Satan's Assassin

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A man who sold his sold to the devil becomes Satan's assassin.

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013






" Please don't kill me! I'm a mother I have children who need me ! Please have mercy !" The woman screamed with all her might , but that did not phase her attacker . Her killers name Damian . Damian was a mad man , who had lost human emotions long ago. Damian was bought up by Satanist parents , who made him do things as a child that warped his very being . One night Satan whispered in his ear to kill his parents and he did without hesitation . Seeing how loyal a servant Damien was Satan quickly came with him a proposition of giving him his heart truest desire if he would be his hitman. Damien agreed and then on became satans assassin, but until recently did not have a desire yet. After he killed this pregnant mother and possibly her children , Satan would hear his request.


"Mister don't do this! Take whatever you want ,just please don't kill my children an me !" With a blank emotionless face Damien raised his unusual looking blades that he designed and fashioned himself. They were like swords in shape of crosses with a male face on the handle of the right one and and a female face on the left one. He called them "Ma and Pa" in honor of his parents that he killed and as a way he felt to keep them protecting him. In desperation the woman screamed one last thing. "God ! Please help us !" Damien who had been blank now had a sad shocked look on his demon warped face . He started muttering "God, God?" Then he looked at her "repeat the the 23 psalms your suffering will end quickly." He quickly slashed her to shreds and watched her eyes become bland and frozen in horror as she died. After staring at her for a second he turned around and saw one of her children standing in the door way shivering with fear. Without any sudden moves he walked past the child and sliced his throat as he went to the other rooms to kill the other children in the house including a small infant. After he was done, he ran out of the house and into some deep woods that led to a run down shack that he called a home. When he went inside he started laughing uncontrollably, looking at the blood on his blades gave him a excited, warped sexual feeling he couldn't quite understand. He took off his clothes and a smeared the blood off his blade all over his body , and chanted Satans name for almost an hour before he appeared.


Satan arrived and looked at his servant assassin. He watched him rolling in the blood of his victims, and was pleased with sick minded servant. When Damien saw Satan standing over him he looked up at him and bowed. Satan asked why Damien summoned him. Damien replied : " Satan you said that if I murdered my parents you'd give me my hearts desire if I killed my parents in your name and become your executioner, I have done all you ask without question and now I desire something." Satan looked down at him an smirked and nodded for him to continue as he straightened his impeccable suit and awaited his request. "Satan I want Jessica, please let me hold her one more time in my arms let me hear her voice once more please Satan grant me this one request!" Satan slowly knelt beside the sobbing Damien and raised his head and replied "My dear, loyal servant, do me one last thing for me and I'll grant you your hearts wish. Damien looked to him with optimism as he began giving him his mission. Satan began: "At midnight tonight a child will be born . This child we will be a modern day profit like the ones from the bible. His birth will signal an era peace and truth which cannot be allowed to happen. He will become a righteous leader and ruin my plans here, and that is where you come in my most dependable servant." Like an obedient dog Damien stood at attention and received his orders. He was to be at the hospital where the prophet child was to be born be midnight and kill the baby and the parents to assure that they would never release another child again. Satans last words "Do this for me and your desires will be yours." Damien bowed to Satan and began his preparations, Satan laughed to himself and vanished.


At the hospital Damien had no idea what awaited him. Damien had killed many innocent babies,children, women and men if they got in his way , all under the orders of Satan. Satan used Damien for years to kill the church going people of this small Georgian town . Satan knew the prophet was going to be born there and made Damien kill countless people to stop it from happening. This time the people of the town were ready and they was going to assure he died tonight. Damien snuck into the hospital and as soon as his feet touched the inside the people began attacking and fighting him with all they had. Almost dead Damien called for Satan who sent a couple of demons to help him fight. Together with the demons help they took out the people one by one. Damien still beat up from before dragged himself through the hospital killing people at will . His favorite thing to do when he killed someone is made them recite the 23 Psalm before he killed them. He did this because Jessica the girl he bargained with Satan for taught it to him. Jessica in life tried to save Damien and it cost her , her life. While trying to minister Christ to him in the woods she taught him the 23 psalms when a group people came into the woods trying to kill Damien, in the commotion they accidentally killed Jessica. Seeing as they thought she was corrupted by the demon called Damien they allowed her to die and gave her a dishonorable funeral . Jessica was the only person that brought out the human emotion love in Damien, and she was the only person to love him. In his twisted mind it gave him satisfaction and peace to know he was giving them the only good thing anyone had ever given him, by making them repeat the 23 Psalm before he killed them. Damien finally made it to the maternity ward. Security guards and police were armed and waiting for him . They fired on him without hesitating and he still did not fall, he refused to die until he killed the child. A bullet hit his leg and he fell. Then a barrage of shots started again yet he still did not die. One of the cops screamed with anger and fear "Is he a demon?!' Damien saw the room number of the door he the prophet child was in , and as soon as he touched the handle the officer beat him down, yet after all that he didn't die. In a desperation move he started swinging his swords wildly and killed a few cops. As soon as they let up a little he lunged for the door and opened it to see a lady holding a baby and screaming, as fast as his slowly dying body could he he tried to get to the baby to kill it, when he felt something hit is head . It was a bullet. The father of the child was prepared for him. Damien feel backwards and died.


A few minutes later Damien was in a strange room covered in flames, then he heard"You're dead you despicable servant !" Damien looked in the direction of the voice and saw Satan sitting on a eloquent demonic throne. Damien ran to Satan but he could see he was not pleased. Damien tried to explain what happened ,but Satan looked off with disgust. Finally Damien asked for his request and Satan looked at him without saying a word for hours, finally he spoke. 'Alright, Damien you want her you got her !" Satan clapped his hand and two demons wearing grass reefs with the words "Kneel" and "Submit" written on them, came in  carrying a decaying corpse. It was Jessica . They dropped her at the feet of Damien who screamed in horror when he saw her tortured and mangled form. "What happened to her !" Damien demanded. Satan looked at him smirking and replied " You know I have more Christians here than anything else. This little angel you fell in love with was planning on cheating on her fiance with you who she already had relations with before marriage. You know how God looks down on these "sins" and kicked her right down to me where I held her. I really let the demons have at her, you wouldn't believe the things asphyxiation demons do in those rituals,hahahaha! "Damien scooped up the tortured corpse in his arms and looked her face, when she opened her eyes and let out a soul wrenching scream. Satan got up from his throne and spoke: "Alright you got your woman you got to hold her and hear her voice *chuckle* , so now get out of my sight I want not to see you for the rest eternity." With a clap of his hands he ordered the demons to take Damien and his corpse to a sub hell more tormentive than regular hell.


After they were gone Satan slumped back into his throne and lay his head back and sighed. Another useless servant who failed his mission to destroy the forces of light." Oh well, I'll just have another vessel who can corrupt this new light." With that Satan leaned back on his throne and devised a new plan.



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