Jake and The Green Monster

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An little story about a fearless boy and a fearful monster!

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013




BY A M Tynan




There was once a little boy called Jake.  He lived with his parents in the Winter months and his grandparents in the Summer months in a little village called Summerland.  The village, was very grand and had lots and lots of people living in it.  There were lots and lots of things to see and do but people were always rushing about and always very busy. 



One summer, when he was staying with his grandparents, a very strange thing happened to him.  Jake knew that everyone who lived in Summerland were scared of something.  They were all afraid of the green monster that lived in the hills.  Nobody had ever seen him, but they had all heard him roar when he was angry and cry when he was sad.


Nobody stayed up when it got dark in case the monster came down to the village.  All of the children were put to bed as soon as they came home from school. Rarely, children were seen outside of school unless it was the weekends, and even then they weren’t seen after 4 o’clock.


Jake was a very brave little boy and he was not afraid of anything or anyone.  He told his grandparents that he was going to see the green monster up in the hills.  His grandparents begged him not to go and were crying and pulling at his clothing trying to stop him, but he would not listen to them.


Very early the following morning, whilst his grandparents were still asleep, he packed a small bag with some food and some water and headed off to the hills to find the green monster.


He had been out for some time and before long it got very dark, but Jake was not scared.  He was far too brave to get scared. 


All of a sudden, he heard a very loud roar.  It was so loud that it shook the leave off the trees and made all of the animals run away.  Then he heard the sound of someone crying and a small stream appeared from the top of the hill and flowed right passed Jake’s feet.  Jake climbed up to the top of the hill and there he found the green monster.


‘He does not look like a green monster at all’ thought Jake.  He looked like a very large slightly green giant whose clothes did not fit him and whose shoes were so small that they only fitted his big toes.  Jake felt very sorry for him.



He walked up to the green monster and asked him why he was crying.

“It’s because my feet are so sore,” he answered.

”Why have you come up here?” asked the green monster.

”Aren’t you scared of me?  Everyone else is scared of me and it makes me very sad!”

Jake answered”I am not afraid of anyone”.


The green monster became very angry and started to roar.  Jake shook with fear but he still managed to ask the green monster why he was making such a loud noise.  The green monster answered, “Because I cannot get my shoes off and my toes hurt”.


Jake asked the green monster if he could help him to get his goes off.  The green monster accepted his help.



Jake pulled and pulled at the green monster’s shoes but they would not come off.

“I cannot get them off”, he said.

The green monster began to cry.


“Please don’t cry green monster” said Jake. “I will get some help”.  The green monster stared at Jake and stopped crying.

“Why do you call me a green monster?” he asked. ”My name is Gregory”.


“Well” said Jake.”All the villagers think that you are very scary and because you live up in the hills amongst the trees, you must therefore be green”.


Gregory started to laugh.  ”I am only green because my clothes are too small and I cannot get them off to wash them.  I have to bathe in the river, which makes my clothes shrink even more”.


Jake had a thought.  ”I will come back tomorrow morning to see you Gregory, with some help”.


Gregory gave Jake a lantern so that he could see where he was going.  Jake thanked him and then set off back down the hill to the village and back to his grandparents’ home.


His grandparents were very happy to see him and they gave him a big hug.  Jake told them all about Gregory and they decided to ask all of the villagers if they would help him.



The following morning, they all went to see the other villagers and told them all about Gregory.  The tailor and the cobbler decided to take some material and leather up the hill with Jake so that they could make Gregory some new clothes and some new shoes.


The blacksmith fired up the furnace and decided to make a very large bathing tub, whilst the tailor’s wife and several others worked together to make some rather large towels for Gregory.  Everyone was very excited.


Later the same day, Jake, the cobbler, the tailor and of course Gregory, came back down the hill into the village.  All of the villagers cheered when they saw them.  Gregory looked wonderful in his grand new clothes and his new shoes which fitted him so well.


Gregory was so happy.  He smiled and waved at everyone and everyone smiled and waved back.  For once in their lives, they were not scared of him.


The blacksmith presented the bath and the very large bath towels to Gregory and then Gregory began to cry.


 “Why are you crying?” Asked Jake.

“Because I am so happy” answered Gregory.  ”I have never been down here before because I have always been so scared of everyone”.


Everyone laughed including Gregory as they all realised how silly they had been.



Over the next few weeks, the villagers built a very large house for Gregory to live in and he told them he had never been happier.  Everyone liked him and he had lots and lots of new friends to talk to.


Nobody ever called him the green monster again.  He was always called Gregory and he was a part of Summerland.  Jake visited his grandparents every year and he and Gregory were friends for many, many years.





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