Space Flop

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I made this when i was bored today in school, so enjoy. (It says "I" alot in the story. XD

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



—Space Flop—


  The night ended normally with me going to bed at 10PM sharp. I fell asleep and woke up. Then—POOF I’m on a spaceship! The captain (at least that’s what the nametag said) Xiahen told me that a battle fleet of space squids and mollusks were going to destroy Earth.

  Well me, still groggy and confused, I didn’t understand what was going on. He said I was the only one who could save him and all that ble-blarbidy-do-glop. The last thing he told me was how to fly the escape shuttle and operate a turret.

  I was then fully awake, just taking in the fact that I was in space. Xiahen walked through a door I hadn’t seen before and yelled as the door closed to NEVER pull the yellow lever.

  As I looked around the impressive room, I saw high tech circuitry and wires pulsating and coursing with energy that appeared to be powering the whole ship. If they did, it would suck if they got shot and the ship powered down. Just then, the alarm sounded, so I ran to the nearest turret. To my surprise, I heard nibbling.

  I saw a fleet of ships coming from our docking bay. Then the squid/mollusk armada appeared and they were loaded. I fired the turret when a ship came close and no, it wasn’t a bullet, or plazma that you see in sci-fi flicks, or lasers, or missiles. But you know what it was? BUNNIES THAT HAD SPACE HELMETS ON. Yea, you heard me. The nibbling sound was them eating carrots.

  I was confused, until I saw what they really did. They would climb up to the top of a ship, cut a hole through the top and EAT the squids or mollusks. The surprisement didn’t hold for long though when I started shooting again.

  There were lasers, rabbits, and rabbit turds flying across the battle field. I was surprised I wasn’t surprised. After a few minutes the sound of a dying motor filled the room and I realized that we were losing power, and fast!

  Xiahen was prying open the door to the roomed and yelled to pull the red lever. I couldn’t see because the lights had gone out with the power. However, I could see the tags for the levers. I saw the red levers tag and reached above until I felt a lever. Hoping that it was THE lever I pulled down with all my force.

Explosions erupted around the ship and I roared over the deafening sounds of the explosions saying “The yellow lever was a self-destruct switch, wasn’t it?” He just said a simple “Yep” as we exploded into a thousand pieces destroying the squids/mollusk armada and 2 galaxies, the Gladorbian and the Milky Way.


  And that is how I felt when we received a secret pop quiz in English class.

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