You Failed Me...

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- A devestating breakup I went through, still kinda feeling the effects. The girl, I'm still kinda attached, but it has turnned into a hopless dream. I'm not making it easy for myself. -

Submitted: March 22, 2007

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Submitted: March 22, 2007



We failed each other, our relationship in its prime.

Was it because I payed 2 cents, instead of a dime.

I know I deserve to pay for my crime,

but youve gone too damn far this time.

You kill me, even after it all.

You strangle me, my back planted to the wall.

No help, I dont wish to call,

because the one I love, I still saw.

As I breathe my last breath,

I lay my head against your chest,

I scream I love you, the words you catch,

you hear them, to you they latch.

I'm confused, oh, so, how?

I wonder why I still want you now?

I wish to kiss youre beautiful brow,

myself slaughterd, like an insignificant cow.

I dont hate you, but I'm getting close,

you ignore me, flying by like a ghost.

You seem to hate me, yet you seem so glad,

and to me it beginns to get very sad.

This girl I adore still...

For her, my blood I will spill...

For her love do it all I will...

Except I would never kill...

Life gets so hard, when your not here.

My life, more difficult to steer,

your exsistance, I'm still aware.

Armmed with my dreams of, again, playing with your hair.

You don't want me back,

this is a cold dead fact.

But I still want you,

to have a start so new.

To me, the world you mean.

In a play, your the prettiest scene.

Out of everyone your the best,

and I'm the person who is all the rest.


Life Sucks,

But You,


Make It Better.

Even When Your Not Here.

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