I will give you what you desire

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This idea came out of no where. I had to write it!!!

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



It was the first full moon of the new year and the high priest of the Cult of Satan Tabernacle was preparing for the graveyard summoning. For years leading up to this day in 2013 , High Priest Dante had his congregation praying to Satan in cemeteries covered in goats blood. He taught his followers how to sacrifice animals unto Satan, and how they should handle the snakes they let out during the ceremonies to represent Satan helpers which is supposed to be like Satan equivalent to God's angels. This was a joyous day for Dante. Finally Satan would reward him like he promised him 9 years ago.

Back in 2004 Dante lost everything. His childhood sweetheart wife had left him for another man she had been cheating with the majority of their marriage. Which caused him to drink heavily, which was the reason he lost his job as an accountant. Coming to work drunk he accidently made a huge error that messed the whole computer data system beyond repair. He was harshly fired and his reputation was ruined , so he could not find work. Even still the people at his Christian church kept faith in him. Dante was the deacon of Jesus Love and Mercy Ministries. The night he lost his job, it was prayer night and the night the deacons count the money and finances to see how to pay the bills and how to use the money for the food and clothes part of the ministry. Dante at that time was strapped for cash because his wife , before leaving him, emptied out their accounts before he got to them, even the secret one he thought she didn't know about. She was an accountant too . So she knew just what moves he'd make to keep the money away from her. Plus the credit cards he had belonged to the company he worked for , so now he was flat broke. Looking at collection plate full of 20 dollar bills Dante calculated how much he could take without it being missed and devised a plan to get the money before without being caught. Unfortunately he was caught redheaded breaking into the church late at night the next day, effectively ruining his reputation all around for good. His wife refused to let him see his children after he was arrested. They made a big public thing about his dishonor so when he was realeased from jail 3 months later , he was the most hated man in the small Georgian town. Now with his now conviction he could not leave the county so he was stuck in a town with people who hated him and no one to turn too. One night, drunk ,Dante wandered through the town . He was walking on a highway that went around a huge forest hoping to be hit and killed. He almost got his wish when an 18 wheeler came so close to him the wind force of the truck knocked him over the short fence and into the forest . Dante was unconscious for for a long time and when he woke up he saw the flashing lights of a police car up above and flashlights searching the area. Dante knew if they found him he'd be in trouble. For one he had a gun on him that he planned on killing his wife and her lover with , but when he saw his little girl go up to his wifes lover and hug him through the window of their new home he felt to weak to do anything and left to find the nearest liquor store. Dante would have thrown the gun down ,but he still planned on killing somebody ,himself. Seeing the lights getting closer he ran deeper into the woods. Running a while he came to a body of water and knelt beside it ,and pulled out his gun, and put it to his head. Tears rolled down his face when he heard the song "The devil went to Georgia" being played expertly on a violin. When he opened his eyes and looked at the body of water he saw a handsome man in an impeccable suit. The man kept playing and Dante was mesmerized. He had never seen man like this before, it was like he was not human , and he was right. When the man finished playing he stared directly at Dante. for what seemed like hours they said nothing to each other . Then Dante finally broke the silence and asked who was he. The man replied "I am Satan." "What are you doing here?" Dante asked fearfully. "I have come in search of the one who will spread my word and here you are." "I am the solution to your problems , I am your savior, I will give you every desire your heart wants, just ask and it will be so . What do you want? "What do you desire ?"

" Dante didn't know what to say his mind went blank , he was really talking to Satan himself . Satan asked again "Well what do you desire?" Dante had only one request "I want my ex wife to suffer for what she did to me !" So shall it be,but I ask you do one thing for me. I need 100 souls . Start a church in my name and make them believers in me . In 10 years from now I will return and enlighten this world with a knowledge that will make all men Gods and all those refuse my knowledge will die. In 10 years from know every desire you wish for I will give you if you only give your soul unto me." Satan reached out his hand for For Dante to shake and when he did Dante felt a spirit come over him and he passed out. The next day he woke up he went back to the area he fell and found a way to climb up . He walked back to town and was shocked. People spoke to him with big smiles. His parole got him a job after his release from jail so he went there before his shift to get cleaned up ahead of time. When he went to the employees locker room he was stopped and told employees only, by the receptionist guy. That was strange because he had been working here for a month and the guy knew it. Dante ran to the bathroom when he turned his back and looked in the mirror and was shocked. His face was completely different. He was a completely new person. He looked himself liking his new look and came out the bathroom. The receptionist yelled at him saying "Get out here or I'm calling the cops" Dante smiled and walked out the door saying "No need you won't see me again!" After that his life got better. Forging documents he created a whole new identity for himself and got a job that paid 3 times more than his last one. On a business trip he found a sexy Creole voodoo woman and got married to her. The fact that she did voodoo didn't bother him, and the fact he sold his soul to the devil didn't bother her and they had a happy marriage. With his savings from his new job he built a great temple in honor of Satan. At first the church was boycotted by the small Georgia town, but mysteriously all the protesters against the church died some kind of horrific way , which made people curious about the church and people started pouring in by droves. By the time 2013 arrived he had more than 100 members and had fulfilled his obligation to Satan, now it was Satan's turn and Dante was thrilled to see how he would get his ex wife. Things had worked out so good so far he couldn't to see what happened next.


Dante was standing behind an alter built in the cemetery. The alter was full of chalices blood of animals killed in sacrifice to Satan . The snakes had been released and the followers were on the hands and knee chanting "oh Satan" over and over again. When the clock officially stroke 12 midnight Dante in a strange sounding voice said this prayer: Ohhhhh, Satan Ohhhhhh, Satan, fill us with enlightenment, you promised years ago, ohhhh give us the knowledge so we can release these souls ,ohh Satan send the demons to our enemies, oh let the snakes corrupt their souls, ohhhhh" before he could finish the last verse the earth started trembling and creatures flew out of the ground and started killing the followers one by one. Once the last one was killed Dante was surrounded by the demons, then they scattered off into the town. A few minutes later Dante heard wails in the distance and he ran into to town to see what was going on . The town was deserted but he still heard screams, then he realized they were coming from the direction of the church  there. When he got to the church the town was gathered there trying to use human weapons like guns against the inhuman demons. The demons could not step on the grounds but had the place surrounded. Running in the front door he saw his ex wife running into the church running holding the hands of his children. They were all grown almost except for his little girl who looked about 7 or 8. His youngest looked back and saw Dante and started screaming "Daddy get inside before the demons get you!!!" She ran out the door towards him out of his ex-wife reach and a demon got just close enough to snatch and rip her to shreds right in front of Dante and his ex-wife . His ex-wife screamed and started towards her daughter when she was held back by some men to keep her from being killed. Dante tried to go near his daughter but the demon threw what remained of her back on the church grounds and he could get there, then he fell to his knees , and when he did he felt a familiar presence behind him and spoke."Why did you kill my daughter instead my wife, my little girl was innocent! I told you to make my ex-wife suffer !" Satan replied, "I did make her suffer,look at her is she not suffering ?" Dante lunged at Satan and Satan raised his hand and Dante couldn't move and felt on fire then Satan spoke again"You're forgetting yourself you despicable servant! I suggest you go home , now!" Then Satan released Dante and he walked home defeated. On his way home he figured at least he still had his wife and his life and he could find someway to make up for his daughter, but he was wrong. When he got home he smelt something weird . When he got the kitchen his wife lay on the floor dead with a voodoo potion she had been working on . It backfired on her an choked her to death. The next day after the ambulance picked up the body Dante went to work , but they fired him on the spot for fraud and falsifying documents,then they told him they were pressing charges against him and he ran out of the building,and to the highway and forest where it all began . He found the body a water again sure enough there Satan stood playing "The Devil went down to Georgia" . Just like before they stared each other until once again Dante broke the silence"Satan why have you forsaken me?" Satan smiled and replied"I am not God , I never promised you I'd be with you forever, I only promised you to give you what you desired, which I have , but I never said I'd let you keep those things. Beside you are of no more use to me , I have your soul and I accomplished my goal . Look for me no more." With that Satan walked off and disappeared . Dante on his knees stayed there, by the water, sobbing for the rest his life abandoned by God and Satan.

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