Watching It Burn

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A strange girl on her way to closure, if she can ever make it...

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




In a solitary house was a solitary girl. I am her.  She stepped out into the garden and felt a light breeze on her face. Her smile seemed out of place, it wasn’t forced, but it didn’t belong on such a sad being. She held four things in her hands: a worn looking piece of paper; an envelope; a cluster of sticks; a box of matches.

She arranged the sticks to make a kindling and lit it efficiently. There wasn’t much time. She thought but picked up the paper and knew she had to read it one last time.

To a Love,

Today I finally gave in to the temptation of the swirling winter fog of the mornings. I ran outside and kept running into the dreamy cloud trying to find a place where I couldn’t see a thing. When I found it I couldn’t stop thinking of you, I replayed every laugh, smile, tear, word that ever left your lips and it made me want to stay there forever. But believing in you was like believing in Santa; although I always knew you weren’t there I couldn’t stop loving you. And the thought of living without you beside be was more impossible than watching titanic without crying.

I want you to know that your voice is more beautiful than any melody. Any word that leaves your lips is more meaningful than any lyric. Your heart is the deepest beat. Your breathing is the most soulful tune. This song you make is the song of my life and you don’t even know anyone’s listening.

I know you’re out there now, maybe with someone. Having a good time and never having to think about the girl your killing inside because you’ll never know. I’ll never want you to know.

I can’t say I’m going because you wouldn’t miss me. I can’t say I’ll forget you because I know I can’t. I can’t say I don’t love you anymore because you never knew I did.

So I won’t say goodbye to someone I never said hello to.

I’m going to drift away, without a sound.

Because that’s what we do.

Us invisible girls.

From a love.

A solitary tear snaked down her marble cheeks and hit the page with a feeble splash. It seemed fitting, right where a kiss would be.

She folded it, slipped it into the envelope and tucked the flap in to avoid any unnecessary licking. But before she let it slip through her fingers, she brought it to her lips. It wasn’t a kiss, just a gentle touch of the lips. Apparently, your lips are more sensitive than your finger tips, so she wanted to fully know what she’d made before she let it go.

It dropped onto tame fire and made some sparks fly up like farewell fireworks. The beautiful blazes of orange waved and licked at the letter until it was indulged by the taste. The letter slowly turned browner and blacker after its fleeting seconds of being a part of the fire itself. Soon enough it was gone. It death was as statuesque as it was crucial.

She watched the fire until it died with the letter. Although not as quick, it was more peaceful. She watched until the last ember gave its last twinkle and just as she did, she looked up just in time to watch the unveiling of the moon. The cloud had in the same moment bowed the graceful victory of the moons power and it shone with a grace unknown to anyone on this earth.

But I felt like it had just shared its secret with me.  

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