A Lonely Soul

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It's a piece of poetry I wrote, and I'm probably not the best at these kinds of things.
Well, it's about pain in the heart of someone who is feeling all alone. They are surrounded by friends, but realize that the friends don't really listen or see them.
(This is the best I can do to summarize I guess..)

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



I look around and realize where I stand in this world.
It is not with them, and it is not with them,
I am alone it would seem,
As I feel no love from them, and none from them

I realize where I stand and it is alone, as it would seem.
I feel the ache, and the clutch around the silent beating heart of mine,
As I realize, the people I call friends, do not consider me, truly, so.
I aimlessly walk around, with my head looking down low, to see the path I am walking on is very alone.

The aching heart of mine, is much in pain.
I now know, the people love me not so,
They may shed a tear or two to the passing of a soul,
But they most probably would not weep a week or so.
Though, that is a good thing, but it still hurts me so,
But as the time goes, a soul will have to pass on by.

And there's a lonely soul,
It wanders around aimlessly,
Only hoping for a small thing.
And that small thing, can not be found so very easily.

And I fear that, with the time that passes,
I will need to go too,
for I can not stand the pain, of this so saddening story,
That would be called life though.

I wish that these stories could be so easily told.
But then what would be the point to the mysteries of life,
With its every twist and turns.
I hope you understand, loved one, that I must go now.
So with my last breath I shall say these last few many of words:

I bid adieu to you and all,
I wish for only enough happiness to fill the world.
For, as I know and many of few know,
Sadness is relentless and it is consuming.
With that consumption it has you whole,
So all you can do is wander around aimlessly-
Aimlessly to only look for your happiness,
And that, my friend, is a hard thing to do.

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