10 Years

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A scene per decade, of a man's life.

10 Years

by Alpha




Scene 1


An ambulance rushes by the narrow streets of Cheshire. Cars and pedestrians alike make way, while everyone try to catch a glimpse of what is going on. Inside the emergency van, an old man lie barely moving. Tubes coming out of almost every conceivable part of his body, while the paramedic try to pump something into him in an attempt to keep him with them for the time being. The old man's eyes were still active while his body has failed him. Looking around anxiously, he recalled his life 10 years ago, a time when he still had his good old friend...





Scene 2


"Let's go flirt with the new nurse"


"Sure, I need to finish my oxygen first."


The slightly less grey version of the old man said back to his good old friend while having one of his breathing tubes connected to an oxygen tank. Both old men had permanent tubings coming out of their airways, ready to connect to a number of breathing apparatus available in the retirement care facility they both lived with many others around them. There isn't much to do here. Or at least there isn't much to do since they got the tubings, unlike 10 years ago...





Scene 3


The two newly met friends, dressed conspicuously, trying to sneak out of their new home, sneaking past carers and security guards at ever turn of the corridor. They really miss that bloody rare 16 oz steak at the local pub. One can only have so much clauliflower and carrots.


"This is a brilliant idea, Mike."


"Hey, newbie, follow my lead, and the next few years will be the best years of your life. I even know a good spot to spy at the female carers' shower room."


Mike proudly declared at our still jubilant but aging man, as he smiled back at his soon to be good old friend. Though, in his mind, he is thinking to himself, how on earth did he end up here, as he savoured the much more succulent time he has had some 10 years ago...





Scene 4


"Go ahead, jump!"


A blonde young lady in a yellow bikini shouted into his ears.


Looking down from the springboard to the swimming pool below, there was at least 6 storey of height separating him from safety of the water.


"Grandpa, just make sure you don't land face down, or the water might deface you. Hahaha."


The clearly drunk girl said it with even less care than the London Underground announcements of Mind Your Gap.


Bunch of other young guys and girls already in the pool, chanted at the just widowed mid aged man, as if they were cheering on a freshman to bottom up 10 shots of vodka.


"If you do it, I will let you fuck me tonight."


With that, the man jumped off the springboard. Upon entering the water, he inevitably swallowed a huge gulp of water that tasted like sweet and beer. As the youngsters around him went wild, the young lady joined him as she also jumped from the springboard, landing just inches away from him. Then throwing herself onto him, she whispered in his ears: take me here and now.


Though this is what he wanted and the very reason why he came to this Florida spring break holiday in the first place, he still can't stop thinking about his late wife and their last trip to America a decade ago...





Scene 5


It was a different time and a different man. A man who still had a loving wife and a son and daughter who still spoke to him. A man at the peak of his mid management career. And a man who thought he had it all at last.


"Honey, wake up, the hotel is going to stop serving breakfast soon."


"Please, we are in Vegas, I think we can manage to find breakfast on the streets."


"In that case, I want to go to the Chinatown for dim sum."


"If you give me another hour, I will take you to China for dim sum."


The couple is on their yearly holiday, and this year, they have finally come to America together. Both of them are not unfamiliar with the country, but have never come this far for holidays when their kids were growing up. It is their first corss-atlantic holiday since both their kids are now off to uni.


While the two of them enjoy their hard earned alone time in this far away land, embracing each other in the honeymoon suite, they both unwillingly admit to themselves that they actually do miss a bit of the chaos involved with caring for their kids all these years ago...





Scene 6


"Alex, the school bus is here. Simon, stop running! Alex, how many times have I told you not to use your skate shoes in the house. You will scratch the floor."


It is another day at an average house in yet another suburb. Yet another pair of sleep deprived parents seeing off their primary schoolers before having the time to brew themselves a cupper.


Before rushing off to their own work, the two take the few morning minutes they have left to calmly sit around the bar table and drink their ritual morning cup in the finally serene house. They gave each other a kiss as they each reminisced how they came together some 10 years ago...






Scene 7


"So, this is the life ahead of you. Would you like to embark on it with me?"


"It doesn't sound too bad, sure."


"Then by the power of the old and ancient, I, Hermione Granger, bind thee fate to mine, and the scenes of the crystal ball to come-forth as the truth."




— The End —

Submitted: July 19, 2016

© Copyright 2020 A l p h a. All rights reserved.

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Oleg Roschin

Original and creative, a short story unlike any other. Very interesting, a fascinating read!

Tue, July 19th, 2016 7:40pm

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