The Long Night in the Red Desert

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The Long Night in the Red Desert

 (#Note1: Picture used as inspiration) 

Adam opens eyes in an unknown room after a whisper ringing in his ear “Open your eyes, Adam”. Adam looks around the spooky room in which he has never been in before. He notices a strange sign on the door which looks like wave, below which it was written Number: 4. Cold, Curious, terrified he rushes outside. His heart freezes seeing the outside world, nothing but red sand, and huge mountains in the backdrop. He looks behind and notices four separate rooms, all with same strange sign and with same Number 4 written on them. He looks around further and spots smoke nearby, he runs over there to find answers.

Three people sitting by the campfire, they are Kevin, Jennifer and Erton all in their mid 40’s just like Adam. It is a special event, they are cooking meat and everyone has drink in their hand. Adam approaches…

“Aye look Adam’s here”Kevin remarks
“Do I know you?” Adam asks curiously swearing he has never seen him before
“What mate?” Kevin gives a crazy gaze to Adam and proceeds speaking to others “Can you believe this guy? He turns back to Adam and asks “are you still mad about the chicken sandwich mate?”
“Do you want dark meat or white?” Jennifer asks Adam
“No… No…No Where am I? What is this place? Who are you people?” Adam replies with more confusion
“Uh…Your Friends?“ Kevin says sarcastically
“What is this place” Adam asks still confused
“Mons Highland 4?” Kevin says in a condescending tone
“Where is Mons Highland 4” Adam asks as if he has never heard of this place, the three give him a silly look thinking Adam is just trying to be funny
“It ends in two hours, are we gonna tell the stories or what?” Erton asks anxiously
“What ends in two hours? What stories?” Adam replies blankly staring at them for answer
“The night ends in two hours, we must finish telling stories, maintaining the tradition. What has gotten into you?” Jennifer says as she looks at others concerned for Adam
“Now you’re just being annoying mate” Kevin says getting irritated
“You don’t really look well” Erton says
Adam sits beside them, “Can I have some Water please?”
“Nice one mate” Kevin giggles
“Here have the beer” Erton hands him the beer, and continued “Well it’s your turn to tell the story first this year”
“I am sorry but I don’t have any, I don’t even know what I am doing here”
“You have to say something, it’s the tradition” Jennifer encouraged

Adam begins his story “I was just driving down this highway in full speed, trying to catch up with my wife. She thought I cheated on her so she was angrily driving away very fast. So I drove as fast as I could to catch up but I couldn’t, then on the highway something strange happened… It was empty, it had never been empty before, but I kept driving never reaching anywhere, after driving for a long time I realized I was running in circle. I was stuck. I couldn’t find my way around, but I kept driving suddenly a truck came out of nowhere and hit me, that’s what I remember, next thing I know I wake up here next to the thr…”

Another person has shown up whom Adam hasn’t seen before.

“Wait who you are”
“I’m Alex”
“You were not here before?”
“Of course she was, she has been sitting beside me the whole day” Erton says
“Besides Mons Highland 4 is my Home” Alex replies giving a silly smile
“No, no, it was four of us, Me, You, Jennifer, and Kevin”
“Math was never your strong suit, it has always been five of us” Erton replies
“NO! It was four… it was FOUR” Adam screams
“Sssssh, its Jennifer’s turn to tell mate” Kevin shuts Adam down

Jennifer proceeds to tell her story “It happened after my fiancé died, I was heart-broken, I used to stay at home and eat ice-cream all day and cry. I gained quite a bit of weight. One night my friend came over, I really liked to go and sit on top this building, so we went, it was around 3AM. I just sat there and stared at the sky, looking at the quietness and beauty of it. Suddenly my phone buzzed I received a message from my friend to meet me downstairs, the message had come from Shila who laid beside me , but she had no phone on her, I asked does someone else had her phone, she denied. I got scared”

“What did you do then?” Erton asks her as he crawls further inside his blanket

Jennifer Continues “I ran downstairs as fast as I could, I fell and hurt my leg, but when I reached down stairs nobody was present, I went out to check, suddenly I felt the whiff of cold air around my neck, and dogs started barking, they were crying, suddenly I heard a loud THUD. I couldn’t properly see what had happened, where it came from. I moved around and then I saw Shila lay dead. But she was wearing different clothes, I ran, I left the city.” Jennifer starts crying and mumbles in her cry “I’ve never told anyone about this you know, but it…it’s just maybe…if I could help my friend”

Erton moves to her and gives her a warm hug.

Adam hears the same whisper voice “We’re getting closer“
He looks around and sees another new face in the mix, confused perplexed he asks again with a soft voice “Who are you?”
“You know who I am Adam” comes the reply from her
“Jesus, What’s wrong with ya mate, first you ask who’s Alex and then you say its four of us, now you don’t recognize Kara”
“Guess he is just drunk” Erton says laughing
Adam remains quite he is sure there were just four people but now he can see Six.
Kevin proceeds “I guess it’s my turn then”, he gives a blank stare at Adam who doesn’t look back and keeps his head down.

Kevin begins his story “I lost my son just aged 4, my wife and I got divorced. She married again, oh and of course she got my house. I even lost my job and lived in the streets for a while. Not eating for days even. I moved on, a friend help me get a new job. I never saw or heard from her, until one day she walked in with her Husband and Son in the Hotel I was working at. It had been almost 6 years since I last saw her.  The kid looked exactly like mine, same smile, same way of walking and talking. He could be no older than 4 as well, I confronted her about how weird it all was, but she just said I was crazy. I wasn’t crazy, it was my Son. They didn’t stay and walked away, I couldn’t stop her. Three years later I heard the news of her and her husband’s death from a common friend. But I never got to see my son again”

“Oh that’s sad” Says a couple sitting next to Kevin

Another two people have now appeared who Adam has no recollection of seeing. Adam thinks he is falling off the edge descending into madness. He stops questioning how or why it is happening, or who they are, the others continue their stories.

“Well only an hour to go” Erton says
“It’s your turn” Jennifer replies

Erton begins his story “Okay… It was the year 2054,I was around 11, me and my friends we used to go this abandoned building and play  hide and seek n stuff, It was really massive and had stopped construction midway, so it was all open to us. One day like usual we went there, it just felt different, nothing had changed but it was all different. We felt cold, it was Mid Summer and we were freezing. Then I noticed red water drip of the ceiling except that it weren’t water but blood. I showed it to everyone, and so four of us decided to investigate where it was coming from, we ran up to the third floor and found a dead body. Most disturbing scene I had ever seen, I immediately threw up and so did the others, to our surprise we knew the man who was dead. It was our Math teacher Mr. Armbridge from school. He had been absent for few days before that. I hated him for always giving me D and giving everyone an A. Even the stupidest kid got an A, but I really felt sad when I saw him like that. We then ran off and told my Dad about it, he was a Cop. He went there and found the body. Everything went back to normal for us, we got new Math teacher in Miss Swaezy. We never went back to that building and had forgotten all about it, until the day of my 4th Grade finals.  In Math paper everyone got an A, I as usual got a D. Coincidence right? Except later that day she called me in her office and told me exactly what Mr. Armbridge always did ‘You’re D for Dirt’, Two weeks later- She was found dead in that same Building.

Okay that is Deep, I think it stands Out I don’t know if anyone can beat it mate” Kevin says
“Well I believe I can” A Female voice emerges

Another new face, Its Nine people now, Adam knows it was just four of them. But he doesn’t say a word. He remains seated scared.  He keeps clenching his fist. The Count keeps increasing, with his every new story. Ten, Eleven, Twelve- Soon enough Hundred

Adam starts shouting, getting crazy. He has no idea how or why it is happening, is it even real or just a dream.  But he is ignored by everyone.

“We got time for one last story” Jennifer says and continues “Amanda should tell it”. Everyone gives a nod.

Adam glances at Amanda. He remains frozen to see his Wife. He shouts and calls her but he gets no response and is ignored.

Amanda begins her story “A man named Adam chased his wife down the highway. An Empty highway, and got lost.  He was suddenly struck by a Truck …”

Adam looks at her in disbelief and starts shouting but is ignored by everyone as if he isn’t even there or doesn’t even exist.

Amanda continues her story “He woke up in an Unknown room, Cold, Scared. He goes outside to be welcomed by the Red Desert. He notices a Camp fire few feet away and run over. Three guests welcome him and gave him food. He had never seen them but they greet him like they have been best friends for years. It was story night, Adam began his story but before he could finish he was interrupted by another new face in the mix. Adam scared asked who she was, while others acknowledged she had been there the whole time, Adam was convinced she wasn’t. Someone else now began the story and as soon she finished another person appeared. Adam was even more scared now, he asked again who that was, but everyone laughed and called him drunk. It went on, everyone told a story and one new person appeared at the end of each story and the number transformed into hundred. But now nobody listened to him, he kept shouting but he kept getting ignored, he fell to his knees and began crying. He wanted it all to end. Suddenly he felt a quake and shook down to the ground. He got up, turned around, everyone was gone… and he had a book in his hand. “

Adam keeps shouting but nobody listen. His screams echo, but to everyone he doesn’t even exist.  Adam falls down to knees, and starts crying.

Adam feels a quake and Collapses down to the ground. He stands up and looks around to find no one. Everyone had disappeared just like that. He holds a book in his hand now, CONFESSION OF GHOST STORIES FROM EARTH

The same woman whisper reemerges “Humanity as been doomed ever since I can remember, they fought countless wars for what? They killed thousands, millions innocent Men, Women, Children. They destroyed the planet and after they were done destroying their planet, they had to go and destroy other ones. The impeccable voyage, Self discovery, which they called it, turned out nothing but a scheme. They went to other planet for Water and resource to rebuilt life back at home, destroying lives on other planets, and then returned back home regardless. They left us a dry waterhole. They cured every disease but not the most important one. They never really cured Humanity. Few good men rebuilt this planet, but now it’s time someone else goes back and does that same to them, what they did to us”  

He feels a second quake and is shaken to the ground again. He stands up again and sees a star growing big. Thousand Martians roar behind him. The Star keeps growing bigger. It turns out be a Planet, The EARTH but with no visible Water body, just a dry state of land. It kept getting bigger as he moves closer towards the impendable doom. 

Word Count (Note 2)  : 2241 ( Without title and the notes) 












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