Stolen Earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
There is a band of people that are new in town.... with an evil purpose.

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



Stitches= Jessica / Gear= Carmine / Steam= Claude

Carmine walked through the thick grass to the front entrance of the HQ. It was quiet, peaceful, and calm. At least that’s what the climate runes were putting up. Who knew what was happening out of Council Square. Carmine saw Jessica and Claude come out of their houses. They joined him with tired and blank stares. There was a tacit agreement in all of them that said “Why did we have to get up at the crack of dawn anyways?”

As the three tired Seal Masters walked through the HQ doors, a novice class was in session. Carmine motioned to go in and watch. The other two agreed in understanding.

“Now class, what is the world we live on called?” The teacher said.

A disgruntled looking child named Miko said “This question again teach?”

“Miko, you’re supposed to call me Mrs. Teller, not teach.” She retorted.

“Fine.” He replied.

“The world that we live on is called Bronnicas. It is the home of the Seal Masters. Each Seal Master is supposed to have a certain area of Yoni (The Earth) or creation magic if you will. The Seal Masters go on quests for people of different places on Bronnicas. Sometimes there are subgroups called factions formed. One of our top factions in a three-man cell called Stolen Earth. We are pretty much the protectors of the world.”

“Very good.” A now awake Claude said. His red band jacket and medals entranced Miko.

“Thank you for over explaining Miko.” Mrs. Teller said.

The trio left the class after that to get to their Head Boss In Charge, or HBIC for some, Mike. Mike was a very strange man. He often left on business trips and threw many hours away alone in his office looking at mission Intel sheets. You would think from being secluded so much, he would be sickly. But somehow he’s always a person that looks very healthy.

“Hello!” Mike said with an all too generous smile.

“What did you want?” Jessica asked.

“Welllll there’s a new group in town called The Painters Of Sound.”

“And you want us to beat them up?” Carmine asked hopefully.

“Nope, I wanted you to bring this to them.” Mike handed out a huge, hay weaved, basket of….. flowers. Claude looked disapprovingly.

“This is what you want your top people doing?” “Ok, I guess.” With a hateful look on his face Claude accepted the task of holding the basket of flowers.

The walk to their base was miserable. The sun beat down at them with a menace only the summer season could have.

“Why did they have to make a base in the middle of nowhere anyways?” Jessica said. “There’s not even anything to paint out here for them.”

“It’s not as hot as that volcano mission we did 2 months ago, I’m surprised we recovered this fast from the sun burns that we had.” Carmine said with support in his voice.

“Wait!” Jessica yelled. What if I use a seal of water to make us cool down?”

“You don’t want to waste your soul energy today.” Said Carmine.

“What’s soul energy again Steam?” she asked meekly.

“Soul energy is the amount of power we have in a day to summon our Seal Beasts” Claude said with annoyance because of the repetition of times this question came up.

They finally reached the base. The desert fortress was tall and menacing. Large gargoyles made out of sand were hanging on ledges made of solid marble contemplated the huge, sturdy, brass doors. Giant overwatch towers looked over the main courtyard that held the statue of their old and beloved leader that had been arrested for burning down his brother’s house. Pictures of lions engraved into the door were raring up on their hind legs and underneath the shady front arms hung a crystal embroidered with sheets of glimmering, shiny, golden music covered in names of famous compositions written on them such as “The Swallow Flies in the Void”.

“The flowers have wilted!” Carmine yelled.

It was true. They looked bone-dry and destroyed.

“Well this was a worthless mission then!” Jessica clamored. “Let’s go inside to see if they have any food and water that we can have for our troubles.”

“Sweet.” Claude said with a raspy throat. “How do we open the door?”

Carmine walked forward and knocked boldly on the huge door for what seemed like hours. Finally, someone came to the door. He was a small and stubbly man. He looked to be the age of at least 40. He said in his best voice “We are plotting to free our evil leader to take over the world right now, sorry we can’t service you.”

“Excuse me?” Carmine exclaimed. “I don’t think so.”

He proceeded to summon his “Flaming Mania” Seal Beast. It was a beautiful creature. It was a lean, tall, and ferocious wolf-like animal that had a temper of a bull engulfed in flames that could not harm allies, but could dominate a battlefield of enemies all by itself.

“Mania, destroy the door and then follow us!” He commanded with an expert tone.

There was a blaring of sound coming from the door in the process of being hit by the animal of fury.

The small man was already running down the long and festive hallway tripping over his cowl. “Help me brother!!!!!” He screamed on his way to the stairs on the end of the hall.

The door slammed into the man. But instead of getting a major bruise, he burst into cards. Clubs, spades, and diamonds were everywhere.

“Anyone for a game of hearts?” Carmine said playfully.

The trio and the wolf ran through the elegant hall with beautiful oil paintings of concerts and fields influencing the wall’s position in the architecture of the building greatly. The ceiling had golden chandeliers and fat cherubs painted on them. Uniformly and efficiently the squad moved on.

There was a long and moldy stone staircase leading down to the basement of the establishment. They reached a room that was identified as “The Room of the Spades” by a sign. There was 3 slots with a spade insignia imprinted above them on the door.

“I think these slots are for cards.” Jessica observed.

“Well there’s only one way to find out in the end isn’t there?” Claude inquired. “Gear put them in.”

Carmine took 3 of the spade cards that he picked up and put one in each slot. There was a sound of the scraping of stone and metal as the door opened. A man was sitting in a chair at the other side of a wooden table in a dimly lit room. The single bulb illuminated the man's strange countenance. It was a mask of fear, confusion, surprise, and joy.

“I see you got through the help.” he said with sarcasm. “You know how hard it is to find good help these days.”

He flipped some unknown switch and light illuminated the once dark room. The area was sprawling with space. The man however, had no spot on his skin that did not have scales on it. The scales glimmered in the light like a rejected rainbow, a beautiful eyesore. They looked smooth as the wind feels on a hot summer day.

“You must be the new help then.” He thought aloud. “Make me a 3-course meal.”

“But-” Jessica started

“Of course sir, right away.” Claude & Carmine interrupted.

“Wha-” She tried to say but was cut off by a quiet and sharp “shhh” from the other two.

“Hold on a sec.” The man said. “My name's Howard.” He snapped his fingers and a kitchen appeared in one corner of the illustrious room.

The trio fed him 2 of the 3 courses when he requested “Oh yeah, make sure that there's not too much heat in the middle of the food or else I'll explode into cards.”

A sly look was passed between the three members of the faction.

“Ok sir, whatever you say sir.” Carmine said with a smile.

A leg of ham was made but instead of using the oven to cook it, Carmine used a little bit of physical yoni magic, or magic without a seal. It was oven hot on the outside but the inside was like a volcano.

“Here you go sir.” Jessica said.

He gave a grunt and took a huge mouthful. At first he looked fine. Then he started screaming. Then he said in between breaths, “WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THAT!?”

“Just a little bit of pure FIRE ESSENCE” Carmine replied smiling like a madman.

Howard exploded into the cards like the “Help” as Howard called it.

Everyone pocketed some and they ventured to the next door.

This door had a sign that said “The House of the Hearts”

“Looks like I'll be able to get that game of hearts after all.” Carmine heckled

They put three cards in the slots and went through the door. A hill with a house at the top was in the small room. The house was made out of bricks with cement ground between them flatly. The house started straight but then curved in a vertical spiral of roofing and windows. A door was at the front made of solid oak wood with a brass handle. Flowers dotted the hill as well

Jessica came up and knocked on the hallow door.

An old woman came out in an old-timey dress and said “Get off my lawn!”

The trio scattered to the different places in the room.

“We can't make her explode into cards!” Carmine objected to the others. “I have a rule that states profoundly that I can't make an old woman explode into cards at all.” “we need to calm her down!”

“I got it!” Claude said. He summoned his “Gentle Giant” golem and whispered this to it “I want you to calm her down.”

The beast was made out of dirt and grass mixed with stone and gravel. It had two beady red eyes and a mouth that seemed like an endless abyss of darkness. The GG walked up to the woman and snapped his fingers. Then it said in a low bellow “You are very sleepy.”

“I ain't sleepy you dunder head!” she exclaimed. “Voice of the Siren activate!”

She looked like she was about to hurl. But then, after shaking profusely, screamed with the force of a thousand people filled with anger. Everyone was blasted against the walls of the room that were cheaply painted a baby blue. .

“Ouch!” Everyone yelled but the woman and the golem who just giggled and said “That tickled.”

GG picked up the old woman fireman style and went in the house. Minutes passed. In that time there was a lot of muffled yelling and loud bangs emitting from the house. Soon, GG walked out of the house with armfuls of cards and bruises.

“What did you do to her?” Claude asked.

“I made her sleepy after chasing me around and she went to go down for a nap.” He replied thoughtfully. “When her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep and burst into cards.

“Good job, big guy.” Jessica replied. “Let's get going then.”

This third door looked very conspicuous and strange. It had cryptic writings and runes on it. The sign above read “The Boisterous Diamond”.

“Well what could this be about?” Jessica thought aloud.

Nevertheless the cards were inserted and they went through the door. Everything was made out of a hard, solid glass. In fact, there was a glass door. The trio went in without fear. What they found was a surprise. They were in a arena of glass and diamonds. There were automated figures made of glass cheering on the events in the ring.

A single man dressed in a red and gold tunic was twirling a silk towel that was paper-thin while being chased around by a clockwork bull as he was saying “Toro! Toro, toro, toro!” Something about him made Claude remember seeing him somewhere.

The screams of the crowd was the sound of rain hitting house panels and the sound ricocheted off the walls to the open-air roof so it sounded like there was a great downpour coming down from the sky, littered with stars twinkling like jewels in a display case, edging people on to buy them like pieces of candy, short and sweet. It mystified the heroes.

“Halt!” The man screamed. “Either you aren’t made out of glass or my name’s not Danny!” The mustache on his face resounded with every word.

The outcry snapped the friends back into reality.

“You!” Claude yelled. “Are you a friendly?

“Well, there was a man named Tord here Master Claude.” He grinned as he said this.

“I remember you now!” Claude said. “You used to be the clockwork SM before you retired!

“Well yes I was. But that was the old me, tall and mighty. But then I found this little place to summon clockworks and defeat them. Oh, and by the way, he dropped this.”

A key of Gold glittered in the air as Danny threw it at them. It was caught and pondered over.

“It must be the key for the last door.” Jessica said with excitement around her.

“How can you assume there are 3 doors Stitches?” Carmine inquired.

“Well, there were 3 towers right?” She asked.

“Yes.” Carmine said with some confusion.

“Well when I saw the doors I thought there might only be three because we’ve been moving in a triangle like how the base is structured. And on another note, this door has a keyhole and a key instead of three slots.”

“Very nice thinking Stitches.” Carmine said impressed.

The final door was emblazoned with stars and the smell of cranberries.

“Let’s do this and then get some food, I’m starving.” Jessica said.

They put the key in the keyhole. It fit perfectly. Suddenly, the door enveloped itself in a thin sheen of sapphire plasma. The door dissipated and was gone. A ceremony was in progress. 6 figures of cloaks and shields were on metal podiums. A large one in-between the 6 of them was a large one, who seemed to be the leader.

“The skys will be full of the sound of victory in the name of music by tomorrow on this glorious day, when we free our beloved owner from his stone prison!” He bellowed with a gruff voice, filled with strength.

A quick “Hoo-Ha” was passed between the 6. The rock started to shake violently and out of control.

“He has been freed!” They all yelled.

The rock started emitting a green light from it, formed into cracks on it’s surface.

“He awakens to rule the world!” They screamed again.

Out of nowhere, it exploded. All of the members in the council turned into cards as the debris hit them. A man yelled in victory “I am back!”. He was wearing a orange vest with pictures of Giants and lords painted on it with a yellow cap and corduroy pants and studded boots.

“Oh yeah, I know you’re in here Stolen Earth! Let’s go! Oh wait, I just remembered, your magic doesn’t work here!” He laughed.

“Run!” Carmine ordered.

The leader threw fireballs at them while they ducked behind stone pillars.

He grunted and said “I’m going to squash you, then the whole world!”

“Oh yeah?” Carmine yelled.

“Yeah!” He replied

“Oh yeah?” Carmine asked.

“Yeah!” He said again

“Oh yeah?” Carmine asked one more time.

“YEAH!!!!” He said once more

“Then prove it.” Carmine simply said back.

“I don’t need to!” He screamed back.

“I don’t think he can guys.” Carmine smiled

“I don’t think so either.” They cajoled in.

The man was furious. “YES I CAN AND I’LL PROVE IT!” he said.

He took a huge chunk of rock and threw it at the ceiling. It broke through the floors above all the way to the sky.

“What does that prove to you?” he said coolly.

“That you’ll be squashed along with your plan.

“Wha-” He was stopped short of his statement and instead imploded into a game of solitare.

“Just wait till HQ hears about this.” Claude said.

“I have I feeling Mike will know exactly what was happening.” Jessica smiled.


“Yep, I knew the whole thing the entire time.” Mike said laughing.

“Oh well, at least their scheme was ended due to us.” Carmine said with a sigh. “So Mike can we go to somewhere to eat? Your treat.” Jessica said.

“Fine.” Mike said with a face that read as “I was just conned out of some of my money.” .

And they all left the office with a grin. The world was safe. Well, at least until the next disaster struck the noble world of Bronnicas.

© Copyright 2020 A book2. All rights reserved.

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