The Chimera Encounter

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This was a story I wrote back in High School (Ha, how many times have you heard that?) There are grammatical errors I'm sure but I'm somewhat lazy.

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



He opens His eyes to a world of blur...”Oh my head!”...He blinks His eyes once ...then twice...he asks himself “Where am I?Oh shit, where am I?!” He starts to get up slowly as his vision returns,taking a deep breath He looks around. From the looks of it He’s in a forest,still looking He tries to take in every detail of it; the beginning  of an endless fog, moss everywhere, trees that seem to be as old as time itself.To Him it’s cold and dreary in this place, He feels as if He was destined to be here, as if there is some force that brought Him here to this forest of old. He shudders shaking thoughts of destiny from His head. “Okay I need to get out of here”He sees a tree that stands out among the rest, the tree looks as if it was the founder of all trees in this mystical place. He decides to try and climb it “ I can get a better view of things from up there” He whispers to himself. Very groggy and having a strong headache, hardly capable of walking straight, He starts to climb this grand tree till reaching the top.

Upon reaching the top and overjoyed at finding a natural crows nest He collapses and finds a moment of rest. After resting for what seems like hours He lifts His head to survey the terrain around Him ,but as He looks about a look of enraged disgust appears on His face. He curses”I can’t see through this fog” Feeling cheated of His prize that might have been some clarity as to where He was.  He starts to cautiously climb down when something catches His eye, He looks to what He thinks is North,in this guessed direction a large Silhouette of something ,an outline belonging to something of unknown origin; more trees, a rock formation?

As He looks at it He starts to feel ill,His breathing quickens accompanied with a headache as well as His sight beginning to darken.”What the hell?”is all He manages as He slips, unable to control His actions, falling three stories to the ground,still alive He sits up in pain yet uninjured, He looks up at the tree that just a moment ago, He had ascended,”I hit almost every branch there is on that thing!” He exclaims”I’m going to be bruised for a  couple of weeks at least!”He sighs turning His thoughts now to the “thing” in the fog “What the hell was that thing..maybe a ranger station?”. That was the best He had seeing as He was in a forest and only having a moment to view it before embracing the ground with His face.

He sniffles then taking a deep breath slowly gets up “I need to get out of here.” He didn’t know where “here” was, looking about He heads in the direction of what He hopes is a ranger station, as He walks along the side of a stream He ponders waking up in the woods questioning if this is reality or just some vivid dream. He remembers reading an article about people like Him  ,chronic insomniacs, having moments of going about their daily lives and then blacking out with an ending result of awakening to have no recollection of what happened during the time of blackout. In a sort of trance about His predicament He slips into a deep pool of water that was made due to beavers making their home in this particular stream.

Slowly sinking to the bottom like a stone,He tries to swim to the surface but His foot is caught between two logs. Panic sets in as He struggles to get free He thrashes to and fro like a madman in a straight jacket, slowly His lungs burn like a fire first kindled.Now drastically trying to become free, His foot slips from His shoe, He ascends to the surface His lungs bursting for that simple thing that lungs so dearly require. Looking up towards the surface, everything is in slow motion, He sees His goal, slowly, ever so slowly He nears His destination like that of a newborn and

He swims to the bank grabbing onto a root sticking out from the earth, pulling Himself up onto the bank, lying on His back gasping for breath, His vision starts to fade in and out of black, His head throbbing from lack of oxygen, this feeling to Him is like that of strobe lights: nothing, vision, nothing, vision ,nothing,  a man in a suit? He starts, glad to see another person, standing up,He yells for the man to help Him but slips in the mud from excitement, upon standing He looks where the man had just been (across the stream opposite of Him among the trees) only to see that the man is no longer there. He wonders at this and wonders at why this man didn’t respond upon Him calling to the man.Pushing aside those thoughts He quickly looks for a shallow place to cross the stream near a small grove of the trees, he finds a spot and moves quickly shouting for help once more. As he approaches the trees he finds no evidence of a man ever being there. Calling out three more times He sits on a log somewhat frustrated at feeling that there truly had been someone there.

He begins pondering reasons why He might see something that wasn't there”Am I insane?”,He scoffs asking Himself,”No,that can’t be it ummmm... that might have been a hunter...yes a hunter and the reason he didn’t hear me was because he had ear plugs and the reason I didn’t see him afterwards is he had on camouflage but that doesn’t explain why there weren’t any footprints.”He sits there trying to think of reasons other than being insane, then remembering a conversation He had with one of his doctors on the matter of His insomnia”Your body is going through a state known as chronic insomnia, about fifteen percent of all Americans are diagnosed with this condition” the doctor smiles at Him as if He had just hit the lottery”On the bright side you get to have more time being awake, and the side effects only occur if you don’t take the medication”He looks up in disgust at this man in white garb”What are the side effects?” the doctor smiling with lips more false than bioengineered organic tea “ Oh the side effects include but aren't limited to  hyperemotionality, paranoia, and hallucinations but no biggie as long as you take the meds.” He remembers that moment like it was yesterday but really it was three years ago.”My God”,He thinks,”Three years of sleepless nights,three years of sleeping an hour here, three hours there only to have those moments of rest filled with dreams of things so evil it could only come from the depths of Hell.” He shudders at these thoughts pushing them aside like He always does not  wanting  to remember those nightmares out in this beautifully surreal yet somehow wrong place.

Turning His attention back to the present He asks Himself “Why in the fuck are you just sitting here you need to go!” He responds with”Where in the hell should I go?” Then hearing a noise stands up and looks around He calls out to the forest “Hello,is someone there?” He hears another noise this time a stick snapping behind Him. He turns around and freezes dead in His tracks, a hundred yards away is a man in a suit,the same man He saw in the spot He had just been sitting. Not allowing His eyes to close He takes in every feature about this man: tall, thin,pale,and no facial features just abstract. His stares at the figure which has not moved once,it just stands there motionless, seeming without life. With eyes starting to burn He gives in and quickly blinks, upon opening his eyes the thing that was one hundred yards away is now forty yards from Him. Enraged at what He does not understand He screams at the being”What the hell are you?!”His head starting to throb, quickly He turns to flee running through the Forest thinking to Himself “Oh God, I’ve got to get out of here!” He runs past trees and rocks all of it looking alike in one huge blur as He runs past. Then suddenly He stops, He sees the thing that was once behind Him, now in front of Him, He turns to run only the thing is now once again in front of Him, His head feeling as if it is on fire, He turns once more feeling dazed and sick to attempt to flee only to have this thing standing face to face with Him as He looks where its facial features might have been the thing grabs Him as He faints into memories of old. His dreams seem very much real as He relives them,they are of the good kind: His dog He had as a child, the times He performed at the amphitheater in the park, His first lover...He remembers this one quite well. As He enters the bed of the girl tree leaves start to fall from the ceiling, He starts to embrace her and with every stroke of His hand on her bare skin, it turns to the smooth bark of aspen trees,His sweat no longer sweat but blood dripping down His face and onto the sheets of the bed and as He blinks His eyes at the girl ,who is now a blur, to see her more clearly, His dream of a once passionate night fades away into the hellish reality He currently is in. At first He does not notice that He is impaled on the branch of a tree thirty feet above the ground, He does not recognize the organs sticking out on either side of the wound as His own. All He sees is the being in the black suit standing at eye level in front of Him with the skin from His face, the very face He sees every morning when standing in front of the mirror. He watches in horror as the being stretches the flesh over the face it doesn’t have and then puts the lips into a smile.He closes His eyes then opens them, the being is gone. And He starts to scream in terror and pain. His screams so gruesome it would make anyone cry in terror at the mere sound of them. Then slowly sliding His body off of the branch like a piece of meat off of a shish kabob He plummets towards the ground.


He wakes up covered in sweat breathing heavily,He sits up and turns towards His alarm clock, 2:37 A.M. it reads. He sighs, “Another Nightmare” ,he reaches beside his alarm clock for the bottle that contains His sleeping pills taking two from it, He sits up and sighs with his head in his hands”How long do I have to keep reliving this dream?” He sniffles and then gets up to go to the bathroom for some water.He stumbles through the dark and into the bathroom, He turns on the faucet and takes the pills, looking in the mirror at his face with the help of a night light.Looking closely at his face something in the corner of the mirror catches his eye, a tall thin looking man in a black suit with no facial features stands in the corner of His bathroom. He looks in terror at the being who so readily haunted him through the ecstasy that was sleep then looking into the mirror at himself “Am I dreaming?”


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