Watching her die

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This a poem about a son watching his mother die .

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013



(hearing sobbing through a wall) all day she sobs

the first sound i hear when i wake up is her sobbing

my body feels burdened and hot

this how i begin my mornings

(crying and slamming) all day she throws tantrums

screaming and crying i know shes in pain

i know she suffering though i don't know why

for the the rest of the afternoon i see her sit down and waiting to die

her body is frail sick

freedom from around her is all i wish

(hearing Sobbing and someone praying for God through a wall ) She prays

She is always praying!

but to who? to what? sometimes i wonder

does he not hear her cries?

can he not see her decaying?!

Jesus Christ ! the sight of seeing your mother deteriorating

its soul fading

(breathing) watching her breathe

as child I watched her breathed not being able to think of a life without her

not ever thinking she would ever die

but honestly speaking

saying I want her to stay here

is a lie

i know she is in pain i know she suffering

its breaking my heart watching her die.

God look down and have mercy on her she prays to worship you

even though you ignore her

relieve her from her suffering an give her one more chance

so i can live one more happy well day with her again.

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