I Try....

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When you are feeling lonely... Do you tell anyone? Or do you endure it in silence?

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



I'm sick of the lies that I hide behind

And I hate the way I really feel inside

But I can't tell anyone about it

Once, though, I really did try...


I told my mom I felt lonely

And none of the other kids seemed to care

That I walked the hallways alone

And when I wanted to cry, all they did was stare

When she heard, Mom didn't try to comfort me

She even didn't say "Don't worry, it'll be fine."

Her words came out rapidfire

Saying... the fault was all mine


"You talk too much and too loud,"

Were the kind of things that she said

"You take to long to get to the point

And thoughts move too slowly through your head."

She kept going on and on

And I just felt like I wanted to cry

I wanted to scream out the words stuck in my throat-

"I really, really do try!!!

I try as hard as I can to fit in,

I listen, and not talk as much...

I remember all that you've told me

And I follow all that and such."


I ran as quickly as I could to my room

Away from my mom's failed attempts to advise

Throwing myself onto my bed

Cried, with the pillow on my eyes

Ever since then, I've been hiding

My thoughts and feelings from the world

All while dodging the feelings of unacceptence

That, at me, I feel are being hurled


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