A Dead Reflection

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Have you ever thought that a reflection is actually a window to a parallel universe where there is another you? Well, I have... I guess this is the beginning of a book, there is the main character Aislin (ash-lin)describes her reflection. Speak up if you want to hear the whole story!

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



She stared back at me with her inquisitive eyes. They were like broken chards of green and blue peiced backed together but left with dark cracks inbetween. Ever time she blinked, I missed it. So they stayed in an unchanged state of curiosity. She sood with sholders slightly broad and a body perfectly white and neautral. No hunch or curve cursed her spine of perfect posture. With shockingly orange locks half-heartedly curling down past her sholders, a sigh broke from her even, red lips. The glare she held fell to the ground and raised to the beautiful metal frame that contained her, and then back at me. 

'What are you looking at?' she finally whispered.


I always found an interest in my own reflection that never touched the reason of vanity. I liked to stare at the complexity of her eyes and how each coloured vain is never the same, not even that of the other eye. And the only copy is it's reflection, prehaps. 

I basked in the wonder of my identical twin who stood trapped in the world of pure reflectant glass. I plotted to finally catch her out of her feeble attempt to shadow my every move. But her feeble attempt seemed ever so strong at that moment in time.  But I know that every plan she foiles, I smiled in defeat, yet she smiles in victory. So I know that somewhere, i have a freckle she has not seen, and painted on her skin. 


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