Unloved Unknown Unmourned

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This is a nightmare I had that made me think .

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013



I had a dream last night

i was on a big ship sailing down hells river Styx

When i got into an out control argument with sexualized demons that lead to a serious fight

I was out numbered

and I could not flee

the sexualized demon of asphyxiation torture

told his demonic legions of servants to surround me

one kept kept punching the back of my head

one tied me up and pulled me till I fell

the last one tied ropes around my neck and and choked me until i was dead

and at that very second i was out of my body

looking at my destroyed and beaten self

as the demons took rusty knives

and performed a satanic demonic autopsy

later in that dream they took the remains they left and had a funeral for me

only to 2 people were there

only 2 people in my life care

whether I'm dead or alive

the preacher began to preach

my sad eulogy

it was brief cause know one really knew me

all the things he said were lies!

by Christian laws I did not abide!

I spent my whole life depressed and tortured

nobody knew how many nights i couldn't sleep so i stayed up and i cried

so many times I just wanted to end my own life

so i could just get one night of sleep

but like a coward I was afraid of what consequences my soul would reap

at the end of his sermon full of trash and deceit

He ordered the people put me in the hole six foot deep

As the only 2 people who care about me walk away and weep

I looked at my casket and wonder what have I done?

What will I do with my life before this day comes?

I fear a lot of things, but there is just 1 thing I consider number the number one

dying unloved, unknown, and unmourned

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