Dearest Rose

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sometimes what it takes to love

Submitted: August 30, 2017

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Submitted: August 30, 2017



Dearest  rose,

Time, my only loyal friend yet many call it the enemy of man, a lame saying now famed

And evenly time comes with it, vanity, changes of all sort, all the same lets love untamed

I crave for joy and harmony, cheerfulness and happiness and above all you with unimaginable feeling

Before and after knowing you, never wanted being part away from you, a firm feeling in my heart reeling

 I now know the secret of true love where happiness of your beloved turns out to be your true happiness

And at all times, at all cost there is only one thing that matters, catching up with that in genuineness

We roved from the smooth roads towards the rough ones and like that and that’s just life in reality

And only by that norm, with patience the essence of being alive and human thrives with prosperity

When I look back the past, turn around the present and wonder the future

I see gaps, spaces, loops that only you can seal totally without opening or rupture

Each time I close my eyes I see us together in different amusing romantic arenas beyond bound and terms

Filled with shades of beautiful trees pleasantly, birds creating nice sweet melodies, you kept safe in my arms

Images of us sky diving and publish of your best seller book can’t stop my mind from finding possibilities

Therein lies, ceaseless happiness, Fandango, Bingo, Ballet dances, daily celebrations in unity with no treaties

The two of us strolling through Alhambra, Venice and of course, the garden of love in peace and tranquility

Having honey moon and memorable anniversaries in luxury, sometimes in bustle and other times in serenity

Adventures upon adventures on the hills and mountain tops, in the sea and by the ocean, various vacations

Not to mention, least I picture handing over the seldom desert rose to my darling you with sweet adorations

Being the best and model couple of our times, talked about by all and many wanting to emulate

Our kids being the happiest of all kids, our parents pleased and all our relatives relate

Though my loyal friend seem unpunctual now, not how I presumed, expected and hypothesized

Right now I feel bitter and my heart is already bleeding ‘coz my love may soon be pressurized

I believe the saying that the darkest hour is closest the dawn thus, a call for a little fortitude or just a form

Darling  rose, I have no doubts of your love and I’m sure you’ll be there for me during and after the storm

I’m glad I found true love in you and throughout time, will love, respect and appreciate our cherished amity

Though our lives are finite but I assure you our love and the moments we share will last forever till infinity

© Copyright 2020 a d mahmud. All rights reserved.

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