Hazel Eyes With Aqua Dreams

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Everything about Isabelle SCREAMS insecurity, but all she needs is a little confident boost from the pretty eyed guy from across the room.

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011




It started with a look from across the room, a connection of aqua to hazel. The eyes are the looking glass to the soul. What did I see in his soul? The same wanting that was reflected in the depths of my own?

I had to wonder if he would look away first or would I? The question was answered when the dark haired but attractive guy next to him nudged his shoulder and tilted his head in the direction of my friends and me as he spoke, “Who you sussing out Kyle?”

I looked away first and mistakably and completely at random, my eyes drifted to someone who was also looking at me with his own blue eyes. Blue streaked with all different shards, different from Kyle’s aqua spiral. No connection, but Daniel’s eyes lit up when he saw that he had my attention for the briefest of moments. He often did that. I was not so naive to think it was mere coincidence. The way he would always when conversing with my group of friends, lean his elbow on my shoulder, using me as his ‘armrest’ I would have to be blind and deaf to not identify the flirt of the two of us, the only flirt. My close-attention-paying bestfriend Emma probably noticed the two exchanges as well. While my official but airheaded bestfriend, Alexis, was busy staring off dreamily out the window, probably thinking of her boyfriend two grades ahead of us. Her lips parted as if she was going to sigh and then clamped them closed in the last second as her reflex reaction caught up to her brain. She of course, looked around self consciously. I averted my eyes before she could catch me or my raised eye browed reaction.

I didn’t hear Kyle’s response to James’s question. Maybe I didn’t want to either.

I turned my attention back to what Ms. Weir was saying, but found that it held no interest. It was just words shaped in the form of instructions for the next activity, group work again. I internally groaned. The groups were already assigned last week. I was with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, Aaron and Jack. Ex-boyfriend and fellow book worm Mark and close-attention-paying Emma. At least one of my close friends was with me. I’d survive.

The lesson flew by in a blur of idea spinning, prop assigning and costume decisions. The usual Drama stuff packed with idiocy supplied by the Tweedle Twats. I stayed behind to help Ms. Weir pack things away along with a few other students, Daniel among them. I avoided him as per usual, but of course he found ways to be near me, talk to me and flirt with me. While I did on occasion enjoy the attention of a male as it didn’t happen often with a girl of my calibre -Olive skin, long nose, brown eyes, dark hair and unremarkable body that emphasised curves over curves. I hated my body. Why couldn’t I catch the attention of Kyle and James’ world instead of the dorky but talented Daniels? It wasn’t exactly a mystery. I wasn’t pretty. Not in my own eyes. While I did have what I called ‘Pretty moments’ my body always ruined them in the end.

Whereas Emma always had ‘Pretty moments’ despite her body, the same as mine only she's taller than me so it all her unwanted curves evened out much nicer than mine. Blonde hair and blue eye people belong together. I thought. Emma and Kyle would make a better match than me, Isabelle and Kyle or even Isabelle and James. My ‘pretty moments’ didn’t last THAT long enough for Kyle to want my attention.

There must be something wrong with Daniel to want my attention . . . there’s gotta be.

I shook my head to myself and continued gathering up my books from the floor, the swim suite fabric of my pencil case felt comforting under my fingertips. Eager to get to the bus I stalked out of the room as the door was swinging shut. I pushed it further open with my free hand and stowed my books away in my bag. As eager as I was to get home, the bus wouldn’t leave until exactly three o’clock. I cursed and welcomed my elderly (possible) child-rapist bus driver’s on the dot schedule. I took my time pulling on my shoes and tying the laces. Emma, Mark and Alexis had already walked ahead and were chatting happily. Emma shot me a questioning look over her shoulder as if she was going to call out to me but then her eyes flickered over to the small group of James, Kyla and the third member of their trio, Bryan, they were hitching their bags over their shoulders while pushing each other as they usually did. Her eyes zeroed in on Kyle as mine did, she looked back to me and smiled. She disappeared around the corner with my two other bestfriends.

I stood up once my laces were tied and got my bearings. Maybe I could still catch up to them if I jogged. James and Bryan were walking ahead and laughing to themselves. “You coming?” Bryan called back to Kyle.

“Forgot something, go ahead, see ya later” he replied, fishing for something in his pocket.

“Alright see ya”

I smoothed out my skirt and flicked my hair back I was about to reach for the strap of my bag when Kyle came up to me. “You forget something” I meant it as a casual question but it came out as more of a statement.

“No, but you did” he pulled out my orange and yellow beaded necklace with the little Hawaiian flower I frequently touched just to make sure it was still there during class. My necklace charms had a habit of falling off. I didn’t even notice the whole necklace had slipped off my neck. I tingled on the inside realising that he’d found it and he was returning it back to me, alone. He could have done it with his friends watching and still not be thought less of. Maybe he was worried they’d make some accusation or maybe . . . it was my name he’d replied with when James asked him who he was sussing out.

“I didn’t know I’d lost it” I managed to splutter out somewhat casually I was about to reach out and take it from him when he said. “Turn around. I’ll help you put it on.”

My heart fluttered an instant before I forced it to assume an ‘at ease’ stance. I turned and was surprised to see my own reflection in the tinted glass of the door to the drama room. I studied it to see if I could see through it. The dull image of the empty room came into vision through the veil of dark glass. The walk-in-closet door was open though and the light was on. Ms Weir was probably inside. I’d noticed that Daniel’s bag was still on the rack. He must be helping her like the little hopeful actor he was.

All thought fled from my mind when I felt Kyle brush away the medium length curtain of my hair. I wished it was longer. He drew the beaded necklace around my neck and fascined it closed at the nape of my neck. He was standing behind me, very closely behind me. If I moved my limp hand backwards I’d probably touch him. The thought sent jittered though my body. This time I didn’t stifle them. Kyle leant down. He was watching the scene reflected back in the tinted door. “Actually, I did forget something.” He said close to my ear. Before I could reply or protest even if I wanted to. He spun me so I was against his chest and kissed me. I was shocked but relaxed as I felt one of his hands on the small of my back, pressing me to him while the other one went to my hair. My own hands wound themselves around his shoulders. I deepened the kiss, reeling in the feeling of his soft lips on mine. I’d remembered my first kiss in 7th grade. It was brief and I barely felt it. But this made that kiss feel like a distant echo of what it could have been. I found myself melting into the warmth his lips provided. I didn’t ever want to pull away. Neither did Kyle as it would seem. Then the bell rang.

I jumped away from him and almost tripped over the strap of my bag. He steadied me and smiled.

“I hope that helps you with your little problem, Izzy” he said and reached down to grab his bag and hoist it over his shoulder.

Without another word, he left me standing there with a goofy smile on my face. Kyle Parker had just kissed me. Me! I cupped both hands to my flaming cheeks, yep I was blushing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Daniel standing in the door way of the drama room closet through the tinted glass. He’d seen everything from across the room.

Daniel promptly switched off the light and filed out of the closet with Ms. Weir in toe. I took the opportunity to take my leave, still giddy from Kyle’s kiss I practically ran to the bus.

Well shit. It was the end of one problem and the start of the next.  


A/N - This was a little something I pulled out from my earlier school years fantasies and adapted into a short story, hope you liked! Comment, love, rate <3

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