False kisses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

A broken heart heals in time... She would be the first scar of many.

False kisses

 Golden hair, like the very embodiment of heaven itself, eyes of the angels who dwell there.

A heart of all that was pure in the world, showed through such eyes, showed in a simple glance.

But it was the smile that you lured me with. I could hear the uncharted beat of my heart race every time you smiled.

A smile on the most perfect lips. Carrying with biblical terms, they were surely created by the Devil himself.


I loved you from the start, took you time to notice. I would deliver your favorite flowers to your door everyday - Blue tulips.

Yes, I'm a romantic fool... But I wanted you so bad, I was like a man possessed, following you as if you were all that was of me.

We soon began to date, one such time it rained. Cliché on the tongue... But I know this one night you would not be able to label as lame.

We laughed til we hurt inside, til tears had stained your face with mascara, not that the rain hadn't already done it. 


You agreed to have a relationship with me, I didn't force it. I woke up every morning on my side, staring at the back of your head, y'know?

Of course not, you were in your own paradise. Your hair gave me joy, though. It always did. But I was tempted oh, so many times to turn you over for that smile... To wake you for those eyes.

Then it ended as quickly as it started. 

Throw a glass to strike the wall, it shatters, rains a thousand shards to the ground.

You scream, cry as you grab my hand to place it over your heart, promising not to do what you did, not to be so unfair.

I push you off, grab a photo of us both on our vacation to Sicily, give it the same end as the glass. Bitterness and hate coursed through cold veins.


Because that day, I found you were not so loving as I thought, not an Angel in disguise. Those lips I fell in love with were not for only me.

They lost their innocent sheen, were tainted from the first words... But then, you never really did say them, did you?

Never could say, "I love you." And mean it....




Submitted: October 13, 2012

© Copyright 2021 A J Dowen. All rights reserved.

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Christian Taylor

This is powerful! Great detail, descriptions, and you alot of emotion into this. Excellent job!

Sat, October 13th, 2012 7:34pm


Thanks, glad you took the time to read it and like it!

Dolan x

Wed, October 17th, 2012 9:22am

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