Lets go to church !

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The main characters in this tale of demons and nightmares are you and I. I wanted to write a short story where the reader gets to to see just a small glimpse of my nightmares. This story is two nightmares of mine put together . The ending will be different. I could not come with and ending that displayed the true words of someone who doesn't see these terrors almost every night . So at the end please comment on what would you do or say if I put you in the situation that is my mind. So lets go to my nightmare vision of church !!!

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



Your eyes jump open and you feel yourself covered with sweat after another soul shocking nightmare. For the past three weeks you have had the most horrendously sick and disturbing nightmares imaginable. No matter what time you fell asleep the demons that now plague your nightmares always manage to wake you up precisely at 3:15 am everyday. Tonights nightmare was special one for Sunday. At exactly midnight they came in to your conscious sleeping and begin their torment.

The nightmare starts with you lying on a blood covered stone slab being whipped by female demons wearing leather. Around the room you see people who look like family and friends being tortured by demons. Some demons are decapitating them,some are using their blood to make food or potions, other one are doing unspeakable sexual acts with the cavities of the dismembered arms and open neck cavities. Suddenly a warped twisted bugle type sound and a strange melody starts being sang .You do not understand the words that are being sung, but upon hearing them you cry tears of the reddest blood and began to get filled with a feeling of undistinguishable emotions. After hearing this melody a while all male demons or demons with male genitalia run out of the room quickly. When the last one finally leaves the room, four chained,dismembered women with infected wounds all over their bodies come in carrying a strange apparition upon a strange bed with carrying handles on their shoulders. This demon has no class of sex, it is neither male or female , but is dressed in a Roman female toga with a reef with the word sexual sin written on it. In its hand it carries a sprig of a strange plant that seems to control the demons without saying a word.


When it enters it stares directly into your eyes. Looking at it you see it has no human emotions such compassion or sympathy , as it continues to stare at you with an emotionless face. It orders the women to let it down , then its hovers to an altar to far side of the room that has a giant scroll book siting upon it. The female demons rub green oils all over your body until its completely numb . Then the the Sexual sin demon at the alter screams words in strange tongues read off the scroll. It sounds like some kind of spell song and when it begins the female demons began dismembering your limbs until you're you're nothing, but a head and torso . Then the sexual sin demon waves his sprig plant and the female demons proceed to have an orgy . Squeezing the blood out of your limbs female demons use it as lube for their demonic and sick sex toy they use on each other . Some female demons are just masturbating alone others are in locked in a satanic daisy chain performing oral sex on each other. While they are doing that a very beautiful female demon leads a human woman holding a baby to the alter of the sexual demon . The woman struggles, and in aggravation the beautiful demon takes her claws and slashes the mother to death and snatches the baby out of her arms. The beautiful demon proceeds to hand to baby to the sexual demon and after smearing the the blood of the woman all over it.


You scream when you see the baby handed to the sexual demon. You scream Gods name as loud as you can , but the demons stop temporarily and continue what they are doing. The sexual demon pulls out a wooden sword with the word corruption written on it an proceeds to to strike the baby. With all your might you scream as loud as you can "God please save us, please save this baby !". The sexual demon, whose face showed no emotion , across its face now is a look of absolute rage ,fury, and disgust came over it. With a eerie disgusted yell the room became engulfed with flames , which did not stop the females demons orgies it intensified them. The flames began burning your flesh, but you couldn't feel it but see your flesh burning and melting off. The sexual demon hovers over you with the baby in its arms . He holds a rusty blade close to the babys tiny body. The blood tears began to flow as you scream with all your might and just as the sexual demons about to slice the baby you wake up.


This was the worst nightmare yet . You have seen many therapists and psychiatrists who give you pills that seem to amplify these nightmares, You look at your nightstand clock it only 3:20 am. You lie face first on your bed and sob. "Why God why are you letting me have such visions" After your cry it hits you .God! You've tried every approach but God he can help you. You lay wide awake in bed until 6 a.m... then as soon as your clock strikes six you jump up and prepare to go to church early so you can talk to the pastor/priest before services.


On the drive to church , you drive up a new road to that allows you to make it there quicker when you see what you presume to be another crazy homeless man. It is I Psychosis the Tormented . I am acting completely insane. I am screaming blasphemies, walking backwards and after so many steps spinning around three times counter-clockwise clapping my hand loudly, and having a conversation with what sounds like 20 imaginary people. You reach for your phone to call the police but, two squad cars pull up and you drive off feeling the matter is settled.You arrive at the church and quickly find the pastor/priest and tell him your woes. He stops you half way through and tell you , you have to pray now for he cannot bare to here anymore . He prays a strong prayer and when he's done you feel a slight burden come off of you. He tells you God can relieve you of Satans possession and tells you to stay for todays communion . He ends his sermon by saying one last thing to you before he starts the services,"God died on the cross for you, to save us form such sin believe in him and he will set you free."


After an hour of service the ushers prepare for the communion. The whole congregation lines up to come around to get the crackers and communal wine,when suddenly you look out the window and the sky has turned and eerie pinkish orange color.Next you here a loud explosion at the back exit and see me standing there with two ushers who seem to be under a spell and two officers playing at my feet like hellhound dogs. The congregation screams and the pastor/ priest calls God. You stand completely stiff in total fear. I stand in at the threshold not able to come in yet, but trying to come up with a plan to get in. As I'm thinking one of the usher tries to break free of my spell. This annoys me and I strengthen my control. Then I command them the get two senior citizen women and have sex with them in the right, front and back corners of the sanctuary . Then I command my hellhound cops to get to men and beat them to a pulp in the left, front and back corners. I look up and shout in a pained voice, "Do you see what happens when you ignore your humble servants cry for help, look what I've become ! I will make your flocks feel my torment !!!!!!!!


The earth trembles, God is displeased . materializing out of no where two angels appear and destroy me, and beat me to mangled pulp with the staff of righteousness and the sword of light I am no match, I fall. Just as the angel with the staff is about to crush my head two demons rise out of the pool of blood I lie in. When they are summoned somehow my body is regenerated and I stand to help the demons defeat the angels. Together with my help we make quick work of the angels and drink their blood. With this victory I gain enough power to step over the threshold. The congregation along with you are now standing in little huddle on either the right or the left side of the church as I confidently stroll right up the middle between the pews up to the pulpit when I am stopped by your spiritual leader.


"What is your name demon , and why are you here !" I reply "My name is Psychosis of Legions for now I hold many , my reason for being here is corrupt and kill the righteous." Only by killing the most righteous will people take notice of who and what I am . After saying this I reach in my pocket and pull something out and throw it in your leaders face and he falls shrivels up and dies. Upon my back I carry a black goat guitar that I have named Sheik. When I step unto the pulpit the deacons faint and you cover your eyes and ears feeling like you're in a nightmare but this is real. I play three chords and the rest of the congregation falls and goes to sleep. A few minutes later you uncover your ears and hear people screaming and sobbing in unbearable agony . These people are seeing the worst of my nightmares and demons that plague my mind. They are not even getting the full effects of my nightmares , but scream as if they are. You look around in horror until finally your eyes land on me I am staring at you like a lion stares at his prey. Never taking my eyes off you I move from out of the pulpit and walk towards you figuring out what to do with you. Now i stand right in front of you smiling evilly . Just as I lunge at you you call Jesus and I stop for the briefest of seconds.Then I stop smiling and you grab by the shirt collar.


What will you do? What would be your last prayer? What actions would you take to fight me? Only you can say .

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