If I was good at writing I would enter The Mirror Face Murders Contest

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Lisa is a student at Darkridge High. She's the one who found the first victim of The Mirror Face Murders. I have to point out this was not my idea but it was a contest that I could've join if I was possibly a better writer. The contest is The Mirror Face Murders. It seems very interesting and I will be sure to read the actual book they will be making. All credit to rightful owners. I do not take credit for coming up with the idea but other than the title: The Mirror Face Murders, I wrote everything else.

I found the girls body. The police have questioned me multiple times, they say that I'm the leading suspect until they get another lead. I found her dead body in a park that's supposed to be filled with childhood memories. A place mothers can talk to other mothers and kids make friends with other kids. This is a place where murder is the last thing you should think about. You imagine murders like this to be deep in the creepy woods that no one dares to enter or in vacant lots and run down houses. I can never go back, ever. The image is etched into my mind and can never be erased. She was propped up on the swings like she was a doll. When I got closer, I realized there was a reflective mask laying underneath her right hand, collecting the blood that dropped from her cuts. I found her when the blood was still fresh, dripping down from the exposed patches of flesh. The skin cut off cleanly, the droplets creating a puddle and the spray decorating the swing set in dark red. Wherever the skin was shaved off there was a bullet hole. At first I thought it was just one of my friends playing a trick on me. Since the other murders several years ago were haunting, even to this day. It wasn't a joke. Everybody thinks I committed the murder, I have no alibi because I was sleeping at my house by myself because my parents are out on another business trip. No one will believe me when I say I didn't do it. They all spread rumors around whispering, Lisa killed her, Lisa is a murderer, Lisa is a psychopath. I hear them as I walk down the streets of Darkridge. Adults accusing me of the unthinkable. Fellow classmates that I once knew as friends, believing that I had murdered her even though there was no evidence to prove me guilty. I knew the girl who was killed she had come over the Friday before she died to help build our science project. Her name was Jenny. 

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