The Dead Of Night

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NOTE!! THIS IS A FOUND POEM, USING LINES FROM OTHER POEMS, ALONG WITH LINES I ADDED. THIRTY LINES, TWENTY THREE OF WHICH ARE MINE. Please do not try to accuse me of plagerism. For I will explain to you that this was in fact an english project. It was a found poem completed after reading the novel Night by Elie Wiesel.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



Abandoned we were doomed,

with Death knocking at our doors.

Carted off like animals,

we had to fight,

to stay alive.

We went through selection,

Right- Death, left- life, right- Death...Death...Death.

The black finger, surrounded by barking dogs.

We knew we had to stay alive.

Stay together to stay alive.

We try to survive with our families,

banding together but falling apart,

like I with friend and father.

The sounds of the guns,

as we were made to run.

BANG! BANG! Two more fall dead.

As the soft white snow

becomes a deep red.

Fifty years after the fact

Painful memories still intact.

Must surivors remain

At their altar of pain?

Forever enduring unspeakable haunting

As the Nazis remain ever taunting

Nightmares recurring,

Nazis appearing.

As we go back in time,

Their souls lost with mine.

In that dark, dead Night.

In that dark...dead...Night.

-A. Mikaelovich 9:41pm 12/5/2011

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