her way to his job to see what was going on . She arrived 30 minutes before he usually arrives at the place and hid behind a wall at the entrance of the place. At almost 8 a.m.. she saw his truck but someone else was driving it. It was a woman. Then she saw Moses getting out of the truck and leaning over to kiss the woman driving the truck. Infuriated Ann stormed up to them . "Moses!" Moses turned around in a not concerned way and said "What?" as if he was doing nothing wrong."Who is this woman ?!" Moses looked at her with absolute fury and spoke"none of your goddamn business is who she is ! Take your ass home and stop snooping around in my business, cause when i get home I'm going to take care of you !" Tears fell down Ann's face as she walked off, she looked in the drivers window and saw the woman leering down at her with an evil smirk , and when she looked back again they were in the window kissing each other goodbye.

Ann went into to town that day and found Mr. MacArnold, an old man that gave people rides for a small fee. She asked him to take him to the address on the card Sally gave her. At first he refused .He knew what that lady did and he didn't want no part of it, but seeing the look in her eyes he agreed to take her on 2 conditions. "Ok. I'll take ya, but i ain't going to put you off at the place . I'm gonna put you out right down the road from the place . And i ain't gonna stay around there and wait for ya either. Walk in to town there a Bus stop there ask for a man named Joe he a friend a mine he'll give ya ride back home if you mention me." After agreeing to the conditions they began their journey .

As soon as Mr. MacArnold put her out he he rode away as quickly as possible leaving her to walk alone up the dusty red road. After a few minutes of walking she reached a small shack house with the number of the address on the card on it. The area around the house was a different color from the dirt and grass on the road, almost like a barrier. Stepping into the yard Ann got a strange feeling in her stomach that made her feel like turning back , but since she had made it this far she continued. The yard was filled with the neck bones of animals . She almost stepped on a barely open package of rotten turkey necks . She kicked over and saw the name of a female on the back. She pressed forward and made it to the porch that had little nooses on them and at the end of the nooses were little doll like people with things inserted inside them and some were covered in blood . While surveying the place the door flew open and and old scary looking woman stood there staring at Ann. "You got money?, the old woman asked. Ann nodded yes and the old lady let her come in.

The inside was very different from the outside. The inside was clean and though there were jars of rotten animal parts and dirt in one of the rooms the place didn't smell bad and looked like an office. The old lady said that she'd be seen shortly and asked for 5 dollars for the consultation fee. Ann waited for what seemed like hours when finally heard the door to the consultation room open, and a familiar face came out it was Flora. Ann stared at Flora in shock coming to place like this , and going to church on Sunday , and claiming how good God has been to her. When Flora saw Ann she looked like she had seen a ghost . Then she bowed her head and ran out. Finally the scary old lady led her back to see the woman.

Ann entered the room a very important looking woman dressed in black robe and red turban, muttering to herself as Ann entered the room . Ann stood there for a while staring at her then the woman looked and nodded for her to sit down. "I am Mother Duke, what can i do for you today?" Ann looked down and started crying and began telling Mother Duke her problems. Halfway through Mother Duke began chanting and pulled out a feather and began chanting harder and closing her eyes. A strong gust of wind blew through the room and Mother Duke opened her her eyes and they were blood red. Then Mother Duke began speaking in a strange voice that sounded like 4 people talking at once . GO HOME ! MOP YOUR FLOOR WITH YOUR BATH WATER ! WALK AROUND YOUR HOUSE THREE TIMES WITH GRAVEYARD DIRT! WALK AROUND YOUR ENEMIES HOUSE 6 TIMES WITH GRAVEYARD DIRT!" Then she started speaking in some demonic language,and the room felt hot , and Ann started getting scared because she could feel things touching her . Mother Duke started moving strangely and kept talking in some demon language the scary old lady heard this and ran in the room then Mother Duke screamed "GET OUT ! I'LL STOP HIM" when she said that she started to convulse and flop on the floor like a fish. Then Mother Duke began screaming blasphemy against Christianity , as some invisible force twisted her body, finally mother Duke said one last thing in the demonic language and it all stopped.

The scary old woman picked Mother Duke of the floor and gave her something to drink. The scary old woman looked frightened and Ann could hear her whisper to Mother Duke that this was a bad one, to make her do all that. Mother Duke after a few minutes looked at Ann who was paralyzed with fear. and spoke . "Did you get what was said? Ann nodded her head, and the old lady came in with a big jar of dirt. "This graveyard dirt it will stop the feet of your enemies put handful in your hand and go around your house with it to stop enemies, go around your enemies house with it 6 times and something will die maybe even kill the enemy . Mop the floor with your bath water to soften your mans heart, but be warned theres no account for what these type of spirits do." Ann Jumped and ran out of the place with her graveyard dirt in hand.

All that night Ann contemplated what to do , when she heard a knock on the door. She got to the door and saw the woman who was driving her husbands truck standing there with the same smirk on her face.The woman dropped a bag on the porch and said "Moses said he wanted these washed " and walked away with the same evil smirk, to his truck parked in front of the house and drove off. Ann looked down at the bag off clothes on the porch in disbelief . She could not believe his audacity. So, right then and there she made up her mind to get revenge.

The next day went on a hunt to track down this woman .After asking around she finally got one his coworkers to say who she was and where she lived.The next night she was at the apartment ready to put the dirt down. Before she started with the house she she went around the car six times with the dirt to make sure they couldn't drive it anymore . Then she started to the house when she looked in the window and saw a sight that made her full of rage. They were in bed sleeping each others arms . In anger Ann began putting the dirt down around their house 6 times cursing them with every step.

A week past and Moses still never came home . Another week past and she got a knock on the door. It was a person from Moses' job coming by to see why he hadn't been there all week. Ann told them he hasn't been home for a week and the man said he was going to keep looking for him and tried to make her feel better, but was wondering why wasn't she worried seeing she was his wife. Later that week Moses burst in the house screaming and shouting." Where the hell are you , you goddamn witch bitch !" Ann was in the kitchen terrified for her life when he grabbed and her shook her ."I heard about you going to that damn witch ! You killed her you damn witch, you killed her! You killed the only person I ever loved so now I'm going to kill you ! Moses lifted his hand to hit her and his eyes rolled back an he fell dead at her feet. The autopsy said he died of a heart attack but his heart did not show signs of heart attack damage. His woman died in a car accident but know one knew how she had an accident so bad without there being another car involved, but Ann did .Everything Mother Duke said wold happen did. she had got her revenge, but was now an outcast of the town like Sally Mae . Ann spent the rest if her year tortured by nightmares, and haunted by the 2 people she had killed. In exchange for this favor they used her body as a vessel and warped it . Ann spent this life and after life in eternal suffering regretting her decisions.

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