Love Across the Stars

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Yearning for a loved one across the stars...

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



  • I looked up into the vast night sky and gave out a long sigh. Today's night sky was clear. I could see the bright dazzling stars. Right in the place where the Orion constellation used to be, stood a bright lamp. Almost like a second sun, it was brighter than the moon. That is the spot where I blindly stared every single night. Not because the supernova Orion is a pretty sight to stare at but because that is where she is. She has already been gone for eleven long years...

    "There is this sudden opening at the Orion Expedition Team. It would be a great opportunity..."

    That is the last thing she said to me before leaving. Seeing her unprecedented excitement about her new career choice, I didn't have the heart to ask her stay. However, none of us knew it would be this long. The three month exploration mission simply extended indefinitely.

    She is there somewhere, I tell myself. There amongst one of those stars, also staring into the dark void like a silly fool. Dreaming of the day that we shall reunite.

    Oh my dear, I love you so much! I miss you so much! Across all these space, could your heart hear my yearning? I miss the days when I used to hold you thight in my arms. I miss the days when I used to repeatedly kiss your cheeks to wake you up in the morning. I miss the days when we used to randomly converse into the late night while resting on each other. Oh honey, I love you so much! I miss you so much!

    I sometimes dream that I was flying. I flew across the stars and came to your magnificent space station. Through the metal hull, I saw you standing there; just as lovely as ever, warmly smiling at me.

    Oh, sweetheart, I long for your return. After that, I swear I shall hold you tight and never let you leave from my sight ever again. For every single moment apart from you is like a never ending torment. For now, I wait. For now, I shall continue to blindly stare into the bright night sky...

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