A Peaceful Place

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In one's own image... surely not

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012



A Peaceful Place

"True believers" and "Chosen ones" now expired;
Judgment Day would reveal which one desired.

Side by side they quarreled by Heaven’s gate.
Soon the righteous and “others” would separate.

Said the angel, with a reassuring smile,
“Each name is pending, no need to rile.”

“Accept this gift as offered, beyond all need.”
Yet, goodwill, none to other, would concede.

Here witness rejected grace;
flaunted deeds cannot replace.

Each faith sought sole entry past this gate;
accepting the other, they said was disgrace.

In their hearts they held but a fragile key.
Their one last chance each refused to see.

Not teachable are those who only preach.
In Heaven’s need, a wish granted to each.

“All names, written in such hopeful haste;
Behold…each other’s, are forever erased.”

The angel walked away,
murmuring along the way.

Such a terrible waste,
much noise, but little faith…

Ah…Heaven! It quietly waits,
ever safe beyond these gates…

It’s such a Peaceful Place.”

The "True believers" and "Chosen ones"
nevertheless, together abide

…forever trapped side by side.

© Copyright 2019 A Burgess. All rights reserved.

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