No Escape From The Forest

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Just a quick story I wrote about the first thing that came to mind when I was given the title 'No Escape'. Very short!

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012




The forest was silent, save for the tweeting of the birds in the leafy canopy above. The floor started to tremble as the deer came tearing down the path, its legs pumping as hard as they could; determined to shake off its followers. It seemed to sense it didn’t have much time left, but it had to make every second count. It quickly looked behind it, catching a glimpse of its followers running towards it; their strides were worth two of its own.  It had one chance, one chance to either live the rest of its small, somewhat insignificant life, or stay here and die.  It could see a huge fissure in the cracked rock to its left; a sanctuary from the mad men who seemed so dead set on murdering it. I dodged into the fissure, its breath came in short sharp pants, and its legs ached with fatigue and pain.

Looking around, it drank in its immediate surroundings. It had never been to this part of the forest before, the chestnuts trees had conkers nestled in the golden leaves which every so often fluttered like a butterfly to the ground, hardly making a noise as they did so.  A stream made its way through the fissure in which it was hiding, bubbling and gurgling as it made its way down to the front of the rocky cliff at the other side of the forest. The fresh, pine scented air today was tinged with the fresh smell of something more sinister … blood. It couldn’t understand why, it couldn’t see any injuries but a trickle of blood made its way slowly down its leg.

“We’ve lost it, we’ve lost the deer!” came the shout of a human. The deer’s ears pricked up at this, they had noticed its absence. It was then the deer realised that this fight would only end one way. Its death was the penultimate result. There was no getting away from it, it had to be done. It took several deep breaths to steady its nerves; it began to shake. So this was it. This was how the Creator intended it to die; slowly and painfully and then for its body to be dragged through the forest as some sort of ridicule? That was no way for such a noble creature to go.

It could hear them coming back, and saw the heart stopping moment when one of the dogs picked up on its scent; the moment when the bullet entered its heart…


“I got it! I got the deer!” the man shot the deer was beside himself with joy, this was his first hunt and he had been anxious to make a good job. He pulled the deer out of the fissure and began to saw off its antlers. The sad thing was, that no one knew that just moments before, that deer had been working out how to escape from the future that had no escape.

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