Why The Moon Runs No Water

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A myth about the moon I wrote for science class. Hope you guys like it! :P

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Why the Moon Runs No Water By: Ethan Smith


  At one time, people forgot to sacrifice to the water god, Poseidon. In punishment of the people, the mighty god drained all the water in the world so the people could not drink or bathe in cleansed water, or any water in that matter. Zeus, seeing his brother’s harsh and horrible ways, thought this as too unfair for the beings living on Earth. He went to his brother and spoke to him.

  “Brother,” Zeus said. “Why have you gotten rid of the water?” The water god replied, “They forgot to sacrifice portions of meals to me, so I punish them.” “A simple reminder was all that was necessary brother.” “Zeus stated. Oh well I have destroyed the water so there is no more.”


  Leaving his brother, Zeus saw the people suffer. “They desperately need water.” he thought. By then it was nightfall. He thoughtfully looked up to the moon goddess Artemis, and saw that she had water. He found Hermes and told him to send a message to Artemis asking if he could have her water on behalf of the people.

  Hermes rushed to the moon goddess with the message. Artemis gave Hermes a sad look and said, “If only the people worshiped me would I oblige”. Hermes returned to Zeus with the news of the moon. “If she wants worship, she shall have worship” A temple and altar were made for Artemis. People promised to pray and thank the moon goddess every day at the altar.

  Hermes told the goddess. She was overjoyed and gladly gave the Earth her water. To this day, every drop of water belongs to the moon.

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