The Girl and The Boy

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Love is undying.....

Her hair is raven black

And blends with the night

Down to her waist

It falls


Clutching in her right

She holds a silvery sword

And on her left

Rests a crow


With a firey gaze, she turns and looks

At the one who has hurt her love

Bows before she delivers her blow

And strikes her opponent dead


Rushing to the side of her beloved

She falls to the ground in tears

She has killed

And is no longer innocent


The crow flies above them

And gazes with a watchful eye

At the scene unfolding below

The girl and the boy


She clutches his hand tightly

Tells him not to go

She cries out in pain and clutches her heart



The crow watches carefully

The girl and the boy

Lying side by side

Eternally together, Always and forever...

Submitted: March 13, 2010

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