The stench of death

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This poem is about the smell of a dying person and how it effects mind ,body, and soul.

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Death has a distinct odor

that one could never forget

just one whiff of it will have you fall to your knees

especially if the dying has an open wound that bleeds


Death is putrid smell that puts a black mark on your soul

watching someone suffering is bad enough

watching  before your eyes somebody shrivel and rot

turns you cold

I know it sounds selfish , but sometimes you want to kill them cause watching them suffer

is getting old


Deaths smell is always constantly festering

the smell of death weakens your body

and dull your scences

the constant stomach and intestinal pain from smelling the stench of death

is pestering.

sometimes you have the taste of a certain food on your tongue

but one whiff of deaths odor

quickly takes your appetite and make you gag like you're losing a lung


Deaths smell is hypnotizing

thats the worst effect of all

the stench of death is excruciatingly  mind boggling

it makes you angry, sad, and suicidal

once the stench of death is working on your brain

everything become clouded in fog

and works on you psychologically

until you feel like a dog


You'd hate to leave the person

whose dying in such awful way

but getting away from that stench

from all the pain and all the crying

if I don't leave who would die first

me or the dying?




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